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Well, I searched and didn't find any threads particularly about this band, so I figured, "Why not make a thread about 'em?".

So, tell me what you guys think. I feel like they're an under appreciated band. Critics never thought of them as being that great, yet they were a very successful hard rock band of the 70s. Usually none of their members are mentioned on any "greatest" lists, which I guess I can agree with, yet they're never mentioned in any band threads.

I got a live album of them at a few concerts (mainly in Chicago), along with another album or two. They're definetly a rowdy (sp?) band who can get you pumped. While "We're An American Band" is a great song, I think a lot of their other stuff is awesome too.

I'm not very good at starting threads, so I guess I can just respond to you guys's posts. What do you guys think of Grand Funk?
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Not a huge fan to be honest. I have their 'Classic Masters' CD, which is a greatest hits compilation. A few songs that were pretty good, but nothing that absolutely grabbed me.

That being said though, 'Time Machine' is a damn good song. I suggest you all go listen to it.
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I'm not really a huge fan of them.
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Ahh, I love the Pit.

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Well I'll check em out they're one of gn'rs influences.
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I've never heard of them.
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Im starting to get into them. My favs right now are Got This Thing on the Move, People Let's Stop the War, and Footstompin Music
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Grand Funk Railroad is killer.

Fav. songs would be Mean Mistreater, I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home, Some Kind of Wonderful, Bad Time... Ahh just so many damn good songs they made.
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^^Yeah, I couldn't agree more. In that live album I have they're called up to do an encore, but it takes them like 10 minutes to find the person who took their wah pedal, lol.
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I love Grand Funk... Homer Simpson's favorite. Favorite songs for me are Im Your Captain and the cover of Feelin Alright.
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^^How many people have done that song?

Grand Funk Railroad
Joe Cocker


I'm sure there's more. (Not as many covers of it as Yesterday, though. )
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They are great, I really like Walk Like A Man, I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home, and who doesn't enjoy American Band.
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Aren't they Homer Simpson's favourite band?

Just because of that I've always been meaning to look them up but never got round to it
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Yeah! GFR is my second favourite band (next to zeppelin). Theyre just amazing, i love all their stuff , some top notch musicians making top notch music!
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Yeah, they rule. I have their Greatest Hits CD, and it's pretty awesome.

I don't think they were underrated though. They're just a simple 70's pop rock group. To me they're a 70's version of the Arctic Monkeys (which isn't a bad thing). They just had a knack for making simple, effective music.
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They weren't great musicians or band but they were fun at the time. I still remember Mark Farner claiming to anyone that would interview them that he was going to be the best guitarist in the world. (It seems he was off the Mark on that one). A band that was better musically/technique wise that toured with them a lot, and managed by terry knight like GFR, was Bloodrock though they never had the success of GFR.