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Im gonna audition for a band today(gonna play the trooper and run to the hills) any tips on what i should do and how to act??

thanks in advanced
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be on time
act professional
have an easy-going personality
be really warmed-up
know what your gunna play and be prepared to play things they might ask
be confident
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try to be natural and don't hasitate
don't ask to much question's before playing
just concentrate on the things you're doing
and if you miss a note or something else
just start over again
don't loose your nerves
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I don't know whether it would be better to start over again if you make a mistake or just carry on... Undecided on that at the moment.

Don't hang around after the audition because it might give the wrong impression, get in contact a few days later if they don't get hold of you in between.

Don't act arrogant or skittish, you'll be someone they'll be hanging out with at practices, if they think you're an unpleasant person to hang around with, that will put them off.

Make sure you know what kind of band they are (look at influences) and make sure what you're playing best reflects that (not saying it should be one of those bands because they probably don't want to make a sound-alike) because if you worship Iron Maiden and they're more Cream fans, they might feel it won't merge. That said, if it's not a genre of music you want to play, don't force yourself into it.
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If you mess up, just keep going. When you're playing a show, the band's not going to start a song over just because you missed a note or tripped on a riff.

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1. "Don't bring your buddy Dave along and say he's your roadie"-Some guy on one of those guitar magazines.
2. DON'T restart a song!
3. Make sure you got a kickass lick to play!
4. Have some solo's to play.
5. Show enthusiasm... there not gonna think you're cool by not seeming interested.
6. Be prepared to name some of your influences if they ask... You can be humerous about it and say "have you got an hour?"... not exactly funny but it'll show you're not boring.
7. Don't arrive "fashionably late" because it's not fashionable.
8. Be prepared to play more than just Maiden! Have some other stuff they'll probably like.
9. Have fun! And know that even if you don't get in you can always just practice overtime and start an even better band and show them up!

Good luck with it and I hope this helps... on second Thought it's probably too late
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Why hasn't anyone mentioned looks? Look at some of the bands photos if they are available or go see them live before the audition if they are playing out. Have a similar image as them and don't wear street clothes. Go to the audition dressed like you are ready to go onstage.
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i guess, but also if you just 17 years old, im sure they dont give a **** or are that picky lol
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lol yeah, you should go in a tuxedo and bowtie to let them know you're very serious about getting the part. They want to see that you take it seriously. Dress to impress, that's what I always say. No but seriously, it looks like they've covered it. I wouldn't worry too much about the looks unless thats a big aspect of their band.
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thanks ofr all of the advice. i got in the band. were having practice again wednesday.

once again.....thanks!