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Well ive seen alot of threads about your worst gig experience and such so i thought id b positive ane staet one about your best experiences

well tonight i just got back from an awesome gig, it was a college christmas party at a big labour club and the crowd were ****ing ace, they were well into it, which in turn got us more involved which caused me to go sick and start jumpin around the stage (not in a busted way) and my glasses flew off, and at the end when i found them i had a lense missing and they were all bent, but was all good,

our setlist was:

Apart from me - original
Ace of spades
Next time - original
sweet child of mine
your time has come
i believe in a thing called love

we had 11 songs lined up to play but our set got cut short and we only managed to play these songs.
My band doesnt usually play songs like sweet child of mine and i belienve in a thing called love, but we thought it would go down really well and even tough we didnt like playing them it was more about their christmas party.

i got pretty hammered as well before i got on stage which made it all the better and
at he end the other band that played came onstage and did the band aid song do they know its christmas time at all, and we all stayed on stage a danced and sang along

overall its one of the funnest nights of my life, even though i cant see very well...

so go on tell me aout your best experience on stage....