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hey guys, we just lost our practice space so we might have to move into our drummers back garden shed which is made of galvanised metal. problem is there's a lot of neightbours around so how would we go about soundproofing it properly. we would have a bit of money to spend on it but i was thinking of obtaining some thick polystyrene, nailing that to the walls and hanging heavy velvet curtains over the whole lot. any other ideas?

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I used carpet underlay and then I hung up some curtains. Big, heavy curtains.
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You need either mass or space (air).

either really thick walls or double walls (hangingup blankets/carpets and stuff may also work) with layers of air in between.

Theres a difference between deading (so theres no reverb) and blocking things from coming out
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Quote by Rodders
Try Egg Cartons.

yeah egg cartons rule
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How does egg cartons deafen the sound?
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^ hey man, yeah i didn't think they'd do much for the souns travelling out alright.

i'll try to get my hands on old theatre curtains or heavy carpet and just nail the fvcker to the ceiling so it hangs down.
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Quote by Rodders
Actually after looking on the internet....I have found that egg cartons do NOT soundproof the room.

Sorry for the false advice.

Not to mention that cardboard is flammable, so that would probably be a fire hazard.
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Err...aren't curtains and carpets flammable too?

All the ones I've lit up have burned pretty well.
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Put the amps on chairs so the noise vibrations arn't vibrating on the ground throught the neighbors houses
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get MASS.. anything, mattresses are gold.. put them up against the walls. another thing is carpet scraps, go dumpster diving behind a carpet store and dig out the WIN. put like 6 or 7 layers on all walls. you also want to make the thing pretty air-tight because sound waves are sneaky little things that leak out of any hole thereby defeating the whole purpose of soundproofing.
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People say egg cartons because in sound proof rooms the things on the wall are shaped like egg cartons. those yellow spongey thingys.

The best thing to do is make sure their are NO cracks on the side of the door, no open windows or holes in the wall. then cover up the thin areas of wall.
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Oh, shiiii.....

You want to soundproof a garden shed? You know how well a dumpster echoes sound for miles? Same drill. It's a little reverberous metal room that will transmit sound through a gazillion air gaps and have that sound travel for blocks.

Bad idea all around. Anything that you will do to soundproof it will be comparable in cost and effort to tearing the whole damned thing down and building a fresh structure. In fact, the latter will probably be easier.

Egg cartons don't do squat for soundproofing. They absorb sound so that it does not bounce off the walls, but has almost no mass, meaning that it will be entirely ineffective for soundproofing. A resonant metal sheet is a terrible place to start when choosing wall materials.

Yes, the formula is mass+air+mass = soundproofing when the mass and air are sufficient for the task, and where there are no air leaks for the sound to get out.

Consider this.... if there are no air gaps for sound to get out, how will you get air IN to the structure so you don't all suffocate? This is an important consideration in designing and costing out plans for soundproofing.

The best source on the net for soundproofing is here:

John Sayers has designed many big budget studios. Browsing the rest of his site will really speak for itself.

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^^ thanks for all the info dude

topic is fairly old tho and i don't have the same problem anymore but reading up about soundproofing has been very interesting and educational!