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Hey guys, I'm 14 and just recently I was excepted into two bands at about the same time, and like all bands we're having some difficulties. My situation is this: at the place where I take lessons I met a drummer and he sounded to be pretty good, so I told him I would ask around in school if a bassist and another guitarist could join our band. Everything went pretty well with finding the other members, two of my close friends happened to play those instruments. It was all good from there...until we practiced. Our first practice was absolute crap, we had know idea how eachother played and what we all listened to. Now when I met the drummer he had a Pink Floyd shirt on, so I thought he knew what he was doing. Here he was a huge Metallica fan(nothing wrong with the band I'm just not a fan and I'd not be in a band with someone who doesn't like the same music as me), and all he wanted the play was Metallica and SOAD, now I can tolerate some System I just recently bought Mez/Hyp. It turns out this guy isn't as good a drummer as I expected, he was constantly off time and couldn't keep a steady beat without f'ing it up with a totally off-colored sounding drum fill. OK, so the story keeps on...the rythym guitarist was also not as good as I planned, but the bassist, what a guy! a huge CR fan and an awesome bass player. He showed up late for the first practice but he made up for it with his playing. Here, he had a friend in my high school band, which I am apart of, that was a drummer. That story will come into play a little later. After the first practice I knew it wasn't gonna work out so I never called the guitarist or the bassist again about the "band." So I would go over this kids house every week and do nothing but sit there for an hour wasting my time playing songs I didn't even like. So I chose to talk to the bass player about he and his friend. We all got together(bass player, the drummer, another rythym guitarist, and myself) and jammed, our first practice was out of this world, and now I know that I definetly want out of the other kids band. I still haven't told him I want to quit and I'm supposed to go over his house and he's supposed to have a singer there.

Sorry that it was so long, I wanted to get my point across. Any suggestions regarding quiting the first band? Thanks, comments appreciated.
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Always play with the people you mesh best with, especially if you wanna play shows as a band. Tell the other guy right away, so that
a) He doesn't get any illusions from you
b) He has time before a gig to get a replacement

Be polite, don't diss his band, just say you've jammed a few times with the other guys, and their playing style suits you more. "Creative differences" always works =P

Good luck with your band!
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just tell him the truth, maybe not the whole truth, leave out the part about him being bad at drums, but tell him that your music styles aren't one in the same and that you found another band that plays your kind of music, also, if you know any guitarist that like the same kind of music as the band witht he bad drummer, give them the contacts so they can atleast have a chance with another guitarist. anything to make it an easy transistion.
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Just go with what you feel is best. If leaving the first works best for you...then go for it.

Oh and its accepted. "I was excepted" means you were kicked out.
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If need be, quit the other band but save your friendship. Let them know you started playing with other musicians at least.
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