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I guess quiet a few of you have experienced the following situation:

You and your group of friends, and maybe some of their friends, have gathered to have a nice day at the beach or maybe somwhere else. However, you have the best day in your life, and then the evening comes. You light up a nice fire, and everyone is sitting around it, slightly drunk maybe. One of the guys you not know has a guitar, but he seems to suck big times, and he isnt playing something anyone is enjoying. Some of your freinds know you are a real killer on the guitar, and they ask him to hand it over to you, and so they do.

Now you are sitting there, with a guitar. Usualy you play in a rock band, and not these kind of "Sitting around a fire songs". And now you have no idea what to play.

That was my situation not so long ago, and to prevent it from happening again, I ask all of you who have experience in such situations for good songs to play, only on guitar, happy songs, that most people can sing along to.

Even piano songs and other easy songs peopel know and sing along with.

Share experience.
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yeah i have experienced that before, this guy at camp bought his guitar and he wasnt that good but everyone thought he was really good because he was playing under the bridge-rhcp and then he handed it to me and im like uuuhh wtf am i supposed to play because im used to just using my electric, i ended up just playing the main bit of black dog and just passed it back.
id also like to know some good happy, sing along acoustic songs