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a short acoustic thing.
just one guitar, and i don't
plan on adding any more.
i know the rhythm is probably
kinda boring and repetetive,
but i really don't care about that.
i'll add in variations when i record it.

here are the lyrics.

I just want to sleep forever.

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overall it's very boring, use some different strumming patterns. the only thing i liked was the chorus.
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i told you i'd vary the strumming
when i recorded it.

i just put the basic strumming in this.

I just want to sleep forever.

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You wrote a short song!

I liked this one. I dont think I've ever really like much of your acoustic work. But this I do like. I disagree with the other guy; the chorus is pretty lame compared to the rest.

I'm just surprised you didn't have some interesting lead going on.
Almost disappointed.

But still good. Cant wait for a recording.
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well there's no lead cuz i'm trying
to keep it simple and stuff.
i'll prolly add some strings
or keyboards when i record.

I just want to sleep forever.

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I liked it. I especially like the fact that you used the x,2,0,2,3,x chord (I've recently been adding that in bits that I make up), and the 2,0,0,2,x,x chord is great, never thought of playing the D/F# type chord like that, sounds good.
Like you said, the strumming's a bit repetative, but that's not the point, you said you'd probably mix it up a bit when you got around to recording it. Sounds good man.
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Strangly, im getting a "fake plastic tree's" vibe from it, dunno why...but some nice progressions goin on like
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some very nice chords in there, sounds cool, i like it