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Here's the deal: My bassist mentioned at practice last week that he'd like for us to add a few more "bass-oriented" songs to our setlist. He mentioned "Down on the Corner" and "Seven Nation Army" as examples, both of which we're willing to play. He also wants to take a solo during a more mellow part of the set, which we're more than okay with - it gives us a chance to check our tunings or change guitars.

Anyway, I'm trying to come up with some more bass-centric songs to suggest, and I'm having a massive brain fart. Any suggestions?

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spoonman by soundgarden,its pretty cool, it has a cool riff and solo for guitar, it has a part with bass only and a part with drums only, try it, its awesome
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Got the time by anthrax is pretty bass oriented, with an intermediate bass solo.
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violent femmes did more bass than guitar and they're great listen to blister in the sun. Just let him turn his amp up and give him some lines to play during verses or bridges.
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A lot fo punk songs can be bass oriented, a good catchy bass-centric song is LongView
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Money - Pink Floyd
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Californication - RHCP
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how about the bassist does his own homework :P , i mean he should have his own refference to what songs he likes that has a lot of bass in it
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Yeah, I agree about him doing his own homework. I just wanted to get some outside input to round out my view, so I could help him out.

And after all that . . . . he couldn't make it to practice last night.

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Quote by deusexbass2150
naked in the rain- its mostly bass and drums

Thats a good one, well done!

Anything by RATM...
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if you're playing music like what you've described your bassist needs to understand that hes a secondary player in the band. hes there to provide the structure, not to take solos. afterall, we all know that bassists who play this type of music are only guitarists who couldnt handle it
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Judging by what you've told us, you might want to check out some old Green Day.

I should also throw in SoaD. Not really bass-centred, but they have some tight basslines and their songs should keep the rest of the band busy as well.
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well at least you are letting your bass player choose songs, i play guitar...but i said id play bass in a band with my friends (which ive now quit) and the guitarists only wanted to play metallica songs where you really didnt even need a bass player. anything that i suggested they refused to do.
my new band we let the bass player choose all the songs.
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well if you really want your music to be bass-centered then: (here it comes)

Billy Sheehan

shredding bassists are amazing

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ISLYJAM!, u have no idea wat ur talkin about. Sure some ppl who call themselves bassist are only washed up guitarist but most true bassist actually can play the guitar & quite decently. Personally, i prefer the sound of a bass 2 a guitar even tho i play both. but in answer 2 ur ??? about the band if your bassist wants 2 play a couple of good bass songs are:

Schism - Tool (already mentioned i kno but it rly is)
Longview - Green Day
Holiday - Green Day (nice little solo that can be drug out relatively painlessly)
Bass Doodle - Metallica (just type it in & you'll find the tabs)

if i think of more i'll post
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