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My band has recently begun learning covers so we can play bars, but originals are very unwelcoming in scenes like this. We have previously played backyards, lousy computer stores, a college, and a Sam Goody store but have now have found ourselves in a rut scrambling for local gigs. The reason we are learning covers is to have the most gig oppurtunities possible, but really want to push ourselves to be the best original band in the area. We strongly believe our original material is fresh and could be on the radio. We also have an image that hasn't been seen before.

The problem mainly is we have more enemy bands than we do friend bands. Most of the original groups are Scremo, punk, or some kind of hardcore music while we bring a mix of electronica/emo/post-hardcore to the table. The original shows we have played at, people have said we really didn't belong there. Most of these originals also, there are no more than 20-30 people there and each time I see a band with a merchandise table, they never sell anything.

We have thought of taking our act on the road, but don't have the resources for it yet. Plus I have seen bands from North Carolina travel to our state of Maryland and play at one of these shows in front of 14 people. We don't want to waste time doing that, I know you have to start somewhere but I rather play one huge gig a month than 4 little ones.

Basically what I'm asking is, what are other ways to promote our live original act and where else can we play? We have a popular myspace account and when people hear the demo on there and then hear us live, they say we sound MUCH better live (which is the truth.) The most popular original acts in the area don't really want anything to do with bands who have just started out and seem to unwelcome us from shows. The "backyard" fests also seem to be controlled by about 2 or 3 people.

After our Sam Goody show (which was high-profile and our last gig) many people recognized us on the street and asked us when our next gig was, I felt bad for saying our next gig isn't until Feb. 2nd at a coffeehouse!

What should we do?
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well your town probabley has church halls and perhaps public halls if you can get a few bands together you could rent one, they arent usually too bad if you spilt the cost and with enough advertising probabley make a profit
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i have talked to a guy who was a few years older than i am, and went to my high school. what he did was to get contacts in bands from areas close to where we lived, but not too close. so i also lived in MD, but near DC while you are on eastern shore if i remember correctly. so that guy would get a contact near you, one in northern VA, one in eastern VA, one in Delaware, etc. then each would be responsible for booking and promoting a show in their area. so if you got 4 or 5 bands and had one each month, thats your one big show a month. its best if you know bands in your style from other areas, but the thing about the internet is that you can probably find people somewhat easily. it helps you build a fan base over a larger area and gets you exposed to a touring like situation. may not be the best idea but it may get you some gigs you wouldnt otherwise get.