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I have finally obtained the resources to start making some serious money in music. The people I am working with "guys in my band" all want to start working on these projects with me with different people doing different task. We want to open a booking agency, publishing company, along with a private instruction studio. My question is, should I register these businesses under the same name... or would it be smart to have a different name for each "business?" The money made is going to different people.
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It would be wise to consult with a business lawyer, if you're serious about it, and go over the situation in a lot more detail than you have here.

Business plans for each, including planned operation and the distribution of revenue would be good as well.
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yeah talking to a lawyer is probably your best bet. they can tell you what you're going to need, like licenses etc..
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Read "Label Lauch." Very informative about this sort of thing. Also, check out all the different What You Need to Know About the Music Business type books.
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All completely different businesses. Narrow your focus to one or two ideas and develop laser focus on those.
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