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#1 of them members of my band isnt really into playing anymore, he still comes to jam sessions. but doesn't seem in it. so after talking to the other members...we decided to kick him out...only one problem. He's one of my best do i kick him out without getting into a fight?
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just never tell him about practices. and if he's really out of it, he'll just forget about the band over time.
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maybe he is into he just doesnt show emotion dont just kick the guy out ask him if hes still into the band first then talk to him about it that way if he isnt in to it he can tell u and u guys could discuss how hes gonna leave now harm done
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whatever man. if he's a good friend this should not affect the friendship.

although it may. there really is no risk-free way to do this. best be honest.
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Just go up to him when its only you two and talk it out. Thats really the only way you can do it. Tell him what your feeling and what the band is feeling, and then ask him whats up with it. Try to make it a mutual part with hopes of being able to jam together sometime down the road.

Just dont start with "Your outta the band" because then **** is gonna fly.
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