if say you're auditioning a new drummer, how exactly do you go about it so you can see how good he is?

he might have a great drum part memorized but how do you know if he can fit into your style?

cool thanks!!
yeah but on what? original stuff? that means hooking up all the drummers your interested in with cd's and telling them to come back in 2 weeks. and what if you've nothing recorded?

you can't really tell when your just jamming with someone. anyone can get away with jamming on the drums.

has anyone properly auditioned drummers?
Okay, maybe "jam" isn't the best choice of a word.

Since you've obviously talked to the guy, you should find out what type of music he enjoys playing. If that's relatable enough to what you and the rest of the band are into, set up an at least three-song practice with him - more if you've got time for it.

I don't see how auditioning a drummer is that much different from auditioning a bassist or a guitar player. Most, if not all, of the same principles apply.

Does he share the same musical influences? Can he improvise when you guys are jamming? Is he good enough for your band?

Ask him to learn a song that your band already knows and practice to it.