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Hey guys,
I am a little bored with the songs I know on my acoustic, so does anyone have any fun/easy songs to play/sing on an acoustic guitar. I want rock songs, but I don't really care how old or new they are, as long as they are good.

Btw, is this the right forum for this?
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The Eagles - Hotel California
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
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Best of You - Foo Fighters, not acoustic but mostly clean guitar, sounds good anyways.
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even though people are sick of them in there (well, at least i am), you would probably get more responses in the acoustic forum.

and try lola-the kinks, rockin in the free world-neil young, knowckin on heavens door-bob dylan, wish you were here-pink floyd, tears in heaven-clapton......the list is endless
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Fat Old Sun - Pink Floyd
Very slow, easy acoustic strumming with basic chord shapes and an easy enough singing part.
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Redemption Songs- Bob Marley
Times Like These (Acoustic)- Foo FIghters
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Um...Avril Lavigne songs are really easy. Fun. A way to the ladies.
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Good Riddance (Time of your life)- Green Day
Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin (the intro is acoustic and not that hard)
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