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i recorded this it should still be in the original recordings. i thought i would tab it out.


-----2----------0----------2-------0-----0--X 2

verse 1
This is just the intro in chord form but i dont know 
the name of the chords so i will show them once
just strum these a couple of time. 


i guess strum each chord about 5-8 times im not really sure
i have a recording of this in the original recordings section


again i dont know the name of these chords

-2-(2)--2---2--(0)--0---X 2

the notes in paranthesis you strike one time immediately after strumming the chords before it.

repeat verse 1



verse 1

thats basically the whole song, i recommend listening to it so you can understand the timing
and everything i really dont know how to write that stuff down. 
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
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i like it...

good chords, but maybe on the last chord in the first line alternate between that and a G.
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wow i like this!
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