The switch I have on it at the moment is really loose, it always vibrates when I play, it sounds horrible. So its time for a new switch. Now my question is, is there any 5-way switches out there, but have a screw thread for the switch tip to screw onto (like a gibson 3-way switch, but with 5-way instead)? This is also another problem with my switch, the switch tip always falls off, so a screw on would be disireable.

Anyone got any ideas on what I can do in this situation? Is there a 5-way switch around with a screw thread? cheers for any help you can give.
I haven't seen one with a screw tip but you could always glue the tip on if your having problems, but with most 5 ways they stay on well.
Yeah, I didn't think there would be a gibson-style 5-way switch, because not many (if any) gibsons need 5-ways. But there is always hope
just leave the tip off , it looks cooler heh, as for ur question im not quiet sure. tightenin some stuff may just fix it for u.
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