First I must say I am very new to guitar. I hope this does.not sound like a stupid question. My ears are not quite used to the tones and I am sure I will aquire that after time. In fact I am starting to be able to sense when it is out of tune. I use AP tuner on my computer to make sure it is tuned perfectly. It also has a preset for drop D which is handy. Now it lists normal tuning as: E2,A2,D3,G3,B3,E4 and Drop D as: D2,A2,D3,G3,B3,E4 I would like to set a preset for DGCFAD, But I dont know what numbers should follow the notes? Can anyone help with this and I would be interested in other tunings as well so I can preset them in AP tuner.
Thank You and Best Regards
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I'm guessing the numbers change after each Ab to G#. So every octave.
So DGCFAD might be:
D2 G2 C3 F3 A4 D4
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Thank You for the input. I will gove it a try, But is anyone more sure about this? I want to make sure it is right

PS I have wore out google searching and searching and I can't find a listing of notes for different tunings.
ok I gave it a shot and I think D2 G2 C3 F3 A3 D4 is the winner Thank you all for your input if anyone knows of the notes for any other tunings please feel free to share
What would the numbers be for d a f c g c ?

That's the soad tuning in toxicity i believe...