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Hey, in 2005 SOAD was the best band of the year(in my opinion anyways). Who do you think will be the best band of 2006?
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If someone doesnt assassinate (sp?) Green Day, they'll probably make it. Maybe Audioslave? Stonesour? I don't know.
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I think Tool has potential. (And as one of my favorites, I hope that they are in the running)
I can't wait for their new CD.
Also, Red Hot Chili Peppers could have another big one, with their double-disc due out this spring.
Metallica is supposedly going to re-ignite their solo-playing of old, which could spaw a long overdue comeback.
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Over my dead body will someone assaniate Green Day!

Green Day
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
System Of A Down
i'm guessing
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i really dont know who would be the best of '06. we can only speculate. 10 years, perhaps, or metallica, i would like to hear their new album. and AC/DC is supposed to have a new album, so that could be pretty sucessful
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bodom, maybe even trivium even if they are overrated. in fact, its because their overrated. they rock though
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Ohh, I forgot to mention Radiohead.
I am really looking forwards to hearing their new stuff.
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Im thinking Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica, my two favourite bands. I think if theyre going back a bit into their roots they will become huge once again.

AC/DC will do great also.

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I think the most successful will be Red Hot Chili Peppers, but don't count out Tool, Radiohead, or Incubus.
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Children Of Bodom.
Pearl Jam, anyone?
I think Cedric dropped the mic about 20 times cause he was throwing it around so much. He also had a milk crate on his head for a bit. So yeah, it was a good show...crazy kids.

I love the Mars Volta.
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I think if they keep up they don't release a bad album Avenged Sevenfold . but it can also be Green Day ( if they release another great album ), tool, Metallica ( if they go back to their roots ), The Strokes or Radiohead
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tool, rhcp and pearl jam are the best bets in my opinion.

i really doubt that metallica will get around to releasing an album in the coming year, and even if they do it'll probably be the usual story of failing to live up to the old school material.

the offspring no longer inspire me the way they did 7 or 8 years ago, and i think their best music is also well and truly behind them.

radiohead are a great band but they seem pretty unpredictable to me, so i will wait with interest to see what they spit out

green day's american idiot songs i could go without hearing for the rest of my life. i have been so friggin saturated with their singles for close to 2 years that i am starting to hate a band i once loved
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Quote by Mascot-Rebel
Over my dead body will someone assaniate Green Day!

Green Day
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
System Of A Down
i'm guessing

Not one of those bands has an album coming out this year.

In fact, American Idiot was released in 2004.
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green day/ my chemical romance, fall out boy, or maybe the used cuz they've got another album coming out......................
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Velvet Revolver
Iron Maiden

*if they actually release the cds I've been hearing about
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muse is the only band that has been said so far that i think could be concitered for band of the year because most of the other bands are insanely huge, like RHCP, so people will be expecting amazing things from them. and then you have muse who have a large amount of fans but are not too big to be concitered for this.

i dont think that a superstar band like RHCP or Radiohead really can be a band of the year because the expectations for them are set so high it is hard for them to reach them let alone go further than expectations.
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Coheed and Cambria. Perhaps Angels And Airwaves? But Co&Ca do have potential!
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Quote by duncang

Green Day
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
System Of A Down

Not one of those bands has an album coming out this year.

In fact, American Idiot was released in 2004.

Actually, MCR does have a CD coming out this year, and Green Day might have a new album around December (hopefully they will rerecord the "lost album", Cigarettes and Valentines as well. I hear that it "wasn't for the posers"). New SOAD album would be good and doubtful.

Oh yes, sorry I added that list to your post, I just had to put it in context.
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I hate to burst your bubbles guys, but I'm 90% sure the new RHCP album won't be very good. If you think about it, they haven't had a consistent album since Blood Sugar Sex Magik. So it's pretty unlikely they'll have a consistent double album. I'm willing to bet at least half of it's going to be filler.
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Mettalica sounds abit of a highlight in 2006, considering their album won't be like St. Anger then it may be quite impressive but who knows?
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Velvet revolver.
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What new bands?? Your all just naming old bands.. i think Artic Monkeys will be big..
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sympathy for the...
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Metallica if their new album is really gay like St. Anger or maybe Avenged Sevenfold

(The Black Album was a "new musical direction," (albeit a very gay one); whereas St. Anger was more of an abomination upon mankind.)
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Audioslave will have the best year for sure. Morello is amazing and Cornell has a larger vocal range than any other lead singer. They are going to release another huge album and be by far the best band of 2006. I rest my case.
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I'm really starting to get annoyed by the Arctic Monkeys. Everyone keeps saying they're geniuses and the best band ever when they've only had one overrated song out.

Band of 2006?: Flogging Molly I don't care that no one else likes them, I'm just being stubborn.
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