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my first gig was sort of a battle of the bands at a show choir competition. we practiced for an hour the night before and our band name was "shoes on the wall." we played boulevard of broken dreams, i dont know why i agreed to play that song, but...

Must I say more?
Well the first "proper" gig my band had (outside of school Variety Nights) was at a rented Snooker Hall supporting a band we're friends of. So we're confident, we've got a good set list worked out and we're tight as a band.

However things start going wrong even before we started the gig. The day before the gig our singer gets really ill and does cannot play with us, so it's left with me to do singing. I also have to improvise all the lyrics while playing lead guitar as our singer hadn't got round to doing the lyrics yet.

Anyway with all this we go on. The set-up and sound check went really well, the sound levels are sweet and we warmed up with a great cover of "The Boys Are Back In Town". We start the set with a big driving rock song. I do a big jump at the beginning, land perfectly it's all good, the crowd are really into it. However I realise half way through the song my guitar has stopped making any sound. I write it off as a dodgy patch lead which is connected to my ProCo Rat and just plug straight into my multi-fx. We finish playing that song. The guitar is still making no sound at all. I look down at my guitar when I realise that the jack socket has been ripped straight out of the guitar with the jack lead still attached to it. So I spent the next 5 minutes speaking over the mic going "Does anyone have a guitar? Can I borrow someone's guitar please?"

Thankfully get to borrow a guitar and finish off the set with no other flaws. A bit pissed off with the fact I ****ed up my jack socket but hey it's easily fixed. Continue to watch the other bands and then at the end when helping pack up I realise someone's stolen my ProCo Rat...

All in all a very eventful first gig experience. But still good nonetheless.
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my first gig was sort of a battle of the bands at a show choir competition. we practiced for an hour the night before and our band name was "shoes on the wall." we played boulevard of broken dreams, i dont know why i agreed to play that song, but...

Must I say more?

lmao you can stop there
I was lucky enough to start playing with people who already had gig experience from before, and who were pretty damn good at playing; I was doing rhythm, nothing too complicated either. Now that I look back at it, I realize the first few gigs I've done my parts were purposefully made VERY easy, I guess just so I could 'get into' it without worrying too much about playing something difficult and f'ing it up, or something. It worked out pretty well, I must say.
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I've had a different experience of Battle of the Bands...

They're a great way to make you nad your band think... ohh ****... we need to practice more... or to realise how much better you are then others

I'm an experienced Musician... I've been playing Clarinet for about 7 years now, Guitar for 11 years, Singing for 12 years, reading music for 13 (i'm only 16) and saxaphone for a little while... plus a bit of Piano and Bass.

So when I joined a band with a Jazz Drummer, a Prodigy guitarist (who happens to be my brother - like 18 months playing makes all other guitarist and instrumentalists look like retards... including knowledge... this is Metal and Jazz and Classical... not Rock really).
An Isane bassist and a guitar player who started out on Classical piano - therefore knowledge of music... I was in for it Good.

We write what i would call semi-prog Metal with some freakin weird influences. But Yea.
We've only played 3 live shows... most of our time has been spent studying our music and perfecting our songwriting skills. (By the way, check us out at ) So when we played our battle of the bands it was very interesting.

Our Heavy Metal Band, beat 2 Rock bands at a school Battle of the Bands comp... like this is a serious competition... no money, but our school is very highly musically driven and there is competition for who gets to use the Music Room at Lunch.. we are smart enough to own our own gear... anyways... That went really well...

What I will say... is make sure Gigs are not piled up... like i did.
Last Term (about 9 weeks ago)... we had a fundraising concert to raise funds for our Concert Bands Tour to the Northern Territory. It was two bands... a punk/Emo/Hardcore band and us... the Rock band who was supposed to be playing pulled out.

Let's just say... things went pretty well... i managed to get 450 kids moshing on our school Gyms floor. It probably helped that we had lights and over 2000 Watts of Pounding P.A.

However, the next day... well... i had to sing the College Hymn and lead the singing of a few other things as well... ohh goodness... after a 30 minute set of Pure Energy... don't try it... let alone an hour or more.

My voice cracked and squeaked the whole time...

But it was worth it... so so so worth it
My first real gig was a couple of weeks ago. It was on a Thursday, which was was unusual for the place we were playing in. This sucked for me, because I still had two finals to study for while the others got out that day (we go to different school) and because of this, my mom and dad made me study like hell and they threatened numerous times to cancel the gig. The day of the show we ran through our set 2 or 3 times and we were very confident on every song except our version of "Dani California", but we'd do it anyway.
We opened with a cover of "Rock and Roll", which our guitarist pretty much made us do. We did alright with it, but I thought we could've done a little better, especially on the vocal department. Next we did "Dani California". I was nervous as hell because 1) The other guitarist sang "Rock and Roll" and it was first time singing all night. 2) I felt that I hadn't done as well on that song as I felt I could of. 3) I wasn't playing guitar at all except a rhythm part for the solo, and the guitar is kind of a comfort zone for me. But I felt that I sang it good and it was the best we ever played that song. After that, we did and original which was called "Uno Dos Tres Four". We wrote the song the 2nd time we ever practiced so we had it ingrained in our heads and we did good. Next was "Comfortably Numb". It was in my opinion the best song we played and I pretty much nailed the solo at the end. After that was another original called S.O.A. I was a little nervous with that one because I was a little sketchy on some some of the lyrics, but I pulled through and we did alright. Last we did "Another Brick Pt. 2". Me and the other guitarist did a cool harmony vocal where he sang it normal and I sang it a couple of octaves higher and we did awesome. And to add to all that, I did awesome on my finals the next day, which made a lot cooler.
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Well, I think I've kinda had two first gigs, and i think the first gig we get payed is the actual first gig, so thats three.


First Gig 1: My band played a battle of the bands in march, we lost by more than 20 votes, because boy crazy and dropout year were in the battle, and all of us, cept the lead guitarist are 13, and hes 15 at most, so we were like 5 yrs younger than them. It was good stage practice though, cause we only really ever played infront of like our moms, and thats it, so good experience.

First Gig 2: A 3 hour set of all covers on a sunny saturday afternoon. we invited about 20 kids from our school and charged 3+ dollars ona ticket, and donated it all to the chesapeak bay foundation. so this was not the best performance of our songs, but i thought my vocals were good sound and intonation, but i screwed up a bunch of entries in seek and destroy. Overall, good experience as well, helped us tighten up to live performances.

And then once we play a gig where we get paid, and we do at least one original, will be our true first gig, and last first gig as well. so yea theres my stories so far
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June 3rd, 2006 went pretty bad... basically we were playing a cover of glycerine by bush to give our drummer a rest and i forgot to tune my guitar up so it just made the worst sound when i hit the chord ( and i was only musical instrument going) second time that chord around i fixed it but it through off my singer so we were completely out of time and he didnt seem to keen on figuring out that he was singing at the wrong time so i just altered it... it sounded like crap for a while but it wasnt as bad as i thought. After that i just wasnt in to it cause i just thought we were doing horrible so it was rather boring. but meh, apparently it was barely noticable
high school jazz band--amp died mid-solo, came back to life after the song... probably a loose cord. also played the verse chords instead of the bridge during the bass solo. oooops. they were almost the same, i don't know if he noticed... i feel like an ass cuz all i thought about was my solo (which was brilliant by the way )

high school singing competition (as accompanist)--i found out after the show that my guitar was barely heard through the PA, even though we had a professional sound crew. screw-ups.

open mic nite--went flawlessly, but i was like the last guy so almost nobody was still there.
my first gig where people werent all chavy and sittin around lookin at us like ' what the f==k are you doing was at my school's battle of the bands.

the first band were friends of ours and really rocked. they should have won but they didnt. ile explain a little later.

anyway we were second. we opened with teenage kicks which went really well then we started going into a song of our own and our drummers kick pedal breaks. so weve got a guy kneeling by the drums holding it in place for the rest of the song but we still were going ok. to finish we did johnny b goode. purely because its a great crowd pleaser. but this is where things went bad. me and the other guitarist and the drummer were playin fine and everything was in time but our singer kept forgetin the words to the verse which sucked. he then decided to play harmonica over the solo and he wasnt even following the chords or anything. finally at the end we decided to hold on the chords to do a lil sing a long on the chorus. i didnt have to play in this bit so i decided ide stage dive. basically the chavs had joined in the people jumpin around, saw a guy flying towards them, and moved. the floor really hurt.

o yeh, the crappy pop-punk band who judged it decided not to tell us that they didnt want us doing covers till after we'd all played. life sucks
We had rehearsals on the Wednesday before the gig ( Saturday ), my plan was to have set-up a band and play some original songs - problem is it turned out to be me on my own. I had written two songs and had decided to play them on an acoustic. It got to the time that I was to play at the rehearsal and my hands were shaking in a room with barely ten people! They were all my age and none of them would've made fun of me - I had their support. Just a pity I still kept making mistakes even with a pinky anchored to the guitar.....

So the rehearsal had went OK and I had almost learnt the lyrics by heart and the big day came around. This time there wouldn't be any toilets to nervously walk off to and give myself a look in the mirror and say " you stupid (unt ". I had arranged to go on after a friend ( legend ) and because I don't have my own acoustic he said he'd let me borrow his.

So I'm sitting there watching the gig, he gets up, plays three songs- it's all good. He then goes to play Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez and starts tuning his guitar to something really strange. I shat myself - I can do relative tuning but don't know when the low E is right ( or at least I don't have the confidence to try ).

So the song ends and I go and get the guitar and thank fu(k - there's a tuner. Two minutes pising about with a tuner ( broken, switched off, whatever ) and I finally get the chance to play. I'm in a big tent and there had to be at least 40 people or so with about 15 lying about outside and I was playing someone else's guitar, not quite tuned right and hoping I'd remember the lyrics.

Apart from having to repeat one line later in a song the set went fine. ( Line was meant to be - You've fallen from, the same heaven, but it's just a guise ). No nerves, no shaking hands.

MORAL : Learn your stuff and be prepared godammit.
it sucked so bad....we played at a party, we were playing funeral of hearts... our drummer didnt show up, so ya ok we played with no drums, in the middle of the song people from the party start calling our cellphones(they were in our pockets) and suddenly our bass player just leaves(bathroom) then the vocalist leaves the stage to answer the phone, and there i am all alone playing the verse....sucked like hell
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Well... it was kinda.. strange in a way.

We were playing for a party at a local nightclub, but we were on at 1 am. A gig's a gig so we did it. Firstly, there was no crowd (well there was kind of). Not that I didn't mind, just would've liked to have a better crowd.

Then my solo channel sucked arse so badly, but people said I was amazing so whatever.

THEN the guy that's running it says we have to stop playing.. HALF WAY THROUGH THE FUCKING SET!

Performance-wise we were very good. Oh well, we'll just do more
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Can't really think of one show I've done that's worth telling as a story. It's more of a collection of different off the wall things that seem to happen every show. Last night I played with a Ninja Turtles halloween mask on because we played at a masquerade party, along with shorts that barely covered all of my boxers. Last week we played a show on a stage with like no head room, and our guitarist smashed a black light with his guitar, and glass went everywhere, and we kept playing. And during another show we had awhile back our rythm guitarist, who just spazzes out on stage, fell back onto my drumset and knocked over like two cymbal stands lol.

That reminds me of all the gear malfunctions I've dealt with. Like one show where I used someone else's drumset (always an adventure), and his throne would NOT stay at the right height, so I just played the show with it at about the height of a kiddy seat, which was funny and sucked at the same time. And ofcourse there's always the cymbal stand that loses grip and the cymbal falls over but you can't adjust it because you're playing.

I went on a 9 day tour with my friend's band Providence, because he was sick, and I filled in for them, and 5 hours away from home I realized that I had forgotten my double bass pedal. So the whole time I used this 1960's era Ludwig Speedking, and I've got to say, that little pedal kicked butt lol. And it was literally from the 60's, for real. It was fun to joke about though. At the end of one of the shows we played, the audience would NOT stop screaming. We were at pretty much the same level as them, so just try to imagine a solid wall of people screaming so loud it's distorting your hearing. It went on for like 5 mintues, literally.

That same tour I played a show with them infront of about 1000 people, on a BIG outdoor stage on a football field with a huge sound system. That was definately a show I'll remember. I'm sure there's alot of things I'm forgetting to mention that are really cool, so maybe I'll post again. If you read all of this you must be pretty board, cause this post kinda sucked lol.
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My first gig went pretty good
there was about 8 bands playing that night
and we were the opening band
we played 3 songs
Love Gun by Kiss
Aint Talkin Bout Love by Van Halen
and Wasted by Def Leppard

Our First song went awesome, other than the lead guitarists volume was a bit too low
Second song went pretty bad though, because the guy that was supposed to tune everyones guitar backstage, messed up my guitars B string and it was out of tune (He even apologized when we came backstage) and I messed up the beginning because I was nervous as hell.
Then the third song went awesome, it was an easy song, but fun as hell to play as a band and people that didnt know the song, loved it.

But after we got off stage, the next band came up and lots of people in other bands said we did really good for an opening band. Apperently we were one of the best opening bands in years, and next year I'm playing again, in a different band though.
Well I guess I'll go. My first every performace on stage my buddy calls me and says (that day) do you want to play guitar tonight? I go sure, where at? He says the band is playing an acoustic show at a bar. I had never practiced with them, so I was incredibly excited and nervous. The whole day at work I was going through the songs in my head trying to figure out the chords and notes lol. I ran through one song prior and just had to come in by watching my lead guitarist play the 1st verse. I think I did pretty well and picked it up pretty quickly. Then my singer straight up goes "travis is gonna play for you guys for a while while we go get something to drink, enjoy!" ....thought to myself......Ohh Sh!t... I can't believe he just did that lol. I was totally unprepared but I started off with my version of a few covers then went into my own stuff. I couldn't sing so it was purely instrumental, I didn't do too bad. After one of my originals I got a pretty big applause. (I had only been playing a year and a half at the time). From the second I heard my 1st note ring through the amps I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Play on stage, either with a band or I was going to learn to sing. I dug in that summer and practiced on a daily basis for 8-10 hours a day and I ended up playing in my buddies band 6 months later.

First actual gig went something along the same. You wanna play rhythm for us? Except this time I had a couple weeks to learn and practice the songs. It was AMAZING. With the singer, drummer, lights, crowd (much bigger than the 1st), I almost sh!t my pants I was so stoked. I've been playing non-stop ever since and it won't slow down any time soon.
My first gig was last night at this curling/ hockey rink which another local band rented out. I was a little nervous but some rum and vodka fixed that easily. Our other guitar player was out of town so we got this other dude to fill in for him, and since he's about 10x better than me we decided to let him solo. We're just a cover band that play's just for the hell of it, and about a minute after the intro of Master of Puppet's, the power went out, so i drank some more booze. Then after we fixed the problem we started over again and the the fuse blew again at about the same time as the last, so i drank more booze. After i got all liqoured up and ready to play, they got some extension cord's and ran it from somewhere else (wasn't paying much attention, too drunk.) Well we finally made it through the first song and it went pretty good. So we played two more song's and every one else in the band, except me and the drummer, took off. So we got some replacement's and played astro zombie's by the misfit's just so we would have a little longer of a set. In the end it went not bad for the first show.
my first gig was at a school talent show. It went really well considering the kids i was playing with were 16 and 17 year olds and i was 13 and had been playing since i was 7.
I was the lead and they were all talented the best musician was our drummer.

Anyways our list was 3 songs, T.N.T, Welcome to the Jungle, and Smells like teen spirit.
We figured Play what people reconize. Turned out good. Course we praticed for 6 or 7 hours a day 4 days a week 2 months prior.
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Fave gig:
At a festival earlier this year, halfway through the set, we played a song we wrote earlier that day called 'go and get a drink'. It was basically a drum solo while everyone else ran to the bar and got a drink. I got a can of coke, which i proceded to spill over all of my (and the Pa owning guy') equipment. To honest, now I've written that, I realise it's not that interesting, so I'll do a bit more writing. Our vocalist is the maddest person I've ever met, and in many a gig, at the end, he flips/spins off the front of the stage and runs away for a while.
I got two short stories.

1.) It was a recital by the place where I went for guitar lessons. It was actually a music school, so there were also pianists, and other instrumentalists in the recital. I had a small group that included my teacher on acoustic guitar, a bass player(I think his name was Adam or something like that), and myself on electric guitar. We did an improv blues thing, me doing most of the improv. Anyway, I was nervous, but I did all right. I was rooted in one spot, though, and stayed in one scale the whole time. It was pretty good overall, I think. I enjoyed it.

2.) This one was a Key Club Talent Show at my school. Me and a friend did "Yesterday" by the Beatles. I sang and he played guitar. It went great. I remembered all the words and was in tune (always a good thing), and my friend did pretty well with the guitar part. He messed up a little bit, but otherwise he did great.

Now, to get a band together.
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Well My First Gig was last night, and I made the lolheug mistake of playing in the battle of the bands as a first gig. The lead up to this gig is ****ing huge. So whatever I'm sick off school and I got time to type.

So back in say June I'm in the City (because I'm stuck out in the country most of the time, and only get to go into the city fridays and saturdays because of school and transport reasons etc) anyways we're in the Music store and we see a poster for Battle of the Bands. At this point we're a full band and doing OK practises. We enter and the guy at the store says its not on till like start late august on a sunday, So whatever, loads of time to get ready surely?

Ok, fast forward to around mid August, Drummer has a fit and is lately playing for ****e. He quits/We kick him out kinda way. Also the bassist is his best friend and he leaves too. fags. And so It's down to The Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar and Myself. I do all the ****ing work and buy nearly all the stuff for the band and they play and act like ****e and we get nothing done. I make backing tracks which go ok. Then at the end of August we're like ment to play at the Battle of the bands and basically we're ****ed. I ring the guy up and get it moved to a later date. we call around looking for a drummer and finally get one, he comes over and we jam with him for a while it goes good. Then at this point he tells us he can't do saturdays and Sundays after telling him the new date...

Ohhhhh I wanted to stab him.

He leaves and then the bassist decides to come back, So YAY for a while. And then like 2 days later the Drummer comes back and it's all YAYs and Happiness....Until we practise. Drummer is still ****E. But at this point we don't care we just need one. After practise he's being all moody again and refuses to leave his drums at the practise place when he's is going to be coming over the next day. after long talks he decides yet again to leave and he has to get is drums home his own way, mainly we couldn't give a ****e. Didn't even give us a reason.

Next week, We're getting along ok with the backing tracks with the vocalist, rhythm, me and the bassist. I'm on the local music site that evening and what do I see. The Drummer's Other band has entered the BOTBs aswell. JESUS ****ING CHRIST THE BACKSTABBING PRICK. Honestly we wouldn't have minded if he has just said he wanted to play with his band, he just said nothing and left. Then they play in the heat before us and get a good enough response, Only because the girl bassist ****s her head open and starts bleeding to score sympaty points.

Finally the Sunday arrives. The Night before we're practising and it went well, Only we're using ****ing backing tracks. And everyone is like something will happen, it will be alright (side note : they were like that though the hole thing, leaving every thing to faith) On the day we go in, I'm slighly sick with diahrea. We're pissing ourselfs looking for a drummer to drum. There was supposed to be 5 bands, turned out to be only 3. 1 well known local RATM type band, a metal band and us. I was working with the soundguy for backing tracks and they sounded like ****e. THEN the owner of the aformention music store. Frank (around ****ing 40 years old ) says he'll drum for us. I would have rathered backing tracks, because we were tight enough with them but OH NO everyone else decides to go with him.

To make everything better we get to go first. I saw some guys in the crowd with Cannibal Corpse etc T shirts on so I expected a good enough reaction.

We played ****, Drums were way off. Frank hadn't a clue wtf was going on. Vocals were drowned out because the soundguy ****ed up majorly with them and didn;t check them right (fixed them afterwards though) I played around a 6/10. The band as whole played a 4/10 and the crowd reaction? ****ing ****e. No one moshed at all, just cheering when we finished. Afterwards we felt like ****e. I had fun onstage because no one else was. Got off stage and then I was feeling kinda ok about it. Then the rhythm guitarist would just not stop bitching. "WE SUCKED" over and over again. Sulking in the corner. Gah, brought the rest of us down. But we we're talking to some other people there and they said we we're good apart from the drums, not so sure about that though. The RATM band got a great reaction from all the CC t-shirt wearing fags, but then wen the metal band came on. No one ****ing moshed again. Our band and some of our fans moshed for their set because They'd feel just as **** as we would after the set if no one moshed for them.

After that we all pissed outside and got some air etc. Then went back inside for the results of the semis. We knew we wen't going though but this ****ing boiled my blood. Our Drummers band got though, surfing the way of smypathy points for the bassits's head and then looking so young. They have to have 5 originals ready in like 2 weeks so good ****ing luck to them. Also the other metal band got though because of us moshing for them.

All in all, It was a pretty sucky first gig. 3.5/10 I'd give it. Hope things get better.
Then they play in the heat before us and get a good enough response, Only because the girl bassist ****s her head open and starts bleeding to score sympaty points.


heres a good one:

playing in a local club type thinger. i was in my "street punk" band (lame i know..but interesting at the same time) and we were about half way though our set. our next song was "tomorrow belongs to us" by the casualties. so everyone starts moshing and ****, and this huge effing guy who was clarly on way to much funny stuff bolts from right infront of the stage to the back and breaks down the ****ing door.turns out the guy was on E. so he is all bloody and ****, and we stop playing. and everyone laughs at him.

so ya..the club doesn't allow punk shows anymore:p

but it was quite fun.
my band first gig was a month or so ago at the other campus of my school.
our set was only 2 songs long so it was very short.
the set was
secrets dont make friends - from first to last
ride the wings of pestilence - from first to last

the first song went pritty well as our rythm guitarist had only jammed with us once and didnt really know the song.
the second song we messed up bad our singer completely forgot a chorus
and our rythm guitarist only knew the verse guitar.

oh and the other band we played with where like a rocka billy band and this wierd all chick band who were great.

we had another gig later on at the same place but at lunch time it was pritty much all winged and we improvised this death metal song because we didnt have enough songs to fill the time in.

so yeah
Ho.K. well where do i begin... well, this was a couple years ago and me and bey brothers friends dad and mom has a band and they do covers and and play at wedings but this was for charity and it was telivised which was prety cool. any who ok... so i played smooth by santana (i dont realy like santana, he has a interesting style, i mostly like metal and what not ie. the showdown, pantara, guns and roses, and some other band called atreyu) ko so at the time i was only like 12 and played a epi lespaul standard of which i payed for in full from my local guitar center. so i was playing mostly for old people who where drunk so that calmed me down because let alone most of them probubly could not here me or the band and they where wasted it was a prety bad sight. so wny who i did the thing like it was on the cd and it was AWSOME i had so much fun uithit and at the end becaulse i just could not play that i jut improvised and man i was on time and what not oh it was cool.

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My first gig was terrible, it went like this.
A girl was having a party and wanted a band so she asked mine. My band had been around for around 3 months now and I knew we werent ready for a show any time soon, but I was on a week vacation and the rest of the band decided to play without asking me. So i get back and get greeted with a phone call from the drummer saying "we are playing in one week" I say no but unfortently its to late to cancel. So our set list was gona go like this
Seven Nation Army
Smells like Teen spirit
In Bloom
Immagrant song
A solo by just me (this was just to fill time)
Original song I made with the drummer
heartbreaker (with live solo)

So we get through Seven Nation Army, Smells like Teen Spirit and the singer comes up to me at the end and says "the drummer is sick hes gonna throw up, play the solo now" so i take the solo and then we get back and halfway through Heartbreaker, we fall apart and basicly get laughed off the stage

it was a terrible day but it taught me a lot.
^Even though that story sounds bad, I have to say that's a kickass setlist. Especially with the "Immigrant Song" thrown right in the middle there. Sounds like it'd be a fun show to play, once you know everything and have practiced it a lot. Sorry to hear that it went bad; looked like a promising setlist.
My school was having this(shit) concert thing, and the last act was a guy in my music class doing this bassoon piece, and our music teacher had dragged me and a mate of mine into doing guitar and bass alongside him the morning before the concert. We had one 5-minute practice together, where our teacher shouted what notes to play on the bass for me (i had just got dragged in, i had no idea what to do, and she didnt tell me what to do for the chorus bit either).

So on the night of the gig, me and said mate go onstage, me on bass and him on guitar. The result did not go well. The bass was up way too loud, so every mistake i made could be heard over everything else. My mate on guitar just hid behind the curtain and played the odd blues lick every once in a while. It was murderous.

Still, the concert as a whole wasnt so bad, my band played a jam of Voodoo Child that went pretty well, and i played backup/lead guitar for 2 Johnny Cash songs that another mate of mine played, both of which went much better.
I was bad with usernames at age 12. Ah woe.
Today I played in a battle of the bands,

We were all set for the song, we would play a song called Immortality (a song written by myself and the lead singer). We saw some of the other bands and one expecially kicked ass .

We went on and everything was good, crowd were pretty sweet

started song lol and everything was fine until a bridge wher I had to tap while the other guitarist played power chords... -.-
He was supposed to play the riff twice, I came in on 2nd with some tapping
He went past 2 and I had to improvise on the spot, which made the song sound better somehow o.O

other than that song went well and it was a good gig
we got 2nd place
Second gig i did, i got drunk beforehand by accident, and so we ended up playing all seven songs at least twice as fast as rehearsed.. it was craaaaazy
This is somewhat a "first gig".

ok. here it is.

Ok, a couple weekends ago we had gallery night (just a day for everyone to walk around for no apparent reason) and these 2 kids (my age) were playing thru little 5 watt amps on the street corner (er, one was singing horribly). they took like, an hour to plug in their amps and useless crap they didnt need. they played one song (horrible, stupid song) and it never ended...they were playing and it just, like, was over. we were all laughing. and the REALLY stupid thing was that they had just started playing a week before. everyone told me to play. i did, and i made em like 20 bucks in tips (they were faking playing when i was lame) and it was really funny.

oh ya. that's my story.
Quote by 812many
^what song?

their song? it was some gay song they made up. like, these guys are like 12 and 13 or something and these were the lyrics (something like this):

"i have a sad story to tell you
my father died when i was just 18"

and so on for like, 1 more line of words (i cant remember).

the guitar was completely out of tuning and it was just hilarious. that's why i took over and kicked arse.
My first gig.

It was like a few months ago now and Id only been playing for around a year. Every year at school theres a variety show with a band and me and my friend (whos a drummer) got in. It was really good because we got this super good bassist who could play anything. However, somehow we ended up doing Avril Lavigne He Wasnt. There were two performances and the first was pretty much perfect. However, the second we came across some problems. Firstly someone on stage had knocked my amp when moving it around after someone elses performance and turned up the volume. When we came on stage I didnt notice so when I started playing it just drowned out everyone else (the kids still enjoyed it though).

The last song was Angels by Robbie Williams. The amp I was using was a school Marshall MG (which wasnt that good). Everything went well until the little solo when the amp suddenly overheated (or something like that) and the volume dropped so low no one could hear it. We survived though and everyone seemed to enjoy it and cheered us well. The annoying this was that the amp worked perfectly afterwards. Next time I'll use my own amp.
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first gig was a few months ago at my church to raise funds for the disabled. well, we practiced alright. every damn practice was perfect. until the night itself, when we were about 12 minutes from show, me (leadG), Noel (rythmG) , kevin (bassG), were practising without amps backstage. Suddenly, my strap broke and my guitar fell to the floor! i wasnt able to react fast enough cause i was wiping the sweat of my forehead. well, my guitar hit the floor, and went 1 whole step out of tune. just before the show i tuned it to noel's guitar, although due to the aftermath of the shock, my ear went deaf on tunings. to make things worst, some one meddled with noel's amp settings so he played it crunched when he was supose to play clean. bass had no volume. and drummer kept losing timing. i couldnt do anything cause my guitar was out of tune. so what the heck, i turned off the volume on the guitar, and kinda acted the playing out. t'was all good, cause no one knew i wasnt playing.

You know they rock.
I've had two first gigs.

1. The first one was earlier this year in the summer. A coffee shop in my town (a very small town, about 1100 people) hosts an open mic every month, so I decided to play there (with some support from my friends and girlfriend) A few people played, it was all mostly acoustic guitar/singing folk kinda stuff, so I felt a little out of place when I played:

High and Dry - Radiohead
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Trains - Porcupine Tree
Lazuras - POrcupine tree

My Guitar playing was right on spot, but I had not been singing for very long, and I wasnt the best singer, but I was good enough that I could stay in tune and such the whole time. I was Really nervous though, as there were about 35 people, both adults i didnt know and a small gathering of a few of my friends, and I had a hard time hitting the falsetto parts in the radiohead songs. Overall though It was pretty good.

My second first gig happened last week. Our school was hosting the annual winter concert for concert band and choir (I play trumpet in concert band) and the choir was doing a sixties theme, singing lots of pop songs from the era, and my teacher thought it would be a good idea to throw in some Jimi Hendrix, so she asked if I would play Purple Haze and I agreed.

The thing is though, my school is so small there are pretty much no good drummers or bassists to start a band with. Actually that's not entirely true, we have a drummer in jazz band who is a pretty good rock drummer, but he still has a little trouble sometimes with staying on tempo and following structure, but he is good enough so I asked him to play drums on the song. I also needed a bassist. We have a bassist in jazz band as well, but she's no good unless she is playing the 12 bar blues, so she wasn't an option. It turns out that my girlfriends sister plays piano pretty well though, so she agreed to play the bass part on a synthesizer.

So we practiced a few times together and played on the night of the concert. It went pretty well except during the performance the drummer dropped a stick and it landed at my feet, so at the part where the music stops and i sing "Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me" I reached down and picked up the stick and tossed it to the drummer, so most of that line got cut out, but we got right back into the song like it never happened. What I didn't know was that he has a pair of extra sticks and just picked up another stick right when I threw the stick at him. I felt pretty dumb for that. I improvised the solo and sang pretty decently. So that was my first gig with a band, even though we were only a band for that one night.
Quote by mcra7xra
their song? it was some gay song they made up. like, these guys are like 12 and 13 or something and these were the lyrics (something like this):

"i have a sad story to tell you
my father died when i was just 18"

and so on for like, 1 more line of words (i cant remember).

the guitar was completely out of tuning and it was just hilarious. that's why i took over and kicked arse.

what if their father did die when they were going to be 18 and they had superhuman psychic powers?

youre a murderer man...

jkZORZ! xP
My first gig was a high school battle of the bands. I'd only been playing for maybe 6 months, and had only recently started my band. We did 3 songs, one original, and 2 Metallica songs (Whiplash and For Whom The Bell Tolls). We got some mild clapping and that was it. I was fine with it, as I didn't expect much crowd response. My stage performance was crap, as i had to focus on what I was playing, and i was so nervous that I could barely play the verse to whiplash... which is the easiest riff ever. But, overall it went ok, no great successes or failures to speak of.

My real first gig was at a local club with some other local bands, and that went pretty well. Even though the members of one of the other bands kept doing stupid shit like playing duck duck goose in the pit, I didn't really care. Apparently no one could hear my vocals though, which has become a recurring problem at our gigs, which really sucks.
first time my band stuck a chair to the wall:

just a normal band practice at our regular place (a brownies' hall) and we started to throw pillows around, but then one got stuck behind a window, so when my bandmates were trying to get it out with a drumstick, i taped a chair to the wall. good times.