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I really just seems to be missing something, like a certain chord that kicks it of ball to give it that just makes the whole thing seem redundant....
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I guess it would be good with lyrics, but the chords are missing some kind of resolution, even at the end. Solo was a tad boring as well. Adding a D major chord after the last G would bring a resolve to your song.
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i thought it was pretty...

then again apparently i have a ****ty taste in music
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what kinda solo was that? feels like you're too timid to move around the neck. the solo is bland and just sorta phases over the chords, not really evoking any emotion whatsoever. The chord progression is awkward and, like people have said, theres little to no resolution.
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Back with updates. Use Pure_Morning's suggestion and added a Dmaj chord at the end, And tryed to make the solo more interesting, now it's on a distortion guitar rather than jazz, I feel it makes it stand out more.
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Yea, and it also sounds much better on real instruments. If I can get my mic working I'll record it.
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Didn't sound bad to me, a bit cheesey, but yeah, I reckon if you've got some nice lyrics to go along with it it'd make a good track.
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i think it would sound better if you played the 3 measure twice making the intro 4 bars long. 3 just doesn't seem to flow or go back into itself well.
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I didn't really like it. But hey! Girls love that stuff
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Heh, Yea they do. When I played this for her, you would of thought I gave her a winning lottery ticket.
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Why did you decide to make the phrases 3 bars long instead of the usual 4? I'm for going outside of the box like that, but it didn't seem to work with this song. I never really got used to the 3 bar groupings.

The song seemed pretty repetative. That may be on purpose so that the changing lyrics stand out more over the music, I'm not sure, but still, you might add a 4th chord, maybe something that's actually the same as another chord, or the same with a changed note. Overall, not bad.

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