allright, not really sure if it goes here, but w/e:

so, in my area, im pretty well respected as a solo artist, i play usually once or twice every two weeks. the preoblem is, at my shows, i end up playing alot of the same songs night after night. now, do bear in mind its not always the same setlist, and there are some songs im expected to play. but im starting to feel im getting a bit repetitive. i am always working on new songs or writing originals, but lately, my originals just arent as good as i've put out before and people expect. any suggestions on what to do to mix it up? some new songs to learn? anyone else have this problem? any help would be appreciated.

songs i play live:
(every night)
Yesterday- beatles
I don't want to miss a thing - aerosmith
City lights - original (it is like my trademark original)

(shuffled into the setlist)
Seasons of wither - aerosmith
empty apartment - yellowcard
wish you were here - pink floyd
tears in heaven - clapton
classical gas - clapton
wonderful tonight - clapton
layla accoustic - clapton ( i dont usually play 2 or more clapton in one night)
going to california - led zeppelin
let it be - beatles
what it takes - aerosmith
knockin on heavens door - bob dylan
questions - original
cocaine - original
always and forever - original
weekend nights - original
fallen angels - original
almond eyes - original
california sun- original

keep in mind i play accoustic, electric cleans/ light distortion, and piano in concert. thank you all for any help
You could try and get a guitar buddy to help write with you. I find it easier and way more productive sometimes when I have one of my friends helping. Sort of to bounce ideas off on and whatnot. Sometimes it is better to just lock myself away from society and write but sometimes it's better to just write with a friend there. Certain friends can get it working better than others.
Works for me at least so yea, good luck to you.
well keep switching them up and you could add all along the watchtower by bob dylan and or butterfly by weezer
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you could try

-'House of the rising sun' by The Animals
-'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd
-'We are gonna be friends' by the White Stripes
-'Hurt' by NIN/Johnny Cash (has some piano too, you could prolly change it to make it all piano or all guitar)

in fact check out cash's American Recordings cd.

it's all acoustic and it has some great stuff. i'm sure if you don't want it to be country you could just cahnge the way you sang it and make it not country-ish.
opeth - death whispered a lullaby
opeth - in my time of need
ozzy - good bye to romance
randy rhoads - dee
pantera - suicide note part 1
pantera - cemetary gates
stone sour - bother

hope this was of some help

=-p =-)
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check out a dude from detroit called brendan benson- he's got lots of great songs that work well by yourself (i myself am playing one called sittin pretty at an open mic this week).
I'm assuming you have a band to play with... Right?
Perhaps 'Child In Time' or 'When A Blind Man Cries' by Deep purple.
Perhaps 'Ramble On' could also fit in well with what you play?
'2112' by Rush would also be amazing to see... and 'Since I've Been Loving You'.
'Hey Joe' could work aswell.

I hope this helps... I would be able to give better recomendations if I knew what genre of songs you were looking to play
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OK, so everyone else has given you some covers to play I'll try a different approach...

Why not take some time off gigging and try to write more songs? I know that you may love playing live but a problem that I see a lot of in my area with local bands is that people get bored of hearing the same stuff gig after gig, not matter how good the band, and stop turning up.
Just step back for a while and see how things go. And if you do need inspiration then try working with someone else or even go off and collaborate with bands/other artists.
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Caressing death: nope, play by myself. i swith between my accoustic, electric, and occasionaly slide over to the piano.

opf: thanx for the advice, im thinkin about taking some itme off the gigs for now. i am booked into february, so after that, i think im gonna take some time off. i love playing live, just the adreneline and that felling in your gut when you can hear the crowd loves it. tonight i am goin to work with 2 other guys who have been tryin to get me to join there acoustic rock band,hopefully playin wiht some other people will help me get back into that creative/songwriting groove i've been faking lately.

everyone else: thank you for the advice of covers to play...im thinking about learning some of them, so when i get back out gigging, i'll have fresh stuff to give the audience.