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This lesson is about breaking the song down and putting the whole thing together. You can nail a song in less then 30 minutes this way!

Before I say anything on HOW to learn a song, let me go over how NOT to learn a song. Don't do what I've seen so many people try to do; listin to the 30 second long intro, read the tab and try to play it. If you're good enough, you will be able to get the notes right, but your phasing will be all messed up. Also, don't listen to one note, stop the music and play the next note. This takes forever and will accomplish nothing.

So now you wan't to learn a song. The first thing you do is play the song through a couple of times. This is to get an idea of what the song sounds like. Next, you listen to the first 2-4 bars or up to the first long note (like a half note). Then you play thouse bars.

When you get to the solo, it helps to have something like Guitar Guru instlled on your computer so you can slow down the music (this is avalible for free at You just click 'switch to cd mode and you can slow down the music). Then you reapeat the process and gradually speed it up.

When you've done this with the whole song, star playing 4-8 bars. You'll nail the song in no time!
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To be honest this is not only far too short but what you've discouraged people from doing is actually a pretty standard and effective way of learning a song, as the ntro is generally the bit they will most be able to play from looking at a tab after only a couple of listens.
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It's not long enough to be a column. It's alo pretty pointless being as that's how most people learn songs.
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Maybe try something about figuring out effective fingerings? I know I took a day at least just to figure out some nice fingerings for Little Wing. Also, listening to the song and following along with the tab (not playing) helps me to figure out rhythms and such.

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I'm no genious but this is how I do it..

It's like a big puzzle.

The riffs are the peices, then your learn them, then you fit them in place afterwards. You must look at the picture in order to figure out the puzzle so it is essential you listen to the song to be able to get everything timed right.

Think of the solo as that one peice of the puzzle that takes a while to figure out where to put it, it takes more time than the rhythms. The solo peice, you must study carefully listen to the solo for the perfect timing. It helps to slow it down with some type of prgm if possible so you can get it right on.
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