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hi, first of all id like to say that i had no idea as to where to post this thread, so please dont shoot me down.

anyways, me and my band are going to start doing gigs, and well, im really really nervous. anyways, in songs that we'll want to play there are sometimes more than 2 guitar parts. are we just supposed to play our parts and somehow put the other parts in playback or sumthing?
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If you have a loop station you could just start the backing guitar with that, when needed... Just a thought.
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either use a jam master or if you have an extra combo amp have another guitarist or just some kid play the parts, but your best bet is to use a looping system
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ok well if the other guitar parts are faint or maybe just not that important DONT DO THEM
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Just listen to the song, and choose the 2 most loudest guitar parts.
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^Yes, for example if you did Paint it Black (Rolling Stones) you would play the louder one that goes with the vocals, AKA Keith Richards' part.
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