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My band is about to start some serious recordings next week for demos we will be sending to bars/clubs, booking agencies, independent record labels, and for general sale to the public. We have about 9 originals (4 of which we seriously think could be hits on the radio) and about 30-40 covers we have been working on, about 20 of which are down. I once read that it's best to send different demos to different people, I'm just confused on how we should format it.

I know it's probably not a good idea to put originals on the demo for the bar/club gigs considering in our area, "cover bands" rule the bar scene and there really isn't much for original music. But how should we record the "Cover demo?" Full songs or just parts of each? We do some things like an "80's medely" in which we play parts of about 7-8 well known 80s songs. How many "songs" should go on this demo?

For the demos being sent to record labels/booking agencies. Should we send them our full original demo or just 3-4 songs that we know are hits? I know we should put our best material first, but should we just keep it "hits?"

Finally, for the original demo, the other guys have considered putting all of our 9 songs on the demo. I am kinda against this for a few reasons:

1. This is just a demo and not an album
2. I don't want people to think this is all we have, we do write a new song every 2-3 weeks though.

How many songs should be on the demo for sale to the public? We have never released any previous material except for on myspace which was a hack demo.

Any suggestions?
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The last lot of friends I have release a demo had 5 songs on their album (similar to Bullet for my Valentine's Mini-Album) so I would say between 3 and 5 would be about average. Definitely not all of them.
I think that for the demos being sent to bars the number should be about 5 or 6, with 1 original on it just to indicate that you are able to write your own stuff but the covers providing the venues with the security that you can perform songs that will pull in crowds. I wouldn't know about whether they should be full songs or cut-downs...
For the ones being sent to labels and such, if you only send hits and they think all your songs sound like that, they might have issues later. So I'd say have 3 hits on there, with a slightly "lesser" song between each.

Just my 2 cents.
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About 5 songs would be a good demo. Make it mostly covers, but on your live show, throw in msot of your original songs. Once you get an established fanbase, write mroe original songs and eventually work your way up to playing them exclusively. If cover bands are the only ones getting attention, then you guys should rise quickly in the local music scene. People like originality.