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Well.. I'm not very experienced at this point, so I have some questions about the amp settings I'm supposed to use at a gig, just a band rehearsal. How should the settings of the rhythm guitar, lead guitar and base guitar be related to each other. I can do it by ear, but I'm just wondering whether there are some guidlines or something to hold on to.

thnx in advance people
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It's really however you want it, but I'll give you some tips.

*Lead guitar should be loudest, bass in the middle, and rhythm guitar the least volume.

*If you use alot of reverb on a song, turn some of the reverb down for gigs.

There's really not alot different you do for gigs then for normal band practice except for volume levels go higher. You should practice like your gigging.
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I'm just curious: Why should the rhythm be the quietest? They're playing different parts. Set the rhythm amp on the opposite side of the stage from the lead amp, with the volumes set relatively equal. However, the lead should stand out with more high-end (for soloing) and the rhythm with a bit more low end (but not as low as the bass).

Set the bass amp on the same side as the lead amp, to even out the rhythm section sounds across the stage. If you've got a keyboard player, too . . . . well, I'm still working on that. We've got one, and he gets moved around from rehearsal to rehearsal. Just one of the those things, y'dig.

Now, as far as volume goes, everything has to be audible over the drums. The bass, being as how it will have a distorted guitar (I'm presuming) on either side of it, is going to have to be freaking LOUD to cut through. Crank it up! Bass is what gets the audience to move. The human body, being mostly water, is a giant bass trap. The vibrations get caught in the people, and cause them to responsd physically to the music.

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it depends on the genre and venu

bass should be pretty loud tho a lot of rock bands let it go under the radar. Rhythm and lead just need to balance to eachother and of course vocals need to be the loudest. In my experience our bass player always brings a bigger rig to gigs and me and the other guitar player usually use the same volume and just kinda feel eachother out
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