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Yep, you guessed it. This thread is exclusively for telling stories about gigs, band experiences, etc. This is the ONLY thread for doing so, so don't try posting your own thread with a story in it!

Don't spam it up too much , no uncalled-for flaming, you know the drill. Enjoy this thread

Cool idea, I'll start (unless someone posts 1st).

My First Gig

Well it was one or two summers ago we had our first gig. We were playing two songs, both our own. We got there only an hour before hand and had very little time (there wer LOADS of others) to set our stuff up, so I kinda had to do most of it on stage. I had my electro-classical (no strap locks) so I sat on a chair while both bassists (yes, for some reason there were two) stood alongside and the drummer at the back. First song went okISH but we sped up like 100BPM, none of us were counting! I was extremely nervous and kept shaking my head at how bad we were playing onstage. The song went very average, and we got a moderate ammount of applause. Next song, more energetic this one. I started playing the guitar-only intro but the stopped halfway through because I thought something was wrong, much to the cursing and sweaing of our drummer. I then realised nothing was wrong and that (I was playing hrough a half stack) the quality was simply not as good as on my little amp. So I started again, spead up a ****load as usual and it actually went OK. Strangely, we got a roaring ammount of applause, more then any other person I think. Maybe it was because we were playing our own stuff and they liked it?

Either way, it was quite a disaster: the moral is to either use your own gear, or spend more itme setting the **** up.

anyone else?
First Gig:

I grew up in a small town in which there were about 12 musicians from the age range of 8-68. I put my first band together with 2 friends at the age of 16 after playing guitar for a year. We didn't have a singer because we couldn't find one. A guy we auditioned who we knew from high school told us he didn't want to be in the band but we could play at his house party. There were a total of maybe 15 people there. This was during the nu-metal era of Disturbed & Limpbizkit and we were playing 80s style jam songs. We also had to use mics through guitar amps since we had no P.A. It was horrible. We played with another band though who was worse than us. We got through the songs, but there were girls asking the guy to tell us to stop. Stupid bitch.

Anyways, the band broke up the next day because of lack of interest. I didn't get into another "offical" band until 5 years later.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
First Gig:

Once upon a time me and my friends formed a band becuase we loved music. Well I was originally a guitarist but my friend was better so I volunteered to be a bassist because we needed one and there were only like 2 that we knew of that were good enough then we got another guitarist, anyway, we were four, then a guy wanted to be our vox, he sucked so we kicked him out. The next guy that became our vox was good enough. We we're known as the "other band" in my batch, the people who tried hard but never really made it, anyway when the school anounced an end of the year party we volunteered right away. What happened was that no one could bring a drumset, no drumset; no band, and there were 4 other bands playing, so we brought the drumset, which we didnt even own, we just borrowed. well we managed to bring it in one car, plus 5 of us riding in it so it was a tight squeeze btw we used a 5 seater SUV. that night we played 2 covers, easy covers but we were so nervous that we messed up the first one, we did the second one almost perfectly, no one clapped, kinda sucked but still it was fun, it turned out to be one of the few gigs we would ever have; we disbanded a few months later cause of frustration, but did one last gig together last november, I think we had the best performance that day when we reunited. Oh yeah me and the drummer formed a new band, I'm now lead guitar. One guitarist formed his own band and the other 2 (vox and guitarist) are not in any bands.
uhm to the guy that posted at the top, could you tell me why you had 2 bassists?
well tonight i just got back from an awesome gig, it was a college christmas party at a big labour club and the crowd were ****ing ace, they were well into it, which in turn got us more involved which caused me to go sick and start jumpin around the stage (not in a busted way) and my glasses flew off, and at the end when i found them i had a lense missing and they were all bent, but was all good,

our setlist was:

Apart from me - original
Ace of spades
Next time - original
sweet child of mine
your time has come
i believe in a thing called love

we had 11 songs lined up to play but our set got cut short and we only managed to play these songs.
My band doesnt usually play songs like sweet child of mine and i belienve in a thing called love, but we thought it would go down really well and even tough we didnt like playing them it was more about their christmas party.

i got pretty hammered as well before i got on stage which made it all the better and
at he end the other band that played came onstage and did the band aid song do they know its christmas time at all, and we all stayed on stage a danced and sang along

overall its one of the funnest nights of my life, even though i cant see very well...
our first gig really sucked , well here the story :

Our first gig was on my Ex her birthday party , we had a pretty simple setlist ( I wasn't nervous at all, just look at it :p

Smells Like teen spirit - Nirvana
In Bloom - Nirvana
Californication - RHCP
The Offspring - The kids aren't allright
Zornik - Goodbye

( I hated the setlist, I felt like a freaking poser, ohwell)

Me and the bassist played the songs flawless, but the real problem were the vocals , our singer/2nd guitarist really sucked tbh , he was mumbling and was playing really crappy ( after the first song I crancked the volume of my amp to make his mistakes less noticable)

ohwell , I quitted the band and started a new one with our bassist.
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first gig


well, taht band had bin playing for a year, w/o any vocals. we had 6 or seven original songs, with lyrics.

but, no vocals. so we got a friend of mine interested, with the gig being 6 weeks away. he decided to play rhythm guitar as well.

but, he didnt like any of our songs.

so with 6 weeks till the gig, we wrote 3 songs and played for whom the bell tolls

now, the night of the gig. our drummer was nervous as hell, but we wouldnt let him drink. i was kool, but the rythm guitarist was trippin liek hell. he kept walkin of alone with his guitar to practice. my bassist was off drinkin from teh keg- which was no problem.

so we got onstage- and started for whom the bell tolls. we did the song decent, i ****ed up the solo, but it was decent. and when we finished it- there was no sound. the crowd looked bored.

so- we start up a slower song, being the middle of the set. the crownd*30-40 numetal kids* just sat around jerkin off.

so, now the acoustic song. heres the point where i grab a shot glass and fill it up, and give my respects to dimebag.

we got a few drunken horrays, mostly from the parents. and after the song, ppl were like, hey, that was okay.

and for the last song, both me and the other guy broke or high E strings playing.

sadly to say, we didnt even get around of applause.

im quittin the band soon, ive bin playin with them for 2 years now, and its not workin.

some acoustic song will be up soon.

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uhm to the guy that posted at the top, could you tell me why you had 2 bassists?

Well basically, our original bassist (good one, deusexbass2150 on this site) was a bit embarrased about playing, drummer convinced me but he wasnt too sure. Another bassist (really nice guy, but TBH crap) volunteered but then original decided to play so all of a sudden we had 2... the good one did the actual lines and the bad one just kinda followed what I was doing on guitar... MAN did it take hours to explain one song...

No fun, I don't have any interesting stories really to tell. Although having watched my friend's band practice a number of times, I can see now why you don't allow partners to watch.

The lead guitarist exploded at his girlfriend for the fact she couldn't name a single one of their songs despite the fact we were there to help with criticism and basic recording. It led on to an arguement about their relationship in general. Ended up with the drum kit scattered on the floor and the piano nearly upended. Not fun at all. Maybe I'll have a gig soon to comment on, then again maybe not.
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im bored, so here goes storytime:

it was a dark and stormy night... well actually it wasnt really stormy, but it had rained earlier that day. i am supposed to be playing 3 songs with two other guys, another guitarist and a singer. the "gig" was really just us being schedualed to play at an open mic night at a local restaurant/bar. so we walk in and find a table to wait our turn. finally gets to us and we go on stage. now i lugged my amp all the way to this place, but it turns out that they want us to use the ones they have. ok, fine. they have the same model amp as i do so i dont mind too much. but the other guitarist insits on using his POS instead of the nice tube combo they want him too, so of course we are off to a great start.

we launch into our first song, 'wish you were here' by pink floyd, and every thing goes smoothly until the singer comes in. well, actually the problem is that he doesnt. he gets so lost that the crowd tells us to start over. they are very supportive cause they are mostly musicians and really want to see us do well. so we start over. and the singer comes in this time, but one bar late. so of course i repeat a bar so now the singer and i are together. but the other guitarist is oblivious to everything so he is off now. the singer starts to forget words and begins to mumble, so the other guitarist turns around and tells me, "lets just skip to the solo." so we skip to the solo/interlude thingy and play the song from there, and the singer manages to remember all the words this time and we finish well.

next song is 'Johnny B. Goode.' but its only the other guy playing the song because for some reason i get no part, and the singer didnt want to do the song so he didnt sing. so its two of us just standing up there trying not to look stupid while the other guy plays a song by himself and looks kinda stupid. crowd kinda enjoyed it, but with no vocals or anything it kinda sucked. and i could easily tell that by just looking at the faces of the crowd.

ok, third song. im finally playing again and we launch into 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath. this was our best song, which obviously didnt take too much. we manage to play through the song fine and the singer never lost his place this time. which was really good cause i was already gonna kill him. the biggest problem problem: the singer was reading the words off a sheet of paper as he sang them because he hadnt finished memorizing them. the other problem was the other guitarists solo. i was the better guitarist but because it was his idea to play the show, he got the solo. too bad he sucked at it. well, we finished the song with no major mishaps and i get my self off that stage as fast as possible. people clapped for us, but that was cause we finished half decently and they were trying to be supportive.

you want to know what i still cant believe about that night? that i agreed to try again two weeks later...
but thats a story for another time. if you guys are interested i can tell it later, but now is not the time.
First GIG:
The mic feedbacked like hell cuz we used a really old/cheap one with a 100WATT Peavey Keyboard amp, which is a piece of sh*t.
The first "song" was instrumentle it was me and my bass player (The great, ai4281 the crazy virtuoso) playing the Cunning Stunts' Jason and Kirk guitar doodle, which lead into the Sanitarium's first solo then to the Master of Puppets solos. ARRRGGHHH lots of times I screwed up.
Then some origional songs. no one heard me sing becuase the mic was ****ty.

Our rig was, the high school's drum kit (sucked balls as the drummer did as well)
My rig: Cort X2-Rp80-keyboard amp(yes the amp was multi tasking)
Bass rig: Cheap but okay Ibanez bass(now he has an Awsome 5 string BTB)-Two 16 Watt Kustom amps)

The turn out was good (at least 100 ppl) and lots of applause becuase that school had lots of metal heads

gooooooooood times............
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The Last Gig:

Before our last gig, our singer requested that we do a photo shoot, so we did. Our drummer didn't like photo shoots, so he was a little pissed (the singer and drummer are brothers by the way.) So we take about a million photos, and he's starting to get upset because he doesn't want to take any more photos. Our singer then wants us to take a photo flippin off the camera. I chuckled to myself about the idea, I thought it was stupid. The drummer however let his opinions be heard and said something to the effect of: "That's stupid, typical teen-angst ****." So the singer starts flippin off the drummer to his face. The drummer gets just pissed and punches the singer and the two get in a fight. After the fight, the drummer storms off and comes back to say he quits.

Now, in our search for a new drummer, we have found one, but haven't played with him yet. I seem to be the only one doing the searching so I call the drummer and ask him if he can jam today, and he says he doesn't know and that he'll just give me a call. I say alright, and I call the singer to tell him to keep on his toes because we may be jamming today (by the way he's basically the one who got the band together.) He says, "I'm not waiting around all day for a maybe." And I say, "Well that shows how committed you are." He says, "No it doesn't," and hangs up.

Long story short, I'm gonna quit cause he's such an asshole.
I've played about 5 gigs in my attempts to start up a band, and I don't think I've done a single one with my flies done up. Most of them were quite poor, with various **** ups and mishaps. mic leads coming unplugged, my bassist managed to let go of his plectrum which hit me in the face, and our drummer kicked over the crappy school drums mid song 'cos he was pissed off with them.
Oh, and one of them was a charity event, so everyone involved was in a big photo to go in the local paper.
Guess who missed it 'cos they were having a ****?
Got another organised at my school soon, playing in front of about 550 people.
It's gonna be good. *Prays*
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My first gig was for half of our grade, with the Drama and Art fellas.

We were only aloud to play one song, and it had to based on "Growing Up" I was pretty much the leader because I was the only one who knew how to play an insturment. Our drummer was some paranoid, 'Nam obessed and hyped-up retard, our bassist was a liar and left-handed, and didn't own a left hand bass. Our singer was one of my best mates, and he did good. We had like 3 bongo's (WTF?!) But didn't matter. Anyway, we were playing, and our drummer, complete retard just stops, and he sends nearly all of us out of time with me and the bass player just playing. BTW, the song we did was "I don't Wanna Grow Up" - The Ramones.
lol ok our 3rd gig or something.

here i am...guitarist...we get midway through our 4th song and one of my pedals gets stuck...i wasnt thinking right or i kick it. I feel a pop in my ankle but it doesnt hurt much, so i keep playing. Later near the end of the ankle is hurting like a...yeah. yeah so my best friend...and vocalist, seems to see somethings wrong...but he doesnt do anything cause we're in the mid of a song. we finish the song, and right after...i swear my ankle gve way, i didn't know cause i guess i blacked out...because my friend said my ankle was at likea 90 degree anle with my leg. lol i didnt play in a gig for a LONG time afterwards. and i had crutches for a month...but it's aa pretty funny story...i also have never used that pedal again
First gig story. mine is sorta fun

anyway, me and the other guitarist had been practicing on and off for weeks before the show. the thing is, we had no drummer, and i didn't really meet the lead singer until a week or two before. anyway, we didn't really start practicing for real until the monday before. I spent that week going "where's the bassist?" Ok, enough back story, on to the actual gig.

So basically, we were playin at a party in this guy's backyard (patio=stage). And, if we weren't innadequate enough, with only 2 guitarists (electric) and a lead singer, one of the other bands was AWESOME. yeah, we heard them doing sound check, and our singer chickens out. We spend a good 20 minutes getting him to agree to doing the show. (He got a little drunk later, that helped). I couldn't really bring my amp so i had to use one from another band

Anyway, there's like, 12 people there, not including the other bands. We go up, and i'm singing the first song (i don't know why) So we play, i have no idea what i sound like to the "crowd", cause i can only hear my voice going into the mic (which i'm staring at intently) It's cold, so I mess up the solo. but overall, it was alright. We got delayed applause.

ok, second song (we only played 2 cause the singer didn't want to do the third)
We're doing pretty decent, cause it's an easy song. I have a short solo in the middle of it, but it threw off the other guitarist's timing. I felt like an idiot. I got to look out at the people during this song and no one looked interested at all. Oh well. So we finish the song to more delayed applause. and i walk away going "we sucked up there."

I hope we have better luck in the future (shouldn't be taht hard...)
This is going to sound more violent that it actually was, because it was all just harmless fun.

I have a reputation of making jokes, most which turn out to be groaners. My band members know this, and despise me for it.

So yesterday, at band practice, I made a joke (which I can't even remember what I said), and the other guitarist picked up a guitar cable and threatened to whip me with it. So I cheesed it out of the garage, into the street, and across a neighbor's yard, where he gave up the chase. "Fat men aren't supposed to run," he even yelled to me.

Just when I thought I was in the clear, my 10 year old neighbor springs out of the house and picks up where the other guy left off.

Long story short, I get tackled by my neighbor's dog, chased across my backyard, then put in a sleeper hold by the bassist.

Then started playing basketball with him.

I remember the joke. It had to do with the bassist finding chocolate (yes, we had chocolate in the garage) , made a funny sound, and then a comment from me along the lines of "Get a tissue, my hands are kinda sticky," but I don't want to repeat the joke.
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My music class put on a performance at my school's Christmas concert.

In the weeks that we spent preparing the show, the band (myself on bass, my cousin and a friend on guitar, one guy playing drums, and another playing the bongos) mostly just slacked off. We never practiced, instead choosing to play Tool and AC/DC songs.

Of course, we were able to learn the songs quite easily. This was partly because A)my cousin has perfect pitch and could figure out all of the chord progressions and B)the drummer was incredible.

The day of the show, we had a rehearsal in front of some of the students. My cousin decides to use his tiny practice amp instead of a real amp, saying his tiny Crate amp is "really loud." He didn't understand that a tiny amp sound louder in his room than it does in a school auditorium, especially when goin up against a full-sized amp and a large bass amp. I couldn't hear his guitar, even on stage. I later heard from people in the audience that the bass wasn't loud enough.

We performed a medley of Carol of the Bells, Silent Night, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bell Rock, and going back into CotB at the end. The lunch bell rang halfway through our set; half of the audience left, and we still recieved the loudest ovation.

After the show, we ate lunch and went back into the auditorium for one more practice session. At the end, the nut and washer holding my input jack fall off, and the jack falls into the bass. I was able to save the pieces. The instruments were all left in the auditorium, but I had no time to fix it.

The show comes up, and we weren't able to find a screwdriver until three songs before our performance. The second guitarist had experience with fixing these kind of problems, and was able to fix it while I helped set up the amplifiers. I got it back before our part, but I wasn't able to tune my bass beforehand.

Then the performance starts, and the second guitarist's amp isn't working properly. The first CotB sounds pretty bad. Once we get past that little issue, everything goes smoothly. My cousin used his good amp, and the bass was a little louder this time. Again, we get the loudest ovation.

I later watched a tape of the video. The singers were WAAAAAY off. Plus, the second guitarist and I couldn't be seen-we were on the side of the stage, and the lights weren't pointing at us.

Overall, though, it was a pretty good time. Now our class is trying to write a musical. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen this time.
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Our second song was Wicked Game by HIM. Uh-oh. I had to bend down to fiddle with my pedals between the songs and I knocked my guitar out of tune on a music stand. So in the intro, which is picking the notes of a chord, my gitar sounded like crap and I had to retune during the song. The whole song was a disaster because I was the only one who knew it.

you do know that wicked game isnt by him?
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Its by Me! Sorry, couldn't help myself. I like the story about how the guy kicked his pedal and broke his ankle, we salute you.
so this summer i was playing a club called neils, and a friend has reserved the backroom for her 18th birthday party. my friend and i play in a two man comedy/acoustic/jam band, called Chasing Aries or The Spoo, depending on our mood.

There were three bands/performers that night, and we decided we wanted to play last, to which no one objected. well, the first band to play was a jam band, and they played one a hell of a show. their guitarist was out of town, but they still managed to play a good set with what they had.

next came a solo performer, who did some acoustic covers.

finally it came our turn. Things started out smoothly enough, as we went through a couple instrumentals of our own. Then we started to play some covers. I was midway through everlong, when all of a sudden i notice people pointing and laughing at me... I was like, "what the ****?" until i realized that they were pointing behind me...

out of nowhere, a black cat jumped off the drum kit and walked right behind me... the freaky thing is, that right at that exact moment, my gear cut out, and continued to act up for the rest of the night. it was pretty strange

we decided to finish playing our set early, and instead launch into improv. After making fun of the birthday girl and her boyfriend (which turned out to be quite successful). We ended the night with the jam band playing with me as my friend continued to "sing" about ashley (the bday girl)

strange night; fun night; good night.
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so this summer i was playing a club called neils, and a friend has reserved the backroom for her 18th birthday party. my friend and i play in a two man comedy/acoustic/jam band, called Chasing Aries or The Spoo, depending on our mood.

There were three bands/performers that night, and we decided we wanted to play last, to which no one objected. well, the first band to play was a jam band, and they played one a hell of a show. their guitarist was out of town, but they still managed to play a good set with what they had.

next came a solo performer, who did some acoustic covers.

finally it came our turn. Things started out smoothly enough, as we went through a couple instrumentals of our own. Then we started to play some covers. I was midway through everlong, when all of a sudden i notice people pointing and laughing at me... I was like, "what the ****?" until i realized that they were pointing behind me...

out of nowhere, a black cat jumped off the drum kit and walked right behind me... the freaky thing is, that right at that exact moment, my gear cut out, and continued to act up for the rest of the night. it was pretty strange

we decided to finish playing our set early, and instead launch into improv. After making fun of the birthday girl and her boyfriend (which turned out to be quite successful). We ended the night with the jam band playing with me as my friend continued to "sing" about ashley (the bday girl)

strange night; fun night; good night.

That's wierd
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you do know that wicked game isnt by him?

I'm not an idiot. Chris Isaak. HIM covered it on their first album.
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Seeing as this thread has died down a little I thought I'd return interest to it.

My first perfromance was at an open mic night, when I quite gamely attempted Jeff Buckley's "Mojo Pin". The playing was alright, bu tthe singing was average. I was trying to quit the shakes but I was freaking out. I've have gotten better with that with more performance.

It wasn't a song the crowd were going to appreciate anyway, there were to many pop skanks there. But my friends got it. It just felt good to let go, you know?

The next time I got up, same event- monthgs or so later, I played Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman". That is a much easier song than Buckley's!
Well, here goes my contribution. We had our first proper public gig on Friday evening, here's the run down of it.

The guys started setting the stuff up at about 7 (there was more than one band playing, we were on first, but the other guys' equipment gets set up to save time). I turned up at quarter past with all my equipment, and the drummer appeared 5 minutes later. We got our stuff set up and waited. Just after half past the bass player turned up, plugged in. We tuned up, decided on a final tempo for the opening song, and so it begins.

The first song was a 12 Bar Blues original. Bassist opened it, drummer came in on the fifth bar, I came in on the tenth, just soloing around over the top of it. Had to extend my intro solo a lot, because I forgot the words. When I remembered the words, I sang them at the wrong pace, so I stopped, waited for the song to go round again, and did the first verse, in time.
Had to solo for a bit because I forgot the second verse. When I remembered it, I sang it and nailed it first time. Then went into the main solo, but after about 24 bars, the drummer stopped. The bassist stopped a bar or two afterwards, and that was that. We had to abrubtly end the song, and yeah... Not too bad, could've been worse, but could've been a lot better. Ah well, such is life.

Second song, we got almost perfect. I jumbled up the first two lines of the first verse and the first two lines of the second verse, but other than that it was perfect. Reasonably fast paced rock song.

Third song, we launched into it, and then I got really insecure about the singing the lyrics, so I basically ommited them. Baring in mind it ended up becoming completely instrumental, it went really well. The music underneath the lyrics is carried by the bass, so it wasn't just a chord sequence played round, so it made for a relatively interesting instrumental.

Fourth song; originally we were only supposed to be doing 3, but we though fuck it, and the band on after us said it was cool, so we did another one. In retrospect, it would've been better to open with this one; it's a completely instrumental jam song. There's a bassline which opens, the drums come in, and then it's basically the guitar and the bass improvising a lot for five or so minutes. This one was pretty much perfect too.


Meh, take what you will. We had a good time, there were a couple of fluff-ups, but only the first song just kinda stopping was really noticeable.
Heck, in any case, it certainly showed that we not only work well together as a band, but we can all perform well together two, and we all gel pretty well, as well as being (certainly for me in any case) a very much needed boost in confidence. Meh, and that's my experience.

EDIT: All songs were originals; we play blues driven pyschedelic rock. Crowd wasn't particularly huge, but they seemed to enjoy it.
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This will be my first post in a long while but on to the story...

Its summer. hot as all hell. Im trying to impress this girl whos 16 (im 14 at the time) who I have a giant crush on. Its her sweet 16 and Im desperate to impress her. They booked this so-so Fall out boy cover band. So they take a break and I say "can I play a few?" "sure". So of course Im like wow is this a gig? then I set myself up with this stratocaster and first I shred a little and get everyone going. But then Im nervous as hell cuz there are at least 50-100 people there. So I shout requests and her sister shouts "good riddance". I figure I had that nailed though I was nervous. Halfway through the amp and the mic cuts. So I get nervous and try to start over and I COMPLETELY FORGET the damn lyrics. so then they keep shouting green day and all these other easy songs. So the drummer comes over and we start playing my bands music and having a good time jamming. Then we went through an awful american idiot, and Tryed to outdo each other in speed soloing. Well other then the fact that I botched the good riddance I had a good time....

Not on subject but I ended up going out with the girl for a month and then I realized she was dumb as a rock.

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My first gig last night -

We are second on in a bill of 7 local bands. I start playing the intro to the first song, and everyone started cheering, thank god, I was worried about a cold crowd. Throughout the first song all goes well apart from - a) the lead singer's mike is to low, and b) The rhythm guitarist concentrates so much on playing to the crowd and putting on a show, that he completely ****s up and almost throws us all off.
Second song is alot lighter and less rocky, w3e breeze through it with no mistakes whatsever. Afterwards the crowd start chanting our band name.
Third song went well, only problem was when I discovered my high E string was out during the solo, I held a bend and tried to re-tune, in fact a couple of times during the solo. People said afterwards that I was doing it for show, that was not the case though. We ended with a bang and I threw my plectrum into the crowd and came out with positive feedback all round. Only thing wrong was a hint of feedback from my amp and a dreadful soundmix (and that is what you get for not allowing us a soundcheck, Mr Venue person!).

Thanks to UGers for all the advice leading up to the gig! I had an awesome evening!
Hey everyone im the bassist in rocker4500s band and ive also gotta thanks for all the support the community has offered in the run up to our gig. It truely was an amazing feeling being up on stage hearing people chant our name. And its was such a confidence boost nailing our first gig like that.

Only problem was like he said awful sound mix because of rushing our setup.And i gotta admite i slipped up once in our last song but only fractionally thankfully no-one noticed so it was all gd.

cheers nath.
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This one time i called up my bass player and said, hey you wanna come over for a jam. and he said i can't, im going to the doctor. THE END
well there was this charity thing at my school to raise money for something, i dunno, and my band was asked to play, we did two sets, consisting of 2 songs each. So eventually the time came for us to go onstage for our first set. we played Fashion zombies by the aquabats, and Kill the poor by DK which we changed to help the poor(seemed more appropriate), both of the songs in the first set were sung by guest appearance of my good friend mike. so after that there was supposed to be a speach and something else before we came on to play the second set, without the aid of mike. i was sitting in the wings having a drink, and chilling out when suddenly, to my surprise, THERE WAS NO "SOMETHING" AFTER THE SPEACH!,and the guys who were giving the speach shouted, "i would like to introduce AXXE!!!!", "Bugger" i thought,"wheres the damn band" i thought. little did i know they were back stage and did not here the guys introduce us, i walked onto the stage, grabbed the mic and shouted AXXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,the band came running from back stage, we plugged in and off we went, The first song we played was Breaking the law, by judas priest, it went off without a hitch. my vocals were clear and the sound was balanced, no problemo, then we began the second song, one of our own, titled "EMOSLAYER". i began the intro and then a saw a good friend of mine tell the girl sitting next to him "I cant hear Baz"(baz is my nickname)so i quickly finnished the intro and whacked the amp up, he gave a salute, and i nodded to him. We kicked some serious dick on that song couldn't have been better. at the end of that set i shouted down the mic "rock and roll!" and walked off

that was a damn good day
My best show(possibly ever)

My friend David's birthday was coming up. Big party, and my we were booked along with The Falling of Ashes. The night before the show, I got disowned and had what I imagine was a small mental breakdown. We were driving back to the apartment, and stopped at a gas station. A friend of mine was there, and upon seeing me in that condition, handed me four pills which I believe are called clanazipan or something. I didn't know to only take one, popped all four, and slepped for sixteen hours. I woke up high enough to hang from God's nose hair. That night, apparently we played an amazing show. We covered Free Bird, and I guess I did an incredible solo. Unfortunately for me, clanazipan has an amnesia affect on me. I can remember fragments of the show, and the preceeding week is lost in the depths of my mind. Sweet sweet irony huh?
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Ive had a lot of strange gigs, the most perculiar was playing our full on thrash metal set to a youth community centre age range 6 to 12. as you can imagine, the kids just stared at us bewildered and scared.
Probably just as strange for me was feeling sick halfway through a song cos I was so drunk - and hurling all over the stage. i ran backstage to be sick more and then come back out on stage and was cheered like a king! A few months later I was so drunk I chucked my guitar off stage (oh my god ive never regretting doing something so dumb) - £200 to repair it.
My band had a show at a legion hall type thing a few months ago and everything was cool. We did Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine for a sound check and then went into our blisteringly long 14-song set (all originals). The problem was that I had my glasses off and couldn't really read the damn set list that we had printed out, so I just didn't know what song was next. What's worse is that I start almost all of our songs, so most of the time I was just standing there with my guitar, looking at the other guys with an expression that just said "I don't know what's going on!" Our singer looked like a complete doofus, too, because he has no fashion sense at all, even for a guy. He wore these baggy green dress pants that flapped out like a parachute and a stupid Snoopy t-shirt. Pretty much, he didn't look like he was even in our band. He's a stubborn, close-minded asshole about music and appearance anyway, so it's really hard to talk to him about anything.
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That sucks, man! Nothing worse than pursuing a good-looking girl only to find out that she's just a dumb broad and doesn't make you sandwiches.
First Gig:

In 10th grade we had an end of year music performance which my band played at. We only found out about it 2 weeks before and not having too much experience previously we managed to piece together a 4 song set of covers (everyone who played was given about 10 minutes).

As for the actual show, apart from having a singer that could not sing (grabbed someone that had the guts to do it at the last minute) it went well. Minor mishaps with amps and straps but stuff like that happens. After watching the video the computers teacher made of it we actually played better than I thought we did.
Had an immence gig last Saturday. Here's what we played:

YELLOW - Coldplay
SUPERSTITION - Stevie Wonder
GOLDEN TOUCH - Razorlight
BROWN EYED GIRL - Van Morrison
AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET - Bachman Turner Overdrive
I PREDICT A RIOT - Kaiser Chiefs
GROWING ON ME - The Darkness
WALK OF LIFE - Dire Straits
I'M A BELIEVER - The Monkees
SOUL MAN - James Brown
LAST NITE - The Strokes

The gig was a real success! Judging by the amount of compliments we got afterwards, eveyone liked it ^_^ And I don't think anyone left the dancefloor after Golden Touch. We also got a friend to operate a smoke machine in You Do Something to Me. Was pretty atmospheric!

My highlights were:

Everyone singing along in Kaiser Chiefs; the "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" bit in Killers; Everyone in the crowd shouting "Ola!!" in Vertigo; my solos in Growing on me which I think went pretty well; everyone in the crowd singing along to Crocodile Rock, and our final song Rockin' All Over the World went down really well, we just carried the outro on for ages and everyone was going nuts!! We then did Buck Rogers for an encore, and we ended up doing Walk of Life again at the end because everyone wanted us to. I'm very pleased with how it went.
First gig:

At a carnival, playing to my parents, two of my teachers, and a Latino family of four.

The chick that got us booked said we didn't need amps, and that there would be a P.A. and stacks to jam on, but the real deal was that there was a P.A. and nothing else. The venue was too far to go back and get amps, so we (drummer, guitar, bass, and vocals) all plugged straight into the P.A. So, the sound frequently flattened out and went to half the standard volume for like 30 seconds at a time.

And then something else was running off the same outlet as our stage, so our power cut out. In the middle of a song. And it happened twice.

Also, another gig I played forced us to start on time. No one was there. Literally. So everyone that came to our show missed our first two songs, at least. A couple missed out entire first set. THAT was great.
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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The First Gig:

I wouldnt really call it a gig, but it was my best friends 2 year anniversary party and he wanted my band to play. I told him we weren't THAT good and really not experienced, but he knew we could play SOme ****. Since the party was like 15 or 20 people and I knew most of them, we just got in their living room (the party was being hosted at their house) and played the only song we wrote, which wasnt... great , but id have to say it was tolerable, and a cover. it was OK, only OK, and i dont think i could ever make it to a real stage in front of thousands of screaming fans or anything, but hell the party was fun as hell. it wasnt really hard to play in front of everybody, i was depending on my band mates to help pull it throigh, and we did. ah what a night. id have to say i learned a lot that night,
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