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Ok, it all started with me watching the the happy chirstmas video here a UG. I learned the song and showed it to my dad. Him being a big lennon fan, really liked it. we were spending christmas at a some really good friends house and their cousins were gonna be there we decided to play it a christmas. we played it at least six times and everyone sang along and everyone had fun. then me nd the guy who owns the house played a couple of beatles songs. we are going to spend new yrs at his house and more cousins and friends are coming so we decided to do a mini show. the owner of the house(Marcus) is singing and play rhytm, me playing lead and my dad playing bass on my squire. were gonna play four songs. how can i achivea godd bass sound with my squire for my pops. i was thinking about turning the volume and bass all the way up and taking out the treble and mids and putting the squire on the neck pickup. i also have a vox 707 multifx and i might put a bassy effect. anything else??any other tips?? these are the songs were plkay ing

happy christmas-john lennon(again!)
bete balanco-cazuza
whiskey a go go-roupa nova

(the last two are brazilian songs)

thanks in advanced

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for the bass, what i always did before i got one was i just played the bottom 2 strings with the bass all the way up on my guitar. have fun playing.
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Besides what you've already thought of, you might want to tune the guitar down so it can play lower notes.
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I don't know if this is possible, but tune your squire an octave down. And only play the top 4 strings. (E,A,D,G)
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rub a little bar soap on the tips on the end of your fingers and you will play really smooth
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don't be nervous. if u have a ritual of some sort or something that helps you get in the mood to play, do it.
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^ well ur a little to late on that post lol
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