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yeah i saw them open for alexisonfire.
i wasnt really into them though, receiving end of sirens and idiot pilot were the best of the 4 opening bands.
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Cancer Bats Is Amazing!
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I like the music but the vocals are terrible.
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They just played here on the 3rd, I didn't go though, I don't like their "southern sound".
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Meh, i've heard this band countless times and could never really get into them that much.
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I've heard plenty better. Decent enough I guess, but those tracks up on that link didn't blow me away.
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I like them in small doses. They're a good band but they get boring after a while.
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i friggin love the song French Immersion, why arent there any cancer bats tabs here on UG like WTF!
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Cancer Bats are amazing, if seen them live twice, and i would go angian, they are my favorite band. They're the best, and they're vocals, Liam, he's amazing, and a very nice person!
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i've seent his band like literally 30 times, and it never gets old, you all may say you dont like theyre southern sound or the vocals but liam cormier is what makes them who they are....he gives them them their individuality.......pretty much, they rule....
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i agree the cancer bats are amazing! there sound is so different and i love the vocals.
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Bat Sabbath - Into The Void

Thoughts on their Black Sabbath cover ep? I dig it!
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Saw them perform as Bat Sabbath at Sonisphere (UK) a couple of years back. Final band of the weekend and they absolutely smashed it.