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My first "gig" is pretty silly, very unlike any other you've heard about yet, but it sounds very unbelievable.

2 Februari 2006

It was the final lesson of the day, and I had to do an oral test about "My passion". Which was of course, the guitar, and something else, as you all might notice.....

There were a few guys before me, and I was afraid I couldn't finish my oral test, which was crap because I didn't want to take my guitar to school the next day.(I borrowed one from someone who went before me.)

Anyway, I'm in front of the class, with his guitar, and I talk about why and when I started with the guitar, and how much I suck at playing it, and to end my test, I asked my class wether I should play a song or not. And of course, they decided I?d play a song, even after I threatened them by singing myself :p.

So, I stood there and I said:? Alright, this song is a romantic song, so there is need for a bit of romance.? And I asked a girl in my class(I had a serious crush on her) to go to the front.(There was already a chair ready for her.) And of course, everyone was laughing, slowly, but sure, she walked to the empty chair, and my teacher ordered one of my friends to get a camera.

Now for the ?gig?, I was nervous as hell: My ?singing? was nothing more then a bit of mumbling , and it took forever before I changed between two chords. To make it even worse, the bell ringed before I could finish my song. My friend then arrived with the camera and my teacher took a picture of us. Someone in my class also recorded it on his celphone. And to make it even more worse (If it is even possible), the girl didn?t talk to me for a month, perhaps even two months, just like her friends, who only looked at me like I was some sort of evil freak.

The worst day in my life so far.

I?ll say it again, it sounds very unbelievable, but I?m actually talking about the truth, Believe it or not.
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^that is very unfortunate. But also hilarious.
Originally Posted by Dæmönika
I'm afraid of you...MDoggDX316phobia

Originally Posted by Imperial
Yes, Master MDoggDX316

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^Wow, I would've never expected that reaction from the girl. To be honest, I thought it was going to go over really well, but... wow, I'm sorry it didn't, man. Unfortunate indeed.
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My first gig...wow...

It all started kind of the night before. I just planned on staying at my drummer's house overnight since i lived like 30 minutes away and i didnt want to drive all that way so i just crashed there. we stayed up until about 3 in the morning practicing at the house next door (he lives right next to his grandparents, and they own the house next to them which they rent out to people). so we didnt bother anybody. that night, sometimes when we'd be practicing, the amp would just cut out and i would nudge it and itd come back on. it kept doing this and eventually it just stopped working so we had to dismantle it, and we saw that one of the connector thingys was really really hanging on there. so we taped it back together with electrical tape and prayed it wouldnt come apart again.

when we got up in the morning (or afternoon), i was so pumped and ready to rock. we practiced for a couple hours and drove to the theatre place where we were playing. my drummer at first thought he had read (since it was a battle of the bands) that all drummers had to use the main part of a house drum set and bring extra stuff like cowbell or tamborine and whatnot. so like 30 minutes before we play, he drove back to his house to grab his entire drum set. when he got back we were supposed to have started playing like 5 minutes earlier. we set that puppy up in a heart beat, did a quick sound check, and had like 25 minutes left to play. enough time i guess.

we didnt have a singer at the time so we mostly played instrumentals and that was what our first song was. the other guitarist introduced us and said "this song's called 'oblivious'" and we started. halfway through the song i drop my pick. i started feaking out cuz my solo was coming up and i cant solo that song without a pick since i have to double pick and shred to the maximum. when i was supposed to solo, the other guitarist looked at me like i was crazy and kept pointing his head at my guitar saying (without saying it) "solo man! its your time!" and me raising my hand up with no pick for a split second showed him it was absent. he just shrugged and we finished the song. it sucked.

second song started off harsh. i was so nervous that before we could even introduce the song, i started playing. the others just went with it so we dived right in. i made a few sloppy mistakes but nothing too harsh. again, it was instrumental so as you can imagine the crowd being a whole bunch of newer rock-loving teenagers, they were excited [/sarcasm].

third song we did was a cover for "House of the Rising Sun" and i had to play bass. you could barely hear the bass lines i played because the amp i was using was so crappy. it was horrible but we managed. at the end howvere for the big finale it was supposed to be all crazy but we got major off tempo and just went crazy..in a different way.

well not that interesting and woah i typed a lot but that was my first gig experience.
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Not really a gig but first time I played publicly. I was playing Eruption by Van Halen. All by myself. I didnt want to but there are no other people in my grade that wanted to play their instrument. So Im not really nervous until I start I felt shaky but no one noticed. I messed up a few times but nothing huge. Then at the tapping part I got some good reactions, but hit the open e string, Once again NO ONE noticed. I thought I did terrible till I saw a video and everyone thought I was good. Iwas lucky not many people in the room had heard the song.
Originally Posted by thefoldarsoldar
you sir, are funny as hell.

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^That's how it went for me. I wasn't spot-on for anything, but everyone was too psyched to care. I must've had a 3 or 4 note continuous bad run during the Crazy Train solo, but everyone was cheering so I didn't care.
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Gotta love the crowds that dont notice.
Originally Posted by thefoldarsoldar
you sir, are funny as hell.

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Not a gig, but in the first post it says it can be band experiences. Basically, me and my mate decided to learn bass and guitar and start a band. Pretty early on, we find a drummer. Anybody here probably knows how hard it can be to find a good drummer.

What does he decide to do? Give up drumming, and take over bass from me. Not. Bloody. Likely.

He didn't stay long. So, we go drummer hunting. About a year later, we have a friend who decides to take up drumming, and then we find a proper one anyway, a totally awesome dude. We also get a lead guitarist, and everything looks peachy.

*sigh* We still haven't gigged, and hardly practised, coz the rhythm and lead guitarists, and our drummer all worked at the same place; the odds of them all being allowed off at the same time were minimal. Then we changed lead guitarists, this time getting somebody who doesn't work in KFC, for a change. I was the only one who didn't work there, before.

But guess what happened now?

My amp's broke. I have no money, since I don't have a job. I can't replace it... Also, last time we tried to organize a band practise our drummer got thrown in jail for a day for public fighting, which put a stop to that.

So, I've decided to scrap it all, and start an acoustic-rock duo. And in one day, I've written more (and better) music than I ever did with my metal band... I don't even have the other member of the 'duo'! I still have nobody to be the vocalist... It's only been a day, but I'm impatient!
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Ok, first gig was last friday. Our band, Hayley-Stereo, consists of me (bass and a few vocals) my friend Jacob (guitar, few vocals), and James (drums, and some vocals). Ok so it was at our school, to raise money for the lymphoma (sp) society. There was about 50-70 ppl, not too big of a crowd thankfully. There I was, in my favorite black Clash t-shirt, jeans, and black-laced converses. My bandmates looked pretty much the same.
We're the first band to play, out of 3 other bands and one of our teacher's solo acoustic/vocals set. So we start of with One-Armed Scissor, with no vocals except on the chorus where I sing "Send transmission from the one-armed scissor" and jacob yells "cut away." Then we go to a descendents song, with me singing. Then where's my mind, and then reptilia, where I played guitar and jacob played bass. Next we played this rancid song with a cool bass intro, and we messed up a little but no one noticed. We ended with Song 2 by Blur, with me singing, and I got the crowd to yell "woohoo" during the chorus which was pretty cool. Yeah so it coulda been better but it could of been a lot worse so im happy.
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I had 2 shows with my band in high school, and 4 with my second band... and I'm bored, so I was going to try writing about all six, but maybe I'll do that some other time after I saw how long my first show details were. I'll probably do two seperate posts for both bands...

My first band

First Show:

Our band in high school had only been together for about 8 months, and we had 4 songs that we knew how to play. I had been playing my guitar for 1 1/2 years, our bass player had been playing for 8 months and our drummer had been playing for 8 months (yes, they both started from scratch and learned their instruments).

Anyways, we entered this battle of the bands contest held up in Denver at the Ogden theatre for all of our first gig ever (except the singer had been doing choir performances for forever). We had to sell 20+ tickets in order to play at the show, and we were lucky enough to sell enough.

We showed up at 7:30 in the morning to sign in and do sound checks. We wait outside for at least an hour, and get it to find out that they don't have time to do sound checks, and just for us to be aware of what band comes on before us before starting to play. We were about the 8th band to go on, and we noticed that everything single band except 1 were all poppy-punk bands. We most definately were not. We were in high school, and were trying to do the nu-metal type sound, but didn't exactally get it right.

When we finally went on-stage to play our first song, we heard our friends cheering which gave us lots of convidence. Our first song had a dark twist to it, and was still decently heavy, and had a bass solo in it. The light guy was doing a good job setting the mood, and everything went well for that song, apart from ****ing up a note in the outro.

Our second song was an acoustic song, so our drummer and bass player just sat down for this song. Our singer said "we're going to slow it down a bit right now" and got two responses "You're not fast" and "You suck." We played anyways. The amp had too much distortion, but I didn't know how to turn it off, so I played it in the wrong tuning with distortion. I remember seeing a guy in the audience point and laugh at how I was playing the guitar. I also remember looking out and seeing my high-school girlfriend, and ****ing up a chord.

Our third song was an attempt at a progressive song, which clocked in at about 9 minutes, but was horribly structured. We only had finished this song about a week or two before the gig, and it was written only for this show so that we had enough material to fill our slot time. Our bass player and drummer missed a few transitions, and I messed up the end of my guitar solo, but we got through it.

Originally, they cut us short, and weren't going to let us play our last song, but our drummer signaled that we had only one song left, and it was our strongest song and only lasted 3.5 minutes. Our singer announced that it was our last song, which was greeted with loads of cheering. At the start of it, I had a clean intro riff, which turned distorted for the last measure. Right as the distortion kicked on, someone threw a pillow or something up on stage and almost hit our singer. He still wishes he would have grabbed it to this day. We finished with little screw-ups (a tempo change was about it).

The show ended, and our drummer threw his sticks out into the crowd and apparently hit some guy in the head with one... lol. I flipped off the crowd because I was pissed, and some guy yelled at me "learn to play the guitar." We walked down back into the crowd, and about three guys came up to our singer and said "wow, I liked you guys, do you have a CD?" At least someone got something out of it

Second Show

Our singer got us a show at the military ball for his ROTC. This show was played about a month after the previous one. We didn't have to pay anything for this show, and we got free food for it. They heard us about a month or two before hand where we played a few songs, and they said they wanted us to play for them. They even requested that we learned a Nirvana song to play.

Our setlist was:
Poprocks & Coke-Green Day
BrainStew-Green Day
Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana

So, we get there for the show, and I was previously on a diet to flush out my system to find out what was wrong with my body. I found I was allergic to corn (syrup, starch, flour, etc.) and dairy. This was my first day off of my diet, so I got the vegetarian meal thinking it would be okay... but it was vegetables covered in a ****load of cheese. After not eating anything that was good for a while, it tasted so good that I ate the whole goddamn thing. Stupid, stupid stupid. I was in the bathroom for about an hour before we went on. I told my singer that I'd signal to him during "Brainstew" by Green Day if I couldn't make it.

When we finally went onstage, and we had the ****tiest PA ever. But we played anyways, and only one person really got into it and that was a friend of ours. During Empathy (the 9 minute song), there was a heavy bridge were a guy actually came up and stopped us and said "Can you play something a bit softer?" Our singer signaled me the "kill it" signal, and we stopped to play Tarzan (the acoustic song). During which someone was walking around with her hands over her ears walking in front of the stage to let us know it was too loud. I used my volume pedal, and turned it down, but the guy came up again and said "we're just going to have the DJ play the rest of the music tonight."

God, we're we pissed. The drummer in particular. He walked over to our table while carrying his cymbal stands and spit on the table. We took our glasses saying that "when we play at the World Arena, we're going to drink our of these and smash them before the show." We broke up a year later.

We got a bit of criticism after that show, which pissed us all off, but we all look back now and still laugh at a lot of it.
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Well, I'll try posting about my band after high school... we had four shows, but I'm only going to post about two.

First Show

Our first show was a drive-way show. :p We called our friends and family and wanted to play a show for them in our keyboardist's driveway because he was going on vacation for more than a month, so we wanted to do something. Our drummer told us that he didn't want to do this style of music anymore, but found us a replacement drummer. They both wanted to do the show with us, so our new drummer did the first two songs, and the other drummer did the rest. We also got to have a drum-off where they both did a "question-answer" they thing. Anyways...

Our new drummer hadn't learned the entire second song yet, so we were going to cut out the most complicated part of the song, but it still meant that we had two more parts (which involved time signature changes) before the show. He showed up 45 minutes before the show, and taught him extremely fast, and were scared he wasn't going to remember. *antisipation rising* (like anyone is reading this anyways )

Right before we started to play, the cops came. -_- ****!!! They said that we were too loud (on the fourth of July at 3PM none-the-less) and taht someone had complained. We explained what was going on (parents too) and they said "Okay, well if it's only goign to be for 45 minutes, we'll call them back and let them know." Thank God we got some understanding cops.

Our first song was an instrumental. We all came out of the garage (and out from behind a banner that our friend made for us), and picked up our instruments. At the time, we didn't have a bassist, but our singer played bass for the instrumental. The keyboards started, and everything went well. Our drummer forgot when the song ended, and stopped early, but did a flam to go back into the song, which made it feel like that was what he intended to do

The second song went well, until that part where we had just taught our drummer what to do. He remembered to go into it, but completely forgot when to go out of it and to go back into the outro. So he started just hitting his snare on every beat, which sounded off, but was still a good save. I signaled to him when the song was over, and he ended his turn playing the drums.

Our other drummer knew the third songs really well, and played them all correctly. The drum-off was really cool to watch, and it was a rare experience that we'd get to do on stage. Our old drummer did some technical stuff with his kit, while our new one did a lot of double bass and "Slipknot-like" rolls.

Right as we finished, it started to rain So we pulled all of our **** inside and went in to eat. Our friend who made the banner actually made little patches which we signed for people and gave to them We talked to a lot of people about how we sounded. The most common things heard were "Wow, you're keyboardist is amazing. The two drummer thing was cool, and 'You don't move around much when you play.'" But it was a really fun show.

Second Show

Our drummer knew a guy in a local band who got us a paying show at a bar. There were six bands playing and we were told that we were going to play last. When we arrived the guy was like "Well, two bands dropped out, so you guys are on first." WTF? We told them "Uh... all of our friends are showing up at about midnight because that's when we told them we'd be on, can you change it." Luckily, they agreed, and another band went first.

All the bands before us had one thing in common... screaming. Whether it was hardcore/death metal/whatever, they all screamed. Sh1t, we don't scream at all, and we have a ballad song too. Whatever, we still went on.

Everything went smoothly, and we even got a most pit going It was pretty ****ing cool. Before the slow ballad song, our singer said "We know we're nothing like what you've heard hear today, but we go even softer, do you mind if we play it?" The crowd said sure, so we played it third to last in the set-list.

Cool show, and I met the girl I am with right now at this show.

We ended up getting about 12 dollars for the show, so we went out, bought a PA, new drumheads, and recorded a new album.
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My first "gig" was in my seventh grade Language Arts class. It was absolutely the most ******ed thing we ever did with our guitars, though. Y'see, we had to do a project on Tom Sawyer, and we wrote a song about Injun Joe (who, at the time, seemed like a badass). So we went in with our amps and set 'em up and stuff. It was just my friend and I (two guitarists, nothing else.) My friend played lead and sang, and I played rhythm and did backup vocals. We used the drum machine on my effects pedal. I screwed up twice when going from the verse to the chorus, so we had to start over twice, and then my friend screwed up. By now the teacher (who is an absolute f*cking bitch) started getting pissed. So we went back into the song and did alright. We felt like **** after the whole thing, even though we had a solid finish. My girlfriend (who was in the class) said I did alright, but i could tell she was just being nice. Some people told me I'm a pretty good guitarist. Others said I sucked. But whatever. I'm glad that now I know what it's like to play for people, so I can get up there and play again, and play WELL.
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Originally Posted by BigCheese
We ended up getting about 12 dollars for the show, so we went out, bought a PA, new drumheads, and recorded a new album.

with 12 dollars? You have a link to where you bought all this?
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hoo boy do i have a couple good ones.
my true first gig was at a friend's house.
i had been playing for maybe a year, he played bass for not quite 6 months. it was just us 2....
we played a bunch of zeppelin and RHCP covers.... we stopped the songs before the solos.
bad idea.

bad gig number 2....
at our school variety show, earlier this year. we had originally tried to do kickstart my heart (motley crue), but noone could sing like vince neil. so my friend got the bright idea to do inspiration on demand, minus vocals.
we get up on stage, the curtain opens, drummer counts us off, and.... NOTHING.
i had borrowed one of my friend's tube amps because my 15 watt fender wasn't sufficient for the school's auditorium. turns out, one of the lovely stage crew had knocked one of the tubes loose, and the other guitarist stepped on his cable and pulled it out of the amp.

finally, bad gig number 3.
ths one was in a bar last friday. it was blues jam stuff, minus our drummer. he bailed.
as far as the music and everything went, it was great. however, maybe 10 people showed up, and no applause whatsoever, except for our mothers.

moral of the story, don't play gigs until you're ready to play gigs.
See above post ^
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My first "gig" was actually today, hehe. A couple of guys from school were really wanting me to jam some with them..I thought about it and decided I'd at least see how they played, and it would surely be a plus because most musicians I knew were girls, and all girl bands have a lot of problems. so after a couple practices with these guys, we decided to form a band. And the big thing for bands my age is of course the yearly talent show..So of course we decided to play a little something. Here was the lineup:

Alex (me)-vocals, lead guitar
Ish-rhythm guitar
Brandon-bass guitar

We played 3 different times for the grades, and we started of pretty well, playing a song I wrote called "Lil Miss Ramon"

(you tell me something I don't know,
say the things you were afraid to show
tell me something I don't know, lil miss gone cold
lil miss won't show, lil miss leo
lil miss..ramon)

My voice sounded so cool on that song, and people went crazy when they realized I was actually singing about a girl who backstabbed me (everyone was laughing and talking about it like crazy)..great way to get some good revenge ^.^

So we had the crowd going crazy, and my voice sounded good. I was so afraid to start singing, but once I did, boom, the fear disappeared. The guitar wasn't so special, I just wanted to make sure it was a song so easy that I pretty much couldn't mess up. It just consisted of easy power chords to strum when singing, and a nice little solo in the end.

The rhythm guitarist, however, screwed up our first show. He tried to play my solo, and I was pissed, but I had already made sure my amp was louder anyway so he pretty much ended up doing background as he was supposed to.

The bassist was good and consistant, and the drummer screwed up a couple times but we lived with it. Overall, great for a first show.
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Mine was a few months back.

Me and 3 other guys were playing Politik by Coldplay. Piano, drums, guitar, bass. We'd also programmed some synth stuff to play orchestral stuff. It was awkward because we were the only full band on the setlist at this show, everything else was just kids singing to tracks or something. So we had our setup behind the curtain, and we were just sitting back there waiting for this act before us to be finished.

Well, the curtain drew open, and if you're familiar with the song it's just like... an explosion. Just bang on the instruments, as hard as you can. So the curtain draws open and I'm like counting off this stuff and the synth track starts WAY early... so we skipped the count and just went into it. Lucky they were on their toes.

Went alright despite the poor EQ and the jury-rigged piano-mic.
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Once upon a time(last night) I had my first gig playing the ancient hymn known as Run to the hills and we totaly screwed up. The Dj at the bahtmitzva (sp?) threw the drums off the stage denting my drummers 450$ cymbal (they are not going to pay(they are jewish)) and when it finaly was time to play they made us play on the dance floor. So we had to start over because the bass drum was sliding. Someone had to hold the bass drum and then the drummers throne started to slide ending up with him barely being able to play. I nailed the solo atleast, its ok considering were only 13
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Another first gig story,

My friend and I were playing an acoustic set at a party, all suits and expensive wine etc.
Anyway, we'd had about 2 weeks worth of practicing the songs we were supposed to be playing (we were only playing a few during the main band's break) and so we were rather unprepared.
We opened with as song called "The war on drugs" which was probably the most inappropriate song possible to play there. I sang that one and i could have sworn i was out of tune the whole way through but i couldn't hear myself as i was so nervous. Then my friend played "knocking on heavens door". That would have been fine but he'd had about 7 beers in the course of 2 hours and downed a further 2 right before we started playing and he ended up singing the first verse again in place of the second. It was still good.
We were gonna play an acoustic version of Everlong which he was going to play but he'd forgotten the words to that so instead we played "Good Riddance (time of your life)" to finish off which I sang.
I swear it was the greatest addrenaline rush i've ever had playing just those 3 songs.
We went back inside after playing, and though i dont remember any applause but we had people coming up to us and saying (really enthusiastically) that we were amazing. So I was pleased with myself whether or not they were telling the truth :P
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ok guys i have 1 thing to say, for your first gig, DONT PLAY A BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!

That's what I did, and if nothing else it cured me of the delusion that i was gods gift to man with a guitar. I was all pumped about this show, ready to KICK ASS! got to the venue and the first band we saw playing was absolute crap, and so i thought to myself, hey we might actually win this. ohhh no, after that it was killer band after killer band, a guitar soloing competition with guys playing improv shredding solos like Dimebag reincarnated, and my music teacher suggested that i get up there and play the enter sandman solo. Luckily i was not quite that stupid.

By the time we were up, i was, as you can imagine, a total nervous wreck. Because of this i reverted to a more natural singing style for me: clean singing in a baritone register. We did Aerials by SOAD, and given the low register of serjs voice in that song i didn't do too badly, but blink-182 was not meant to be sung in this way. The end result was truly horrible, i was totally out of tune and the smoke machine was set up in such a way that the smoke made it difficult for our asthmatic drummer to breathe. I tried to make the most of it, and ran around on stage like a madman, making everything seem as though i was playing like a god. Guys from another band yelled out "you suck you f*ckin c*nt" and not knowing exactly what they said, i smiled and nodded. Levels were screwed up when we played so my crappy solo could barely be heard over the rythm guitar, and in our last song (an original) my mic screwed up so no-one could hear me sing. On my part, the whole gig was totally disastrous, and on that day i was so embarassed by my performance i vowed never to play a gig again. Obviously i got over it and i've done a few gigs since then, but i'm going to agree with that other guy on this one: DONT play large gigs until you have experience beyond playing to your mum.
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^Sounds like very wise words there, I have never gigged before, but it doesnt look so easy now, especially what with all the things that can go wrong. Oh well, Ill just get better at home.

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