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i was at the hard rock cafe for a zakk wylde free acoustic concert and i was less than a foot away from the stage if i wanted 2 i could have untied zakks boots and he came out of the kitchen and he grabs the mic and says some thing like what is up you mother ****ers then he played blood is thicker than water then stillborn and he went over to the keyboard and played in this river then he started talking and bitching about anything he wanted then this on his way to the v.i.p room i got to shake zakks hand and he gave me his beer then i this girl next 2 me had a v.i.p pass in her back pocket and it was like half stickin out and i took it and i got to hang out with zakk for a couple hours till he had to go and it was the best night ever

holy ****. sweet.
My first gig was yesterday for the "school band" and it ws just awsum. Though i snapped a d-string on my bullet strat just two hours before we started (gremlins eh?) and the only replacement string we could find was from an acoustic... Haha but it worked though. I enjoyed the sht out of the gig and ended up flirting wt a hot chick in the first row haha.
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My first "gig" if you can even call it that, was when I brought my guitar into school for a research project. I played Little Wing, for no other reason other then that I'm a pretentious arrogant idiot. It didn't go TOO bad but holy crap pick an easier song for the first time you play to other people, through the entire song I had a back-seat-guitarist inner monologue going "Don't **** up! Here comes the Am part, don't **** up, everyone's watchin'! ...oh you ****ed up!" I even had to start over after the 3rd bar cause I forgot how to play it.
my first gig was at a local bar. the set went pretty well. it was maybe 45 minutes to an hour long, consisting of 6 originals and the covers, Paranoid, Pinball Wizard, and best of all, Real Mutha****in' G's. the only reason we did it, is because i had learned the bassline a few weeks before and played it at a jam one day.

first time i ever played or sang infront of a crowd, we've got a packed bar, 350+ people (the bar went over capacity and the cops came afterwards and kicked everyone out) and im belting out "and its the knock out definition original baby gangsta, advancing like you hard mutha ****a ima bank ya, or shank ya, with my ****in shank if you hafta, dr dre and snoop doggy dawg are ****in actors..." etc hahaha, it was damn sweet.

oh and five or six people came up to me saying my bass solo was awesome. i asked them what song it was, and i talked to my band mates. i have no idea what they heard, but i swear i never played a solo...? definately didnt tell them that though, i just said thanks, ive been working on it for a while.
I got a few stories that are kinda funny...

The last show before the one last night my band played was at a birthday party for a few girls at our school. So we get there and the party starts in about 3 hours. So were taking our time setting up. The only people there are the girls, their parents and another girl who came really early. So were setting up, and helping set up stuff for the party. Then the people start asking us to go faster with setting up. Whats the rush? We got 2 hours till the party starts. Now, we have about a...45 min set. And we planned to take a 10 min break or so.

So now with maybe 20 mins before we went on... we were told something that should of been said 3 hours ago.

(Birthday chick)"You need to play NOW."
(Us) "There 15 of us. Theres more coming we will wait"
(Her) "NO. We have a DJ playing."
(Us) "Wtf."

So they had a DJ planned to play all night. So basically we threw all our crap together and played. Our first songs were Grab The Devil By The Horns and we went into The Hell Song right after that. OK, went great. Now I guess I could say that were playing basically at a girly party. Only guys there were the band and 2 random other guys.

The whole time the girls are SCREAMING. And I mean SCREAMING. I couldn't hear anything except them. So the band leaves for a break (we didn't care if the DJ was waiting to play.) And our singer/ rhythm guitarist stays on to play an acoustic version of Surrender. Funny part is, everyone wasn't watching. Then my drummer walks in and everyone goes crazy chasing after him.

OK, next story.

We played a gig last night. We were told it was not going to be another girl party. OK we will do it. Singer and I get there first. It's a surprise party so we quickly get our stuff inside and in the basement. We have to play in this room with tiled floors. We knew it was going to sound like crap as soon as we saw that. But who cares its a gig and should be fun. Fast forward to the show 5 hours later...

Let me just tell you who's here. Would you believe, another girl party with a bunch of chavs. OK, what ever...gig is a gig. So...SURPRISE!!! Happy Birthday! Yay yay. Fun fun. OK TO THE BASEMENT. The band runs down turns on everything and we wait for everyone else to get down. We were going to start once everyone gets down. Everyone walks down and we start Breed. Everyone looks and walks into the other rooms. I didn't notice but when I looked up the crowd of 40 turned into 7. Wow...ok lame. So after Breed I look at everyone and we get the message. No one is going to watch. So were going to have some fun. We play Surrender as a band this time and just play what ever we want. No one noticed. Then we did 7 Nation Army and people knew the words so they kinda watched. After our original we decided just to end this "Show."

The War - Angels & Airwaves. I go, APE on my bass. I just smack the **it out of it. Jumping around like a mad man. Our singer just starts cussing drummer gets up and beats the set like mad. Guitarist turns on his tube screamer and plays some Chili Peppers riff. OK, were done. We get off. No one noticed. THEN of course once were done they all come over to where we are. The guitarist and I run over to them and we play some blues improv thing. The losers take over my PA and put the mic up to some Ipod player to blaze some rap crap thing.

Best part was, the parents who were up stairs LOVED us. And they got our number and want us to play more gigs at parties for them...
My first gig was when I was about 6. Played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on piano, and I'm not gonna lie, I rocked the joint. After the 3rd solo, I stood up on the piano and held my lighter high, almost burning the roof of the church, it was righteous.
ok well 1st off my band and i r still old skool and we still use cords instaead of wireless and it was out first gig outta town (kinda) about 30 min away and i was walking behind our singing (while playing) and i trip over it and fell on my face and started bledding outta my mouth the crowd thout they were blood pellets i guess and then to cover it up i did the Angus yound mover andstarted spinnign around on the floor while playing to bad it really hard to do tht and palyat the same time so i Effed up the entire song and we had to start over

Angus Young is the moster of rock
Scary and true and I know you'll all laugh. I was in this band that was 5 people I was playing rhythm and I was pretty sure me and the lead should switch but I never said anything. The only other person that seemed to care about the music was my best friend who was playing bass. So we probably should have quit a whole lot earlier because everyone in the band wanted to do ZZ Top nothing against ZZ Top but me and the bassist prefer RHCP and RATM which everyone else liked but the guitarist didn't know anything but power chords so it was impossible to jam with him or learn most song.
Then the straw that broke the camels back. All this time we'd been planning to play at the school talent show (I was never real crazy about it in the first place) and all the suggestions we made were ignored except for the guitarist. Which wanted to play Walk by Pantera. And for the solo he said he was just gonna turn on the chorus pedal and we'd jam. Yet he doesn't know a single scale.
Here's what went down. The guitarist had this girlfriend who was all impressed about his guitar playing because he could play Smells Like Teen Spirit OOOOOOO.
And she asked him if our band could play Fall Out Boy at the talent show. (Dont remember the song think it was dance dance or whatever)
So he shows up to practice and when he suggested it me and the bassist broke out laughing and once we recovered he said he was serious. Me and the bassist left within 1 minute.
Talent Show didn't happen yet but what a joke. The band I'm in now is me the bassist and this really good drummer I had known. Lookin' for a singer tho'
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Ok, our first show. I play guitar and do vocals in my band, smoke patterns. We had started back in early june. We hadnt really jammed too many times when we heard that we were going to be playing at garage-a-palooza. It was basically just a bunch of local punk bands playen a show out of a garage, but hey, it was still a show. We agreed to do the show having only two songs written, and two weeks to get ready. So within the next week we manage to write five songs and get one cover done.

So, day of the show. The bassist and I have to be late because of a school thing. So we get there and have time to listen to a few of the bands before we have to play. Not a big deal. Most of the bands we saw really were not that great, though one of the best played right before us. Finally its out turn to play so we get everything set up, and do our soundcheck. Then we started. Everything went quite well. When we did our cover of reckless abandon people even started singing along with the intro. The person who was running the show had my amp turned down kind of low for most of our set, but all in all it was a great first show.
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This one happened quite recently. We were in the middle of our second set and apparently, without my knowledge, our bassist had loosened my cymbals up...a LOT. In the middle of Re-Align by Godsmack, during the solo, one of my crashes goes flying across the stage and everybody in the crowd went crazy. Luckily, the cymbal survived that show.
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When we had a gig with our first singer (Kicked out for being drunk during gigs ect).

Our next song was 'Teenage Kicks' by 'The Undertones'. This was the singers favorite band, we just went straight into it from the other song. After the intro: No singing came in. I look at him and he doesn't seem to know what song we're playing. I try yelling at him, but a very loud drummer makes that pointless. after 2 repeats of the chorus he goes 'Oh yeah, I remember now' and finally comes in with the lyrics. After two lines; SNAP! Guitar string broke (The A string). I carry on playing but it's useless because 1: I'm using a Floyd Rose (Okay, a crappy liscenced one) and 2: It's the A string, the entire riff is played on the A and D strings, and if you transpose it to the strings below, you're missing the A string! I've got a spare guitar somewhere behind me, so I go fetch it and finish the set off with that.

I've got more, but I can't be bothered ATM
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Well, i am the sub-drummer for my parents country band, southbound. (everyone together now, Country! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!) We played at the Hodag country festival in Rhinelander, WI. For those of you who know what that is, you know how crazy it can get. Well, we played in the beer tent between the big name acts, and it was turning out to be a long night. After seeing countless drunk dudes stick their heads under fat drunk chicks shirts, and raspberrying their boobs, it finally came time for the last song, which was Freebird, of course. So we were jamming along, about midway into the solo, when I glanced stage left, and saw this ginormous chick, who must have had twice her weight in beer, (thats like 600+lbs) trip and fall into our stack of speakers. The speakers whobbled, and started to go down. Now keep in mind that this place was packed, shoulder to should for as far as you could see with rediculously drunk people. As the speakers were in mid-tumble, all the drunk people just stared as the massive wall of sound loomed over them. You know how when it rains, turkey's will sit there, looking up at the sky with their mouths open, 'till they drown from the rain? Thats exactly what this was like. They all had that blank, lifeless, drooly, zombie look about them as the speaker and BOTH sub-whoofers came crashing down on top of them. Its okay though, their heads broke the speakers fall. I never felt more satisfied than after watching that happen. Awsome. Awsome.
Moose, that story was epic.

My first music performance was with another guitarist and a pianist, playing the Super Mario theme.

...Yeah. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.

My first real "gig" (as in rock show) was as part of the now-defunct Roosters in Addition in my drummer's basement. We played to his parents' Christmas party for a running group they belonged to. Our set list was as follows:

1. Paranoid by Black Sabbath
2. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple (I know, I know, but it was good)
3. An original song called Chemical Element (think in the vein of Primus except without Les Claypool; it's a funky instrumental with a lot of balls)
4. My Generation by The Who
5. Crossroads by Cream
6. Highway Star by Deep Purple

I sang and played guitar (as well as bass for a few songs where the bassist played guitar). We had no PA for our microphone, so we ran it through a really ****ty guitar amp. Of course, the bastard cuts out on us anyway halfway through Paranoid. I say **** it and keep singing at the top of my lungs. We finish the song to warm applause, the bassist and I switch instruments, and hit into Smoke on the Water after some debate over how to start it. He plays an absolutely badass solo and we finish strong, going with little delay into our original song, which goes smoothly but without a whole lot of passion, which is a shame because it's a jammy sort of instrumental. Thus concludes my stint as bassist.

We were supposed to take a break after our third song, but I felt encouraged by the crowd to keep going, so after some debate with my drummer (who was saying his tom was out of tune - stupid Westbury kits) we go into My Generation. We have some people singing along during that song, which is cool. Crossroads goes off without a hitch and we have a build-up segue at the end of the song into Highway Star. The organ solo is replaced with a mini-drum solo, and I break a string (of course!) just before the iconic guitar solo. Forced to play the solo without the all-important high E string throws off my groove, but I try to act undaunted and stumble through it. We finish to much cheers and applause, our drummer has a 10-minute solo just because we can, I drink some water and pack away our gear, and then go socialize with the audience.

It was quite a bit better than most people's first experiences, evidently. It's just a shame we weren't better equipped.
Okay, First gig.

I started playing guitar in July 2005 (More or less) after having an old acoustic laying around for years and years. And when I first started, I couldn't do it (obviously). Therefore I practiced about 5 minutes every couple of days on the old acoustic.

In November 2005, I started playing with a few friends, Paige (Guitar), Don (Bass) and Casey (Drums). At this time me and Don could not play our chosen instruments to any sort of standard, but as you do when your young and naive, you do it anyway. We practiced (In the loosest sense of word) once a week, playing covers of songs that pretty much veryone in the band hated, but were easy, for a few weeks when a teacher running the school play at the school that I went to asked us if we could play at the aftershow party. Unfortunately for her, she had never heard us play, so assumed we could.

This happened, about 4 weeks before the party was due to take place, so, plenty of time. We got together a list of 10 songs:

    Up until about a week before the party, I was going to do all of the singing, until I realised I couldn't sing and play guitar at the same time. So, in desperation, we asked a few people if they would sing for us (none of us knew wha any of them sounded like). Eventually a girl called Jenni said she would. Luckily, she had a pretty good voice, but with about 5 days to practice ten songs, time was running out.

    Gig time.

    We were all nervous as hell, but after the play had finished, we started setting up on the stage, with all array of equipment. I think I had the most powerful amp, clocking in at a huge 15W. Although it was probably just as well they werent too loud...

    Being new to...well...everything, we didnt bother tuning up, or soundchecking, or plugging my amp in, which delayed us for a few minutes while I paniced that my amp was broken. But finally we got playing. Well, some of us did. You see, we didnt actually set out to play those songs, we jus played whatever songs either me or Paige happened to know. So I would play a song, then just stand there while she played the next one. Jenni didnt know the words to all the songs. So we had all the words on stage with us. Not very professional.

    It sounded as though we were just hitting random open strings and hoping something good came out. We go about half way though and I had the amazing idea of us doing Moby Dick so that Casey could just solo while we went and got some drinks (Plus I had "learnt" the riff about 2 days prior). I screwed that up majorly, and people seemed happy when we left the stage. So we came back and attempted to play a few more songs, including an original composition, which was really just a chord progression on the guitar, as the bassist, and drummer didnt know it and couldn't improvise and there were no vocals. It was a long 6 minutes.

    During the set, I pulled my lead out twice, Knocked a mic off of the stage, pulled my other guitarists lead out mid "solo", broke my pic and had no spares my bassist pulled his lead out and I died a little inside.

    Needless to say, we weren't invited back again.

    Apologies for the rant.
    My first performance in front of people was last Christmas at our schools Christmas concert where I played Hallelujah (Jeff Buckely's version) I was a bit too quiet and got a bit drowned out by the girl who was singing, but it was great during the solo guitar parts.

    First gig was earlier this year at a party. We were okay, my vocals were appalling during a cover of Starlight by Muse (top tip: always practice with vocals, never assume that you can do something because you can sing along/play along at home, it will fail) We played a few too proggy/quiet songs and lost most peoples interest, but the apart from that there was some good moments.

    The last gig we had was at a local club and it went really well. Monitors make singing much easier.
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    Ok, I've been in jazz band this year at school. Evidently, the marching band director guy finds me to be a good bassist. He recruited me on Thursday to play bass at the football game the next day. He handed me a flip book full of tuba parts and one bass part and I went home. Practiced them, everything was cool. I went to school the next day and everything was great and all. We set up in the stadium. What I didn't realize was that in the flip book full of tuba parts, within the sheet protectors, there were like, 3 songs per sheet. Anyways, I ended up sight reading a good chunk of the music. So at halftime we went out into the field to perform. At that precise moment, my cable decides to crap out on me. This is the song that the band director wanted me to do a funky slap bass intro/solo with the drumline on. I'm up there for a few minutes fumbling around with the speaker and stuff to no avail. Afterwards we went back to the stadium and I still couldn't play. Later on, someone ran over to the band room and got me another cable and I sight read another 2 or 3 songs. So yeah. Overall it was cool, though. I'm also going to be playing with the marching band for future football games and competitions and stuff. Apparently I didn't sight read too bad either. Both music directors complimented me on it. Still though...cable... Needless to say I went to Sam Ash and bought 2 today to have a backup.
    Ok ,so recently i formed a "band" , actualy my dream band to say.

    I go to a ghetto kind of school and all the kids in the school/class listen to rap and stuff . So the idea of searching for people to play with there was put away long ago.
    Until last friday music class, when i grabbed a bass and this other guy played some drums. It was actualy very fun jammin so the teacher said we can come after school if we wanna play or just hang out .
    So we said:
    "Yeah , ok thats awesome"

    So yesterday we got to the music room and i brought this other dude too and gave him the bass instead and i found an electric guitar for my self.

    Came up with this catchy song real quick told the other guys what to play.
    (the guy bass never actualy played a bass but he managed to learn the part i wrote for him)
    The dude on the drums didnt either satisfy my needs completely so i sat down at the kit and just jammed abit until i found the right beat/fills.

    And i gotta say , IT ROCKED

    Cool thing is ,they realy enjoy my solos and songs ,so i can just shred away how much i want aslong as i keep the catchy parts.
    Actualy they never heard this kind of music , so that is even cooler for me.

    Yeah just wanted to brag. Do you have somekind of experiences like this too ?
    Well two days ago we were booked for a gig. But it got canceld the day before it. I was so pis*ed off. But the next day we got a message from a different (and quite popular) venue saying we could play that day but it was really short notice. It was the first time a venue actully asked US to play not us asking them. But our bassest couldent make it so our singer decided to play bass instead.

    Overall it was a good gig, apart from the bass. Our singers bass is f*cked. The neck is arched, strings not inotated proebly. The bottom E string sounded like mush. Theirs one song with a bass intro, me and the drummer just stood (drummer sat obviously) laufing it was so funny! But he f*cked up alot.

    But yeh we needed our bassest that night.
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    ok guys i have 1 thing to say, for your first gig, DONT PLAY A BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!


    My powerpop band (drum machine, key/synth, gat, bass and vox)

    we started practicing a week before, played battle of bands and got second.

    was awesome, the rest of the bands first gigs, + im a veteran gigger..

    I'm 18 and they're all in 20's
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    Tell her
    "I could be playing this *inserts Job For a Cowboys Doom Cd*
    but i'd rather play this *inserts *David Crowder followed by Brewster*"

    haha yeah that should work

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    I got my first kind of gig in 2 weeks. A school talent show, theres gonna be 1000+

    We're doing 'end of a heartache' by killswitch, we're all ready for it, and hopefully it goes well. We check also whats at the talent show, and were the only musical performance, everything else is random stuff like dances etc. So hopefully we should win it
    My first gig playing guitar was a school jazz band show in 8th, I'd been playing for about a year, I had practiced obsessively and such, so I was pretty confident. The horns pretty much sucked, but the rhythm section was sweet enough to carry the songs, the piano player pretty much did the melody the whole time because I was holding down the chords. It went off pretty uneventfully, I played some simple bluesy solos that people liked even though they were kind of out of context.

    My first sort-of gig playing rock was at this music camp the summer after that, where we had a week to learn a set of covers of our choice, and then at the end of the week we played a show for all the kids who were there to hike and do arts and crafts. It went ok, no major problems but nothing spectacular. There was a drummer and bassist who were pretty sweet, but they were obsessed with RHCP, and I wasn't really into them at the time. There was also a guy and girl who both played rhythm guitar and sang, and this little 7 year old kid who played keyboard but nobody could hear him.

    We played Californication by RHCP, Say It Ain't So by Weezer, and this ridiculous metal version of Since u Been Goen by Kelly Clarkson that I completely changed the part to.

    I don't think we really screwed up anything, but it wasn't particularly exciting, either.

    My first gig playing in a real band, though, was at a party this past summer. The drummer and I had been jamming together for a few months, and we had a quite a few songs down, but we hadn't found any other musicians who were decently skilled and willing to commit to starting a band with us. One of my friends asked us to play at her end-of-the-school-year party, though, so I asked this guy I knew who played bass if he wanted to do it. We only found out about the gig the day before it, so we ended up having about an hour to rehearse before we headed to the party. The bassist was really awesome though, his parents both teach music at WMU, and he's been playing since forever. His background is pretty much jazz, so i just had to show him chord changes and he came up with stuff. We didn't have a real singer or a PA, so we made instrumental arrangements of like, 4 cover songs an 2 originals that pretty much grew out of me and the drummer jamming. Our set was something like this:

    Purple Haze
    Smells like teen spirit
    seven nation army

    We had a few moments where it looked like songs going to come crashing down, but miraculously it didn't. We played for about 10 people who sat around and clapped when we were done, but it was fun. The drummer and I started a band, tried to get the bassist into it, but he was too busy. We went back to that music camp and found another sweet guitarist, and completely kicked ass at that show, though.

    Ridiculously long-winded, I know.
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    Band stories? Christ, I got a million of 'em.
    This one springs to mind though.

    About 17 years ago I was the bassist for a rhythm & blues band and we got this gig at a place called the White Rose in a little town called Mythmroyd in Yorkshire, England.
    The White Rose looked like any other pub from the outside and still looked like any other pub from the inside too. So, with the usual pub gig being 'set up at 6pm, go on stage at about 9:30pm' we were set up, sounchecked and ready to rock at 7pm.
    We asked the landlord what time he wanted us on and he said 'About midnite.'
    'How come?' we asked, and he went on to explain that even though it looked like a pub, the White Rose was infact the town's only official nightclub and this is where everyone went after the pubs have closed for the night.
    We said 'Well we might have a little problem there because we might have had a few too many to drink by then.' to which he replied 'Exellent, first round's on me!'
    At this point I should mention the drummer. (it's always the drummer in these kinds of stories)
    This drummer was the rarest breed of drummer. He was polite, well spoken, fairly quiet, didn't do drugs, and only drank a couple of half pints of beer on a night out... which is why he was the designated driver.
    The rest of us were dope smokin' beer drinkin' party animals.
    So anyway, we were given this 10ft by 8ft room with a TV in it as a dressing room so we all took our drinks and went and sat in there and watched telly and smoked some joints.
    After a while, sitting in this tiny room with all this dope smoke in the air, the drummer started to act a little out of character. He got up, said 'I'm thirsty.' and went to the bar. He came back with a full pint and downed it, then he had another, then another, and another,...... eventualy he went to sleep.
    At midnight, we were pretty out of it, but we woke our drummer up and went on stage. By now the place was jumping and everyone was legless, including ourselves. It was the most drunken brawl of a gig that I've ever played but dammit, it was fun because everyone else was drunk, including the landlord.
    At the end of the night, we threw our gear in the back of the van, me and our roadie climbed in on top of it and went to sleep, and the rest of the guys got in the front and off we went into the night with this now apparently manic drummer driving.
    The next thing I knew, we were parked up in the middle of nowhere while the guitarist was being sick at the side of the van, when I heard our roadie's voice in the dark say 'Why are the back doors open? Where's my jacket? And where's the drum kit gone?'
    On hearing this, our drummer had us all back in the van, had turned around, and was driving at full speed back in the opposit direction before you could say 'Two bottles of Newcastle Brown and a whiskey chaser please!'
    We found bits of kit strewn over 7 miles including his round leather cymble case with this really smart looking spiral scuff mark on it where it had gone spinning in the middle of the road. Our drummer got out of the van to pick it up when a car appeared from nowhere. Instead of jumping out of the way, he stood there with his hands out and screamed 'STOP!!!'
    The car screached to a stop just in front of him, then he calmly bent down, picked his cymbles up, said 'Thankyou.' and walked back to the van.
    Eventualy we recovered every bit of that drum kit and the only real damage done to it was a missing nut on the bass drum pedal.
    Oh, and we found the roadie's jacket too

    The next time we played there, we arrived much later than the last time and vowed not to get wasted this time, but as we were bringing in the gear to set up, this new bouncer that the landlord had hired started getting cocky with us, telling us that we shouldn't be setting up our gear there and ordering us around, until our roadie, who was only 5ft 5inch tall said 'Look pal, we have played here before you know and we can really do without your interfearing'.... or words to that effect.
    The bouncer picked him up by his jacket lapells (the same one that he'd previously lost and found) and started threatening him. That's when our roadie nutted him square in the middle of his face. The guy's nose exploded, he dropped our roadie who then dropped the bouncer by kicking him in the nuts.
    All this was witnessed by the landlord who had just happened to have entered the room. I thought, 'Oh well, there goes that gig' when the landlord walked up to the bouncer, who was lying on the floor, and said 'You f**king deserved that, now get out, your fired!'
    After all that exitement, we could do with a drink and the landlord was very obliging and gave us free beer all night to make up for the way we'd been treated, payed us for the gig, then put us up for the night because we were all legless again and we'd decided not to risk the journey home.
    After that, we played there about 4 times a year, and occasionaly we even made it home at the end of the night, but then a proper nightclub was built and everyone stopped going there. The last time we played there, no one turned up. We played to an audience of two, our roadie and the landlord. We played the entire gig because the landlord was really into our music and besides, he was paying our wages.
    We stayed for the night and got drunk with him for one last time. A week later, the place was closed down.
    The White Rose is no longer there, it was knocked down years ago and I believe is now a gardening supplies centre, but I really miss that place.


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    Quote by SlackerBabbath
    ~hilarious gig stories~

    That's hilarious, the one with the drum kit falling out of the van and not getting damaged is just epic. XD
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    Quote by steven seagull
    Justice is this, justice is that...justice is 9 minutes long and recorded in a cupboard full of fluffy pillows
    Quote by jof1029
    im bored, so here goes storytime:

    it was a dark and stormy night... well actually it wasnt really stormy, but it had rained earlier that day. i am supposed to be playing 3 songs with two other guys, another guitarist and a singer. the "gig" was really just us being schedualed to play at an open mic night at a local restaurant/bar. so we walk in and find a table to wait our turn. finally gets to us and we go on stage. now i lugged my amp all the way to this place, but it turns out that they want us to use the ones they have. ok, fine. they have the same model amp as i do so i dont mind too much. but the other guitarist insits on using his POS instead of the nice tube combo they want him too, so of course we are off to a great start.

    we launch into our first song, 'wish you were here' by pink floyd, and every thing goes smoothly until the singer comes in. well, actually the problem is that he doesnt. he gets so lost that the crowd tells us to start over. they are very supportive cause they are mostly musicians and really want to see us do well. so we start over. and the singer comes in this time, but one bar late. so of course i repeat a bar so now the singer and i are together. but the other guitarist is oblivious to everything so he is off now. the singer starts to forget words and begins to mumble, so the other guitarist turns around and tells me, "lets just skip to the solo." so we skip to the solo/interlude thingy and play the song from there, and the singer manages to remember all the words this time and we finish well.

    next song is 'Johnny B. Goode.' but its only the other guy playing the song because for some reason i get no part, and the singer didnt want to do the song so he didnt sing. so its two of us just standing up there trying not to look stupid while the other guy plays a song by himself and looks kinda stupid. crowd kinda enjoyed it, but with no vocals or anything it kinda sucked. and i could easily tell that by just looking at the faces of the crowd.

    ok, third song. im finally playing again and we launch into 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath. this was our best song, which obviously didnt take too much. we manage to play through the song fine and the singer never lost his place this time. which was really good cause i was already gonna kill him. the biggest problem problem: the singer was reading the words off a sheet of paper as he sang them because he hadnt finished memorizing them. the other problem was the other guitarists solo. i was the better guitarist but because it was his idea to play the show, he got the solo. too bad he sucked at it. well, we finished the song with no major mishaps and i get my self off that stage as fast as possible. people clapped for us, but that was cause we finished half decently and they were trying to be supportive.

    you want to know what i still cant believe about that night? that i agreed to try again two weeks later...
    but thats a story for another time. if you guys are interested i can tell it later, but now is not the time.

    I love it. Classic lead singer crap, classic lesser-guitarist-botching-a-solo-that-could-have-been-done-better-by-someone-else situation.
    Ever played a gig where they've promised you a cirtain amount of money to turn up and play and at the end of the night they turn around and say 'We didn't sell a lot of beer tonight, so we're only going to give you half of what we promised you.'?
    This happened to a band I was in about 10 years ago.
    I had just said to the guy 'C'mon, don't f**k us around, you had plenty of people buying beer. I could see them from the stage.' when his bouncer came over and said 'Is there a problem?'
    The guy said 'Yeah, this guy doesn't want to accept the money I'm offering him.' to which the bouncer replied 'Well he'd better accept it or he'll be going home black and blue and skint.'
    So I said 'Oh it's like that is it? Ok, my mate Albert is asleep in the van, if he can beat you in a fair fight, we'll take what we agreed on, if he can't, we'll go home with nothing.
    'OK' he said 'You're on.'
    So I went to fetch Albert from the van who was my Staffordshire Bull Terrier/German Shepherd cross, built like the biggest pit bull you've ever seen, about two years old, full of energy and bouncing around like a nut case on the end of his lead when I went back in the venue with him.
    The bouncer took one look at him and said to the guy 'Just pay 'em, then bar 'em.'
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    yall do realize you can keep your cords from poppin out by putting it through the strap first. even if u step on it it wont budge.
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    My first performance was like a year or 1 1/2 yrs ago for a music class test prformance. There were only about 30 people, but everyone else sucked BAD so it was cool. The guy before me played some fricken random chord prog. that only lasted for like 30 secs...he only got like 3 out of 16 LOL. Anyways, I came up, rocked out to Dani California (which had only just been released) and nailed the solo (I thought it was cool....Id only been playing for like a year on and off) and came first in the class.

    My first in a band was coincidentally for a (this time bigger - 40 pple??) music test to... I was in a jazz jam band, mucking around of the tune "Blue Train" by John Coltrane... My mates who play alto and tenor sax were playing awesome, and we have a phsyco drummer so it was cool. It got a bit eventful at the end though, the bass had just finished a solo, the drums did a fill, and just as I was about to launch into my improv solo, the piano player did the melody chords, not the agreed solo ones.... I was so confused, my scale didn't sound right.... It was kinda cool in the end though, the audience just might've thought it was on purpose, cos I tried a second scale higher up on the neck, and said "thats not right man..." the pianist was like "how about this..." "nah man, wrong chords..." (trying a different scale..) "damn...." " this? *hopefully*" "were screwed..." At this point the sax player points at the other and shouts Alto solo!!!!! and he launches into an crazy improv and the piano player and me fall back into the normal chord progression...."What the hell man....your playing the right chords now!!!" "DAMN!!!"..

    The audience liked it...
    Ok so this past Friday, the band i'm in, played a show at this teenage hangout spot. While they regularly play concerts, some people just hangout there. But it was an out-of-state gig, but barely. We are from Omaha, Nebraska and the venue is in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Not too much of a drive at all.

    Well for anyone that doesn't know, Council Bluffs is basically a large trainyard. The venue is next to about 2 sets of traintracks, one the front, and one to the side. We take one way that we are sure of, the only problem is, is that a train is stuck on the tracks. We stay there for about 30 minutes hoping it'll move, it doesn't. So we turn around and start heading a second direction we know. Another train stuck on it's tracks. Same thing with a third direction. So we we're boxed in by trains stuck on tracks.

    I was thinking it was something out of a horror movie, where the conductor would come out and kill us.

    We get back on the interstate, take an exit, and end up at an intersection. By chance i happen to spot the venue and the singer, the drummer, and I (Rhythm guitar) show up. The singer and lead guitarist get detached from us and arrive about 30 minutes after us.

    We were originally supposed to play first of the 3 bands playing. We ended up playing last. So we really couldn't complain. Plus we played great and had a great time. Played 5 originals and 2 Alice in Chains covers (overkill in my opinion). But it was fun.
    So this is a story.
    Today every single class had to do something for the school birthday.
    So our class was like "oh lawd the school birthday is TOMORROW?!"
    Anyway, I was sick that day, so on MSN at the evening people were like "HEY, YOU! YOU HAVE BEEN ELECTED TO PLAY THE GUITAR, GET ON TO IT."

    I am like what the ****, mate.

    So today all the sudden all this was REAL. So I went home and got my guitar. There was a drum set so I got my buddy to play on it. And my buddy said: "Hey.... What are we gonna play?"
    "**** I know, just follow my rhythm."
    "Since when you have a rhythm?!"


    Tuned up, plugged in and suddenly: "Dude I can't sing and play at the same time"
    "**** it, nobody will care."


    Important lessons learned:
    You can't give a A-Class concert in a day's notice and 0 practice.
    If it's your first time singing and playing, do it on another time, NOT ON THE STAGE!

    Anyway, the end result was that I just played, my buddy gave a beat, and just did a 10-minutes of horrible rock. Jimi Hendrix would be turning in his grave, because that was all I played.

    Sorry, Jimi. I am so sorry for that.

    Anyway, I also learned that I need much more practice. But I do have to give me the credit that I didn't chicken out even against the impossible odds. It was lovely. Wish I could've kept a steady rhythm when playing and singing. But hell, I'll get to it one day.
    Lolz, in that sitUATION I'D DO ONE OF MY "JUST IN CASE SONGS!"---i CAN PLAY AND SING WONDERWALL, and My happiness by powderfinger, and quite a few others that I purely have in case someone suddenly needs me to play, or when i'm perrforming if theres a technical prroblem i play em acoustic while its being fixe, or if the act after is late or just random times I need to or am asked to play!
    Mal: "Doctor, I'm taking your sister under my protection here. If anything happens to her, anything at all, I swear to you, I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could be tears." FIREFLY RULES!!!
    Well, about a half a year ago me and my friend Adam B. were partiipating in something called Spring Festival in his High School. We had to play some stuff, so one day before that show, we decided to go without our stuff, cause nothing was completely made for that (just parts of songs). Setlist was containing 3 tracks:

    3 Doors Down - Let Me Go (I've chosen it just for chicks :P);
    Coma - System (Polish band, you can find my GP tab on UG);
    Staind - Fill Me Up.

    We were playing on 30W combos (Behringer and Laney HardCore MAXX). The Problem was, that we couldn't find a drummer, but then some fancy little guy approaches us and says: "I'm you new drummer". F*ck yeah, go on boy! And he was f*ckin' rubbish... I better play drums than he does...

    But overall our participation was welcomed very well, and even people from my early past in that school recognized me. That was fun!
    Not a first show but a memorable one.

    We packed about 90 people into my 2 car garage (elbows to a$$holes people) and had 3 bands play. Most of the people were there for the beer and to see us (being my house and all). My wife (who is smoking hot by the way) bought me a guitar and brought it home that day for an anniversary gift. Well, against my better judgement I played it . I didn't have the time to set it up and get the intonation right (we tuned do drop A and the guitar had like 46 guage E string) so it would get horribly out of tune for certain chords. By then we were all drunk and no one noticed. When the band was going to open for Anthrax, I busted out the video for old times sake. It was so damned horrible. I have destroyed it and no one else has a copy (I hope!).

    Oh, I also learned that it is pretty damned cool to light a bonfire with a road flare that night!!!! Use plenty of gas, light the flare (I recommend standing at least 30-40 feet away), and just throw in the general direction of the wood. You don't even have to be close! Lovely mushroom cloud.
    So it was last night, my first gig, my band, only together for three months and I had only been playing for a year, and we were up against some really good competition, us 14/15, them 17/18, gigging every few days, disaster waiting to happen?

    We turned up for soundcheck, everything working fine, we did souncheck, sounded great, sound guys did a great job. So we go home and come back at half 6. Turns out the pa has blown and one of the bands has pulled out, so the battle of the bands is scrapped and its a gig, ****, we had practiced the **** out of 16 minutes, not 30. After Hebarley, amazing band with a really hot singer, we come on to huge screams and applause, we brought a lot of people down. We burst on with our first song Sum 41's Pain for pleasure, which went down a treat, then came the problem of filling the set so random intros and half songs were played, all of which we'd never played as a band. Then, to our horror the screams of "My Lovely Horse" Started bellowing out of the audience, the song we covered as a joke, so we made the risk and played it, despite none of us knowing how to play it, went down a treat. After we played, we thought it had gone **** but everyone seemed to love it

    Good times

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    This is a pretty kewl thread Just wanna add in some good tips..

    We all had good taste what it like being on the stage I have over 20 years worth
    we all get our moments of chitters or better known as stage fright.

    1st thing to remember when your on stage this seems to help me a great deal is Never think that your better then thou. because you will just mess things up because of the eagle trip Your up there to do 1 thing and that is to entertain people and to have fun doing it if your not having fun then crowd response as well reguardless of size.

    If things went bad dont worry just chocked it up as experince and go back over the list and figure out what happen and try not to repete the same stuff. And 2nd just go back out and pretend its like a band practice.
    My first gig with my recently formed band was at The Old King's Head pub in Holloway, London.

    It couldn't have been more unpredictable.

    So we got to the pub 3 hours early (extreme I know but we wanted to be prepared) and my bass broke the day before so we didn't know if we could even play.

    We sat around and had a drink or two before (I'm the only one with ID in my band so I had to get everyone their drinks which turned me into a waiter) and watched the other bands do their soundcheck. I was becoming increasingly worried about not having amps or a bass and no backup guitar or anything. We made a deal with a band so that we would go first if we could borrow their bass and amps and so we did.

    The first song went flawlessly. The crowd joined in on the chorus and it was great. The next 2 songs went well until my friend broke a string on my guitar. At this point I didn't know what to do. We switched instruments so I was now on guitar but had to use my friends guitar which is a Japanese Strat but is so battered it went out of tune every second. We had to tune up and some Punks in the crowd started booing us.

    On our final song (Superman by Eminem) we got a friend to rap despite the other songs being completely different so as not to alienate people and a guy pulled my friend off stage mid-set. I've never been a violent person my whole life. I'm always against it, but this guy tried to kill my friend.

    Once we had finished, instead of talking about our set we were all talking about that damn punk.

    At 12pm it happened. Round the corner from the pub, my drummer took a bottle and cracked it over the punk's head.

    A massive group of punks jumped on my friend with broken bottles. I dropped my guitar and jumped in punching heads from every direction, left to right.

    There was 5 of us against 20 punks. I got hit in the head so many times but I fractured my knuckle I punched so many damn skulls. My drummer's face was cut up and his left eye swelled up. My guitarist/bassist got glass stuck in the top of his head. Some random guy who helped us out of 200 other people had a bloody nose. My other friend had a busted lip. My singer however, pussied out so badly he came afterwards and pretended he helped.

    Somehow the fight got stopped. I felt so alive and could have gone on but it was just the adrenalin talking.

    I learnt many things that day:

    1. Life can sometimes be rock n' roll.
    2. Get ur own damn equipment.
    3. Practice ur songs at least once in the week leading to ur gig (we didn't for some reason)
    4. Think hard before you watch Fight Club the night before ur gig...seriously...u might die...
    Like a few others, I have a story from my High School Jazz band. Well, I'm still in it. Let's go back to the last day of my sophomore year. *chimes*

    1st period, some wannabe metal head guy in the umpteenth Slipknot shirt he wore that week brought his Kerry King V to school. He started to play some simple riff, enter sandman or something, and I wasn't going to let it slide.

    First, let's picture me. Kid who sits in the corner of the room, gets above average grades, and doesn't talk much. Wears shirts of bands no one has heard of, most likely, a Sonata Arctica t-shirt that day. Long hair to boot.

    Back to first period. I say to the guy, "Can I see that?" Some people look at each other in amazement of hearing my voice. I'm used to it. He asks, "Can you play?" I nod, and he hands it over. I play a few Yngwie Malmsteen riffs, and give it back.

    Fast Forward

    It's the end of the day, and I get a summons from the office. I'm wondering, "What have I done wrong?" I go, and there waiting is the band teacher. He asks, "Are you the amazing guitarist?" I stare at him in a bit of shock and then say, "Well, I wouldn't say amazing..." He goes on, "You should play guitar in jazz next year, our old one is leaving." I thought for a minute, and remembered suddenly that 'flying v guy' is in band, he must have told him! I ponder it for a second and said "Sure." After all, I like to explore other genres, and would rather be a musician than a guitarist, if you know what I mean.

    Skip forward to beginning of Junior year.

    I show up for jazz, and see at my post a stand, and a sheet of paper with gibberish on it. Oh no, it's music, a self-taught musicians worst nightmare. I admit to the teacher I have no past experience with music and he tells me that it's fine, just to play what I think sounds good. Problem: I never even listened to jazz before, and don't know what sort of thing to play, single notes, open chords, power chords, nothing. So I follow along with open chords, itching to put on the distortion. He says it sounds ok, so We're good.

    Now, the moment you've all been waiting for - the Christmas concert.

    Unlike all the others there, I had no dress clothes (people in Band get a uniform-type dress outfit), so I got my grandparents to pick up dress pants and a shirt. Now, as if I didn't stand out enough, with my long hair and guitar with a Sonata Arctica sticker on it, I just barely matched everyone as well. We get called on, I plug into the amp, turn it on, and the suckery begins. My amp makes the loudest 'pop' you've ever heard, and then some major feedback. Ouch. We play "Kansas City" and "Satin Doll". I mostly follow the pianist, and have my amp turned down modestly low. At the end, he tells us to take a bow, and I look out into the applauding crowd and just stare in shock at the hundreds of people. I just sort of nod, then walk off.

    It wasn't disastrous, but it would have been better if I had known what to play. A friend who was also in jazz said that we got the most compliments, and I got some too. If only they knew, huh?

    Long and uninteresting, but a story nonetheless.
    life is beautifuuuuooooaaaaaal
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    My band and I played a show on New Year's Eve.

    The show took place in this really tiny A-frame room. For an ordinary-sized band, this might not have been a problem, but our band was "rollin' 7 deep." We had to fit ourselves, a drum set, and 3 giant amps in a space roughly the size of a handicapped stall. So, with everyone squeezed into the tight space, we began our soundcheck. We decided to check with our cover of Sublime's "Date Rape." Needless to say, it was pretty bitchin'! After that, we were all saying how good it sounded. Right then, the guy who was running the show came up to talk to us. he said:

    "Hey guys, could you do me a big favor?"

    We say:


    He says:

    "Could you guys not play that song?"

    We were surprised and disappointed, but we thought it was hilarious! We ended up cutting that song from our setlist for the night. We went on to play a great show.

    This just goes to show you; if you don't think you can play one of your songs, then you probably can't.
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    I once played at a rhythm and blues club with a heavy metal act. We opened the set with Motorhead and the place emptied, so we stopped playing that and started playing Sweet Home Alabama. Everyone turned around and walked straight back in, so just for fun, as soon as they got sat down again, we stopped playing that and blasted straight into Motorhead again. They all got back up again and walked out again, so we started playing Little Red Rooster.... but they didn't come back.
    After the next song, which was played to an empty room that was full a few minutes before hand, the club owner turned the power off and told us to leave and never come back again.
    This isn't a gig story, but it's a studio story and it still cracks me up.

    We'd booked the studio for 5 hours, as that was all our funds would allow, and had cracked on sharpish. We'd got 2 tracks completely done and had about an hour left, so we decided to quickly record a cover track. We decided on The Subways - Oh Yeah. The drummer had recorded, then me (guitar), then the bassist then the vocalist. As per usual, I'd then gone in and done the second vocals, mostly on the chorus. We then thought it'd be cool to get our bassist involved in this, just to do the "OH YEAH!" chants in the chorus.

    So we sent him into the room and tell him to put on the headphones. He looks vacantly round the room, points at the mic (which we've been singing into for the last 4 hours) and says " I sing into this then?".

    God, I haven't laughed so much in ages.

    So, if you ever make it to one of the shows, feel free to pick up a copy or our EP...

    "Do I Sing into This?"

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