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our drummer really sux. its getting annoying as hell. but theres like no others in our school. we have 2 guitar players and a bass player, and we have really simple music, so the other guitarist says he wants to start playing drums. do you think this is a good idea? how long would it be before he could do some simple stuff and keep a beat you think? or should we just go without until we find a new drummer?
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Well it should be a bit before he can keep a decent beat that isnt as annoying as your current drummer, I'd give him a few months.

That, and he has to come up with decent equipment, unless you plan on buying it or already have it.. (which isnt really a good idea, i know from past experiences)

So it might take awhile.

You'd say yeah no big deal without a drummer, but believe me you notice it when your drummer is gone.
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If you hate your drummer that much, just kick him out. Then let the other guitarist play drums. It will take him a few months to get easy beats down though, so be patient
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In the meantime, you could use a program like the DeeSampler to program some basic drum patterns, burn 'em to a CD, and then run the CD through an amp or PA channel.

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^^ya, were not really into any of that computer stuff. we just play our music. he doesnt have a drum set tho. does anyone know where you can get a cheap one or somthing? how much would a cheap one cost?
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I would expect to spend at least $250 for something servicable for a band.
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Have everybody pitch in for a drum machine or something if you really can't find another drummer...
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Quote by guitarmonkey4
Have everybody pitch in for a drum machine or something if you really can't find another drummer...

I'd definatly use that as a LAST resort..real drums sound so much better, anyways, I'd say start your guitarist learning the drums and see how he does before you do anything drastic..which would be kicking your drummer out in this case...if you guitarist is a fast learner, go ahead and make the change, if he's slow wait a little while before making any switch, as for the price, a good begginer set starts from about 250 to possibly 500
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And check the local advertisements as well. I just noticed that someone in my town was selling a brand new drum kit today when I saw an advert in a shop window. Obviously someone got bored of playing or moved onto a better kit or something. Who knows...but then again my parents have enough issues with my guitars...let alone a drum kit.