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Here?s my dilemma.

I?ve been playing about a year and a half and think of myself as a fairly competent guitar player. A little while ago a friend of mine who plays bass and another friend asked me whether I wanted to jam with them one lunch time at school. The other friend picked up some drum sticks and turned out to be pretty nifty with them.

A couple of months later we decided ? what the hell ? we?ll enter Glastonbrooke (a rock show that my school has every year). At this point I believe we?d officially become ?a band?. A month or so before the audition we decided we needed another guitarist. We looked around and ended up picking a girl in our year that we knew played guitar and we were friendly with.

To skip forward a bit, we got through the audition stage and we?re now playing in February at Glastonbrooke. Problem is, the guitarist we asked isn?t really very good. She can play a few chords but is basically in the position I was well over a year ago. The second guitarist definitely helps as I can solo a little and we?ve got more choice of songs.

I just can?t decide now whether to pursue with this guitarist (like I said, she?s a friend of ours) or find someone else, or even possibly find another band.

Phew, sorry for pouring out my life story ? any input into the situation will be welcome.
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kill her
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You can only do what you feel is best for the band. No one here can decide that for you.

If you're tight just the 3 of you then I don't see why you absolutely need another guitarist. But if you don't consider yourself to be a strong enough player to carry the guitar section then finding another guitarist isn't a bad idea.

What you've got to decide is if she's helping the band or hindering it. No one can decide that for you.
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well if she can play rhythm guitar and is fine at it then keep her, then you can play lead and it will work out.
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Either look for a new guitarist now. Or teach her efficiently what you want her to play.
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Ok thanks for your help, those were the responses I was expecting. Basically, I'd like someone who I could say, play a "C, then a G, then an Em in a sort of bouncy rhythm" (really stupid thing to say, lol) and they'd be able to pretty much do it.

Her playing isn't bad but she doesn't really know much about notes, theory, barre chords, etc. But hey, thanks for your help, guys.
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I'd say talk to the other guys in the band about it. That's all you can do before you make a decision.
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There's more to being a rythym player than open chords, depending on your band's style you need someone who can riff, do more interesting chords than your basic major minor, know barre chords, and obviously keep good time.
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is she contributing to the band? do u already have someone lined up to replace her? is she improving quickly? i suggest keep her until youre sure that someone better will join, it doesnt sound like shes getting in the way or anything.
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you've got some choices man

a. teach her how to play better
b. drop her and become a 3 man band, hey cream did it, look how big they got...
c. find a new second guitarist
d. not say a thing

if it were me i'd go with b or c
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A.) Tell her you and everyone in the band is Gay and you don't like women, so she needs to leave.

B.) Tell her that being a groupie would be so much cooler than actually being in the band because having rough sex with her wouldn't be nearly as guilty.
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id say find a guitar player who can play well and then kick her out. if she cant play open chords, or barre chords, or power chords and doesn't know the names of the chords shes playing, id say your screwed. those are just the basics too...
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