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This is actually a song that my bassist wrote, for once (we're so proud of him) and I created the guitar parts. Its not the most musically astounding piece i've worked on, but its just a nice badass song.
Try to hold through the boringness of the "Improv" section. There's no improv soloing tabbed because, well,.....its improv :/

Oh, and he's a huge Tool fan. Can ya tell?

Comments and criticism accepted and appreciated.
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I thought it was very good. the intro was my favorite part. the bass is good too
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I really, really liked that.
Great Tool influence in both guitar and bass.
Blended just perfectly.
Except the chorus. Seemed like the bass and guitar were way off.
Overall, simply amazing.

Maybe there should be a bass solo..?
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shiver me timbers
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The chorus was supposed to have a bit of difference between the way the guitar part and bass part sounded (to contrast the unison in every other part), but I will take that into consideration. What's unique about the chorus is the bass playing power chords, gives an interesting sound.

As for a bass solo.....I'll let him know about that. sounds like a good idea. It may end up just being part of the improv section.

Thanks for the feedback so far.
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that was pretty goshdarn cool.

some parts didn't seem to fit,
but for the most part, it was cool.

I just want to sleep forever.

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It was pretty cool...nothing too amazing though, but still cool nonetheless.