I got contacted on myspace last week by a booking agency called Park Place Entertainment. They want to represent my band, but they require we sign a three-year contract with them and pay them $450 to assemble a press kit and send it out to a variety of venues. In exchange, they book shows for us, advertise them, and advertise the shows we book for ourselves. If they can get a venue 70% filled up for us, they'll collect 15% of our payment for the show. If they don't get the venue that full, they take nothing.

Here's the thing: I think these guys might be a scam. Their site has very little information on it, aside from listing artists they claim to represent. I asked for references and they gave me links to three artists on myspace, all of which sent me glowing but very unspecific endorsements for PPE. Plus which, none of these artists have more than about 200 hits on myspace. I want to put this out there to see if anyone's heard of them and can tell me if they're legit or not. Thanks in advance.
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Ill tell you ive never heard of them, but they dont sound good. It sounds like they run off with 450$ plus a contract allowing 15% of every concert legally. Plus I have doubts they know who you are.
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Never ever sign a contract that requires you to give a flat rate to a promoter. a promoter should have confidence that they can make a profit through shows without the $450.

i have a local promoter, i pay him on a gig by gig basis with no commitment. it works fine for where we are at right now.
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yeah **** that dont do it, if your gut says they are a scam, then dont do it
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Hey dudes. Saw your tread. I'm signed up with Park Place Entertainment. They book me plenty of gigs. They also book gigs for my friends. I know they have a lot of different agents. Most of my friends work with Peter Bouchard. I haven't heard any complaints about him. The agent I work with is Teri Lea. She's a good booking agent and an image consultant. I am going to start working with Peter because he's getting all my friends on MTV and Disney and he got Raising Cain on Capital Records. I don't know much about all of Park Place Entertainment's other agents, just Teri and Peter but I haven't heard any complaints about them... I can tell you one thing, $450 is more than worth it because the gigs they book pay no less than $500 and up. Park Place Entertainment has gotten some people I know signed by Capitol Records, Starscope Records, Razor Mountain Records and Mercury Records. Ok.. So there's a testimony from a client / member. Hope that helps. Peace.
Yeah, our band Piraya is also with Park place. There actually aren't any binding contracts involved until they book you shows, and it's non-exclusive, so you can do whatever the hell you want while your with them, you basically just call upon them whenever you need their services!

And they help out alot, our band is currently working with peter bouchard as well. We are also working with a guy named Danny Goldberg, who is getting a sweet deal in the replication and distribution processes of our album release! Our cd is gonna be sold at Hot Topic, Best Buy, and Tower Records thanks to those guys.

We kinda suspected the whole scam thing too at first, but we figured hey, it's worth a shot, and it totally was! We're going on a full length tour this summer!

It's totally worth it man! Go with it!

Although they're roster may be closed by now.

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I smell scam. And those are some fake looking testimonies, I'm sorry haha
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My band fell prey to this company also. We originally signed on with Park Place Entertainment ($450)...who was apparently sold to StarScope Records while I was on vacation for a few weeks. When I returned home, I attempted for several days to contact Park Place Entertainment to check the status of our press pack and booking. After about 20 tries, I got a voice mail message regarding the change over to StarScope.
I was able to get someone on the phone at StarScope who gave me Peter Bouchard's phone number, of Razor Mountain Management. I called Peter and he told me a few details and requested we send in our press pack information, and said he would have a hard copy of the press pack mailed to us in about a week, at which time, he would start working on booking our tour. It has been about 2 weeks since the delivery was confirmed of our press pack info. No one answers the phone at the 3 numbers given to me for Razor Mountain Management, no one answers the phone at StarScope Records, no one answers the phone at Park Place Entertainment...and no one will reply to emails sent to Peter Bouchard or StarScope Records. At this point, I am about ready to chalk this up as a total scam...and admit I am a little embarrased that I fell for it.
Don't fall for this crap!

(If something miraculously changes, I will reply again to this post...but I don't have much hope. We are now trying to find a "reliable" booking agent)
So...almost a few months later, and still no sign of any of these companies or people.
I was doing some Googling and stumbled upon this page on the Massachusets Attorney General's website http://www.ago.state.ma.us/sp.cfm?pageid=986&id=1670

Sounds like the same guy, same scam, different target and product...

dude, both of those testimonies were fake. one of the accounts had one post and the other had 13. they were created just for that. it sounds decidedly fake. don't do it.
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Yeah dude, you shouldn't have to pay a flat fee to start with... Remember that 90% of the greatest bands of all time got ripped off by people like this. A lot of these are a scam, you have to make sure to read and understand everything, and go with your gut man. If it doesn't feel right, then it usually isn't. Also if your band is good enough for a Deal, then wait until you find the right one.
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if there is ever an agent who wants to book you, MEET HIM IN PERSON FIRST!!!!!! and if he wants a flat rate, it is a scam. i am a semi-pro actor (commercials, some small tv crap, small theater work) and my agent takes on a per-gig percentage. my old teacher also warned me about agents taking a flat fee. my agent, kate, has my resume and headshots, and distributes, and pays for my auditions, in return she gets 25% of what i book. im not signed for music, but if some one wants to represent you, make sure it is something like i mentioned above. and always, ALWAYS meet the agent-to-be in person before signing.


Park Place entertainment is under investigation by the City of Seaside Police Department, under the direction of Detective Barnett. If you have been a victim of Park Place Entertainment, Starscope Records, Salomon Sibony and or Razor Mountain, please contact Detective Barnett at


City of Seaside Police Department
1091 S. Holladay - Seaside, Oregon 97138
(503) 738-6311
Thanks again for the info Matt! Just got done emailing the detective...lets all chip in here and make sure these people get what they deserve. Bad karma is a bitch!!!!
Wow...I know I'm about a year late, but I got screwed over by them as well, they never returned my calls, one of my agents quit to go into the film biz, and then the company was turned into Star Scope Records. They never booked me one show, I payed them all of that money for nothing. I have ties to the music industry, so I did my research on them an asked a few major artists if they've ever heard of them, none of them did, I always vowed that if I ever found out where their company is I'm goin to press charges and sue them for taking my money. So if anyone still has some numbers or any way of contacting these people (cuz I lost all of the contact info 2 years ago) let me know, I will track them down and bring them to justice...
I'm a fine believer that if someone wants to help you to get gigs, they will do it for the fun of it. That's what i've found anyway. I have people sending off my cds to magazines and labels constantly and they have never asked me for money to cover their postage or time or anything, let alone a flat rate. Anything that requires you to pay such and such upfront is just a bad idea, keep the money, buy some new equipment or recording time.
you should not have to pay someone to promote your band. thats what true fans, managers, and hardwork is for. if someone ever asks you to pay some money to promote your band, research about them. if it seems fishy, tell someone about them. hopefully people will learn to stop screwing us artists.
and by the way, if any of you scam artists read this, stop trying to create fake stuff to promote yourself, WE WILL FIND OUT.

EDIT: just look at the posts made by these "people" who think this company isnt a scam, that right there should prove that its fake. ::type
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