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fear, death in the wings
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Who is your favorite singing? name your top 10 or whateever,. mines in no speical order

axl rose(gnr)
jimi hendrix
james hatifeild(metallica)
robert plant
tom petty
rob zombie
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Dumbest thread ever...when shouldn't you get shit-faced drunk?

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When I turn on the TV, I see nothing but black people.[/IMG]

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I jerked off in Wyoming if that counts
12,000 feet ftw!!

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. Oh, Jesus hates you.
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tom petty
bruce springsteen
george harrison
lou reed
bob dylan
david bowie
neil diamond
neil young
robert plant
billy corgan
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Mikael Åkerfeldt
Raine Maida
James Hetfield

and others...
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Freddie Mercury
Steven Tyler
Anthony Kiedis
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i am avrils number 1 fan and i would go to hell and back for her
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Mark Lanegan
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Freddie Mercury
Anthony Kiedis
Billie Joe Armstrong
Brian Johnson
Roger Waters
Roger Daultry
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jeff buckley
roddy woomble
joel pott
alex kapranos
tom petty
john lennon
jim morrison
conor oberst
elliott smith
tim kashir

that's probably over ten but I just put all I could remember
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tele on the belly
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Joshua Homme!
Robert Plant
Rivers Cuomo
Ben Folds
Jack White

annnd Michael Jackson cos he rules the world.
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Just noticed he wasn't mentioned yet
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Damn. You win Master Shake. I am not worthy!
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Robert Plant
Eric Johnson
Leonard Cohen
Neil Young
James LaBrie
Jeff Buckley
George Harrison
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Schenker? (Scorpions) or is his name Meiner?
James Hetfield
Tom Petty
Sebastian Bach
Robert Plant
David Bowie
Don Dokken
Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
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Matthew Bellamy
Jack White
Frank Black
Glen Hansard
Joe Doyle (not lead singer, though)
Mic Christopher
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sebastian bach - skid row
axl rose - guns n roses
rob halford - judas priest
james labrie - dream theater
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Freddie Mercury
Chrissie Hynde
John Fogerty
Mike Peters
Elvis Costello
John Cafferty
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brandon boyd
anthony kedis
davey havok
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in no particular order and more than ten...

jesse lacey (brand new)
morrissey (the smiths)
john nolan (straylight run)
hrishikesh hirway (the one am radio)
maura davis (denali/bella lea)
dustin kensrue (thrice)
ben gibbard (death cab/postal service)
jenny lewis (rilo kiley/postal service)
fiona apple
conor oberst (bright eyes)
matthew caws (nada surf)
kele obereke (bloc party)
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Brandon Boyd and Josh Homme
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Y'know, I thought this thread was gonna be about the Ministry of Defence. But it's not. It's about wanking. Oh well.
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Fred Durst
Dave Galloway

fred durst?

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Older Rob Stuwart, John Frusciante has a great voice (besides "Smile From The Streets...")

I'm pretty sure I spelled Stuwart wrong.
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Freddie Mercury
David Bowie
James LaBrie
Johann Sebastian Bach
Jack White
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Alright... I'm fairly new to the guitar and I keep messing up... do I put my fingers between the strings or on them or what?

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In no particular order:

Siouxsie Sue
Jack Terricloth
Iggy Pop
Dick Lucas
Jello Biafra
Henry Rollins
Colin McFaull
Colin Arbahall
Joe Jack Talcum
The guy from Oxymoron who's name escapes me right now.
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Phil anselmo, David Draiman, M. Shadows, zakk wylde, paul stanley, gene simmons,axl rose, robert plant, fireball ministry singer forgot his name, and powerman 5000 singer forgot his name too they r in no specific order