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i guess this is sorta an intro but i like it, its catchy and fun to play
what do u think?

looking for a tempory internet band
pm me
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what makes you think this song is fun to play?
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So anyway, I let my friend hear it today, which is about 2 months later from when I showed it to Joey, and he told me "Duuude, you stole this from Joey, this is Joey's song maaaan, he let me listen to it on his ipod..."
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Hm. It's semi-ok, but the pentatonics get boring after a while.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?