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Right, here's a quick progression that took a bit of time to make. I didn't have the most clear vision, but then I thought I knew where I was going, yet now I can't really think of where to go next - I got the first few bars of the verse right after a rather short intro. What was I thinking? Well, my influences include Slayer, Cannibal Corpse (if you're wondering why some parts sound a bit like Hammer Smashed Face), Nevermore, Opeth, Carcass, & some Necrophagist & Dimmu Borgir.
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dude , f'in sexy
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pretty cool.

i'd suggest changing the
acoustic to something else though.
the artificial harmonics and just
most of its parts sound bad.

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ahh!! that was wicked, its liek a cross b/w dimmu borgir and modern metal

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Didn't like the AH, sounded out of place imo
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Thx for the criticism, I guess I'll work on removing that AH. It's just that if I put anything instead of it right in it's place it'll sound quite boring. I was rather fond of the rhythm, but I guess it'll have to be modified somewhat. I'll get back to everyone once I remake what I have, finish the bass line and add another verse.
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That was pretty sweet. You seem to have something here. Add more. I like the whole fast-paced death/black metal sound you have. It's like Cannibal meets Borgir.
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dude this kicks major ass

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