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Which band inspired you to rock scociety and work your little fingers to the bone?!
The first band that really got me into rock was Van Halen. First song I heard was "Unchained" and it blew me away. I was then obssesed with VH for like 2 years. Now I listen to diff. things like classic rock, shred, and progressive mainly.

First time i heard Master of Puppets, i was like holy **** im buyin a guitar.
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the guy sings and also does the guitar solos?? fuck!!

when i heard AC/DC i was blown away by their music. i still like them, but now i've kinda eased off and starting to listen to more mellow stuff by clapton and such
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Metallica and Sum 41
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311 inspired me to rock, first time i heard "down" i was like holy **** you can rap and rock at the same time, before them no one else did that
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my first concert i went to was the goo goo dolls opening for bon jovi. i got to meet the goo goo dolls, and i got a guitar later that year.
oh man simple plan and good charlotte.. when i first heard them i was like i wanna be them.
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311 inspired me to rock, first time i heard "down" i was like holy **** you can rap and rock at the same time, before them no one else did that

Red hot chili peppers did that in the 80s, dumbass.
My friend showed me Iron Maiden and I was forever changed.

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nirvana dude, and I saw these 2 dudes and one of their bro's perform at my school at the end of 8th grade and that just put me over the edge, so I broke out my uncle's guitar and started messin around
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well, it was a combination of bands. first there was in flames, then came pink floyd, led zeppelin, and disturbed. i remember listening to down with the sickness thinking, "wow, i want a guitar." then i heard the quiet place by in flames a bit later and im like "ok, im going to start to play guitar." led and pink floyd just helped it along the way.
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when i heard AC/DC i was blown away by their music. i still like them, but now i've kinda eased off and starting to listen to more mellow stuff by clapton and such

Same here
i used to play piano but never really liked it and even then wanted to play guitar, my mom was always saying if you learn piano guitar will be easier but i think she just wanted me to keep playing piano but eventually i asked her seriously if i could have one she said she'd look into it and a couple of weeks later after going to the movies i came my and my dad had bought me an acoustic
Guns N' Roses way back when
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Pantera with tha killer riffs, Metallica cause they got it, Limp Bizkit (shut ut f*ck up i was 12)
i saw journey 4 years ago. when neal schone busted the national anthem out i knew i had to learn to play.
AC/DC, they saluted me...

No, but I gotta say Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Pat Travers

well first i asked my dad if he could play seven nation army and if he could teach me and thats what started it off for me
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me starting to play music is 50% RHCP's doing and 50% my mom asking if i wanted a guitar.
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I think it was mainly Green Day and Offspring that made me want to pick up a guitar (yes, I do know how painfully easy that stuff is) but atm I'm getting inspiration from bands like Tool, APC and Incubus.
Jack Black.... ya I saw School of Rock and then wanted a guitar....

So I told my dad, he put a Rush album in, and then I immediately started saving up for one.
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I was inspired to play cause of a commercial. this commercial was on and it was about 'everybody has a thing' that there goosd at and ****. and this one kid was playing guitar and i thought 'i wanna be able to do that'
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Simple Plan, Beatles, and Coldplay
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NIRVANA Kurt Cobain is the ****
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First time i heard Master of Puppets, i was like holy **** im buyin a guitar.

same for me except i said 'holy **** im buying a bass'
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Linkin Park (i was a nerdy 8th grader, OK?, i liked their samples, they were the first rock band i ever listened to)
Alter Bridge and Metallica showed me the guitar solo for the first time and i was like... "is that possible?"
Probably Led Zeppelin and Guns N' Roses.
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Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Kansas - yes Kansas they have a lot of hard rock.

Black Sabbath
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METALLICA!!!!!!! They changed my life.I couldnt believe somebody could make such awesome music.The end solo in fad to black gets me everytime. My friend then sent me an MP3 of him playing fade to black and it rocked.Then i just knew it was time for me to take that next i did. Decided to teach myself master of puppets after about a month....I was so ****.I still practice it everyday and it sounds way better than it did when i first started (not perfect though).Got an electric last year in November and have been playing a couple of hours everyday for a year.

When you pick up the guitar for the first time, weeks go by where you think you can never get better so you give up.If you press on then you hit a point where you cant imagine your life without the axe.

Metallica got me into it, but i also get inspired by Nirvana,Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver (mainly because of Slash),Dream Theater (Petrucci is a god),Incubus etc

I love the six string :-)
Alien Ant Farm. Haha im quiet embarissed about that considerin i play petrucci satch n vai n opeth these days.haha i suppose ive been converted.