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Hey im matt and im 14, and im in a band. But we hardly practice and im very serious about my music. Everyone in my band are kick ass players (well maybe accept the base player) but the last time we practiced was in October. And im consantly askin them to have a band session so practice but theyre always too busy doing somthing else. Sometimes I think that theyre just telling me in a nice way that im out. Should I just leave or stay or anything else! Plz help.
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plz heal wtf lol

well I suggest you get them all together and talk to them, maybe they haven't kicked you out, maybe they've all just decided to quit or can't be bothered anymore.

Either way you should find out before you decide to quit
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Kick you bandmates square in the balls and leave. Find musicians that have the same goals and passion that you do.
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do what twistedsister said or leave them and not say anything. that's waht i did with one of the many drummers i went thru.
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I don't even consider this a band. You haven't practiced since October? That just shows me that those guys don't care about the band. Let's put it this way, over the weekend, some bandmates of mine got really mad that we didn't practice on Sunday because it was Christmas and were extremely mad that we had not practiced in 3 days ( I was one of them.) You need to find people like this to succeed.
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Dutch_Apples is right. You need to find people who are dedicated to succeed.

And don't listen to kirbyrocknroll about the small penis thing. Chances are that he's just saying that to cover his baby carrot.

Look...... what you do is up to you. I also suggest that you keep playing and never give up.

I learned that the hard way.
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Listen to Emo...It'll cheer you and your band up. TRUST ME.
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^ lol hope u were joking , we dont want anymore teen suicides
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In my opinion you should leave them and find somebody thats dedicated and take it from there.
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i'm havin almost the same kinda problem.its become a war of genres our drummer's into daethmetal and me and the rythmn guitarist are into alternative.whatever we come up gets messed up by his drumming.
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if you havent' practised since October you arn't in a band.

you have got to find people that have the same goals as you do; in my band 2 of our members say 'we want it, blah blah, i'd sell my soul' but the friggin guy won't go and spread out posters to our next show which we are headlining? he won't go to clubs and and out demos? and the other guy won't ride a bus for 15 min. to get to a jam? at the same time i'm not always willing to be everyone's schoufeur (sp)
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SlashHammett is right. No more bad emo, plz. here's what i'd do 2 bad emo

slash_i_m, can't y'all compromise? or would you consider it a bad thing?

SOADfan2021, have you tried anything any of us suggested?
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you spelt bass wrong.
but if the last time you practiced was october, then they must not be into the whole "band" thing at all.
tell them all to practice 2 or 3 songs. then have a jam session, and if they acctually did practice then theyll be like "hey were halfway decent, lets do this more often."
lol that probably wont happen but its worth a try
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i was in a band that never practiced, it doenst matter how good the musicians are, you need to practice.
I'm in a band now and we practice twice a week, same time, same place, unless something comes up.
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Another thing......
if they say they're doing something else, chances are they're making up excuses. Sreiously, if they're giving you as much crap as i think they are, then leave them (as i said b4).
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I have the same problem. I'm about to quit my band, but if i quit i couldnt find another band to play with. I dont know what to do.
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1. if your a good singer go solo
2. quit and take the other available player (if there is) with you
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quit, start a new band with other talented people.
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Talk to them individually to see if any of them want to continue or start up a new sorta band. You should get at least one of them to agree, and it's easier than searching for new members.
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rocker4500 is right. An aspiring guitarist does deserve better. You could do what he suggested or go solo (just a suggestion :peace. I might do that........
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If I were you I'd stop taking this particular band seriously. It's obvious that they're not that serious. So rather than do anything about it .. just jam with them when you get the chance and move on to other ventures in the time being.

It's not unusual for musicians to be in a few different bands. Stop thinking of this group of individuals as a band and instead think of them as jam buddies. You can't force them to be serious about it and you're only 14 so don't think that this group is your road to the top or anything. You'll be in lots of different bands and meet lots of musicians that will want to jam. Try not to take it quite so seriously just yet. Wait until you find that group of people who are dedicated and want to practice a lot and put on shows.

So rather than calling them and being a dick about it or "quitting" or anything just let it go. If they call you up to jam then do it but stop bugging them about it because it's obvious they've got more important things to do. And in the mean time start your never ending quest to find new people to jam with.
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1st, I suggest learning that bass is spelled B-A-S-S
2nd, I suggest to quit
3rd, find good players that are dedicated.
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I'd suggest jamming one on one with the bassist, and showing him the ropes of scales. This will help him improve, and inspire him to play more. Find the others with the bassist and show them material the two of you come up with. When they see this, perhaps they will be more inspired to play. The reason of their malcontent is most likely with the bassist not you. Peace,

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tell them how you are really serious about your playing, and that if they can't make time for practice, they should leave. And telll them how ridiculous it is that they couldn't find time since October.

Chances are, they'll notice what they've been doing to you, and reconsider their schedule.

If all else fails, leave.
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couldn't be more right.
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Regardless, keep playing. Firings are common and often have nothing to do with your skills. Find or form another band if need be.
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