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i really dont know alot about this stuff, most of the tours ive done have been in support of other bands, and have been to a max of about 10 towns about 3 hours out of my home not really tours.

so im wondering, what goes on, is it just a matter of booking clubs/pubs in a row of dates that you can get to each one, packing all your **** up and heading off?, or is there more too it?

just want to see if anyones got any ideas/experience or mabye some good articles...good/bad storys even?
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You've basically answered your own question - just book clubs and pubs and try to get a series of gigs going. Remember to organise accomodation too.
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my only addition is this: make friends with bands in other cities. make these bands you'd be compatable with on a bill-- and in cities you'd want to play in.

then- swap. book a show in your city with them, and then they book a show in their city for you. it can be enormously helpful to share resources on this- think of your big list of bookers and promoters-- every band leader in every city ideally has such a list. teaming up can help you get gigs in other cities- ones you know there'll be people at, too.