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Just downloaded Echos Myron. It's really catchy. Can you guys recommend any other good Guided by Voices songs?
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The Best of Jill Hives is pretty good.
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Just pick up 'Earthquake glue', good album.
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hold on hope is a great song too, especially if you arent in a great mood
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"Echos Myron" is my favorite. It's from Bee Thousand, which people generally call their best. If you don't pick that up, then at least check out some of the other tracks like, "Smothered In Hugs," "Tractor Rape Chain" and "I Am a Scientist." But they've got a lot of great songs scattered all around their discography. So be careful. You'll end up trudging through a couple albums of lame ass jive just looking for a new fix.

Robert Pollard has a solo album coming out later this month actually, ought to be interesting.
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You pretty much can't go wrong with downloading all of bee thousand it's a very catchy album. Guided by voices is'nt for everyone though they are a lo-fi band and most of their songs are very short. If you are looking for another gbv album i would suggest propeller.
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"Gold Star For Robot Boy."
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hardcore UFO's, mincer ray, all of Bee Thousand is some of the very best lo-fi rock ever created. ever.

my alltime favorite from them in Sensational Gravity Boy though
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so there is gbv thread. i got into them a few months ago and i really like bee thousand. it's amazing how 99% of the album is awesome material. the songs are short but they deliver.