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My band is starting to get very serious about things and when we practiced New years day, we decided to write down all our resolutions for this month, 6 months, and the year. One of our year goals is to start shopping our serious demo which will be recorded next month to independent-mid-level record labels. I know it's unlikely, but we put all of the goals down that we wanted to do.

A lot of people are talking about us, we have been building a fan base, and a lot of people say we are fresh/innovative and one of the top bands in our region even though we've only been together for 2 months. One of the goals listed was move to Baltimore, D.C., or Philly next year. These are the closest cities near us. Moving will mean people quitting their jobs and we will have 2 members still in college at that time. I will be graduating college that year and one of the reasons I brought up the topic was I am planning to go to law school for music law in one of those cities.

Here's what it comes down to, we are currently based in a town of about 25,000 people and the music scene is underground/in ruins. 90 percent of places to play are nothing but covers and the only original music venues are usually completely empty. Another one of our goals was to start traveling to those cities listed above to start building a base there.

The main question is: If by chance we do gain the interest of an A&R person at a small-mid sized label, do you think they will look down at the fact of where we are from? Or should we make the move before submitting our material (Don't worry about the material, we seriously have some songs that WILL be on the radio and have a stylist helping us with an image) Don't pay attention to the myspace demos in my signature, half of the band members now aren't even on them.

Also a side note, those cities are only a 2 1/2- 3 hour drive away so we wouldn't lose our entire base my moving.

What do you guys think?
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i dunno if moving is the best idea, especially if two members are in college. but if things are serious enough in those places where you could make good money by playing, then it would be good to look in to.

as for getting shows/a fanbase in Baltimore, you should send your demo to 98 Rock. they have a section once a week called Noise in the Basement that plays local bands and something like once a month they showcase the best of those bands live. this would be a good way to get your music out in one of the areas you were thinking about relocating to, and may even land you a gig there. just something to consider.