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We've got some gigs coming up, and were confident that our music will go down well. What we need now is to work out what sort of stuff our frontman is gonna say in between the songs. Any tips or good lines from some expierienced giggers?
I'm looking for lines that our proven to go down well.

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u all suck i hope u all burn in hellllll can go down well but it really depends on teh audience

where are your gigs at?
and wat sorta music do u play
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introduce each of the songs before playing them, introduce the band members near the end. Thats basically it, although its always good to get the crowd involved: telling them to clap, jump, mosh. Like grape moosha said it really depends on what kind of music you play.
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well the first thing you need to do is introduce the band as a whole. i would do this either before or during the first song (i personally find it awesome when a band drops to a half time feel in the middle of the song and starts talking to the audience). you also want to tell the audience the names of your songs, before or after if they are originals, before if they are covers, or not at all if they are very well known covers. you also dont have to tell the name of every original, the audience may not care too much so you kinda have to go with what you are feeling. you also might want to introduce each member of your band. either do this during a song (half time feel thing is cool again) or after a big song is cool too.

i wouldnt plan out any or many set lines, as this will take from the spontianity and flow of the show. just kinda have a plan for some basic ideas then go with the flow of the show. audience interaction should be interesting, not something you have all planned out before hand.
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Yeah, we need to know what music you play!

But as a general rule, introuce the band, maybe some funny stories about previous gigs gone bad, near the end make sure to promote and tell them your website URL, also inform them of any upcoming gigs. Get the crowd excited and worked uip, shout a lot and be energetic.
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Well, We play our own material sort of Led Zeppelin meets the Who sort of influence. We're playing in a small local theatre with a raised stage and seats folded to the back, which the organiser says will leave space for around 400 to stand.
Our audience will be around 13-16 but there are other bands on who have relatives coming down to watch.

Any more ideas?