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I am not in a band yet...i am still working on learning the guitar better but I certainly wanna start a band eventually.

I was wondering how these bands of teens and stuff book national tours. I understand it costs money, and you have to find your own way of travel and stuff...but how do they book the places in advance?

Is it just based on getting a hold of other people around the country interested in your music...and they point you in the right direction?

Any info on this sort of thing...a thanx in advance
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#2 can help you advertise your band...myspace helps to ...record labels lok at those things..the play counts n stuff...once u get popular \, scounts will notice..believe me...then they star showing up at ur form shows u got to peddle your band. go to clubs and such around ur neighborhood first. tryout a rep...then u got to expand..its up to u guys from there... good luck...u can also ad ur band on this website in ur special quote thingy underneath ur post.
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Many bands that haven't "made it" go on tours. I think you may be trying to run before you can even stand though. My advice to you is start your band and practice alot. While you are honing your own chops get involved in your local scene. Go to shows and find bands that complement your bands style. Form friendships with these people. Do Not Burn Bridges. Play as much as you can within your own scene. Once your band has established itself, reach out to other communities and scenes that are nearby. Swap shows with a band from another city and build from there. If your music is well received and once you can bring people that are not your friends and relatives, then you can start thinking about National Tours.
Once you get to that point, you'll need a servicable demo recording. Send your demo to as many clubs, college radio stations, other bands you like etc... Use Myspace, PureVolume,SonicBids, Local music forums, and the like to seek out other bands as well as venues to play. Then don't have a job,girlfriend/wife,kids,school,life outside of your band and go on tour. Good Luck!

Or be reasonable and go on "mini-tours", for example I live in Indianapolis and here's a mini tour for me----Indianapolis, Bloomington(Indiana University), Terre Haute(Indiana St. Univ), Chicago, South Bend(Notre Dame Univ), Muncie(Ball State Univ), Dayton, Cincy, Indianapolis. Those cities are all within a 3 hour drive of my house.
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Hahaha Your Still Learning Guitar, You're Not In A Band, You Have No Money, And Your Wondering About Getting A National Gig Roflolol1!1!1!!!111 Omgwtfbbq
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