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I'm going to be having a talent show at my school which has people upto 17 year olds. Unfortunately they lissen to mostly r'n'b and hip hop. We're planning to do we are the champions, followed by an original and then boulevard of broken songs. We have two guitarists, a keyboard, drums and a lead vocalist.(i play guitar and am backing vocals too). We dont have the stuttering tremolo effect for boulevard so i'm gonna be playing it with distortion. Does anyone have any tips for the performance? Its gonna be my first live show. Any suggestions will do!
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hey dude just make sure that you make eye contact with your audience other wise they won't feel like they're part of the show just remember you're singing with them not to them (but since most of your school listens to **** then if you make them a part of it then you may have some converts to actual music) hope this helps.
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IMO if they mostly listen to R'n'B and hiphop, i would stay away from punk. I'd say you should go for a funk song. I would avoid distortion for chords, it will sound really fuzzy and confusing, go for a light overdrive with a flanger, if you can. When you are performing try not to stand still, but don't run around the stage like an Angus Young wanabe getting your guitar cables in a twist. Most importantly of all enjoy your self, don't worry about screwing up as nobody will remember & most people will not notice.
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well if they listin to r'n'b then u should play like "nobody - Skindred" like they are metal but the lead singer is black and raps with a jamacian accent they are pretty ****ing good
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Try going on stage naked to take the focus off the actual music. Worked for me.......