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check out this sort of ballady-ish riff:


hold the open e and a string for the same length as one of the triplets, and repeat
i didn't give a tempo b/c it would probably sound good fast, although i play it slow
(but i can't play it at all b/c there are no 1st e strings in my house right now )
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I like it as an intro, and it's fine played as fast as you do. Can't find any real problems with it, maybe you can find some with mine
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nice MIDI, Gutch220, although I play it at HALF that speed
i fact, i play it so slow, it would be better at 3/4 time signature
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That MIDI is in 3/4, they are 16th notes at 70 bpm or your common 8th notes at 120 bpm in 3/4 time
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sometimes i "feel" the beat on the first note of each group of three, creating triplets in 2/4
sometimes the beat is on each note because it's pretty slow (3/4 120 bpm, quarter notes)