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Hey guys. Im starting a metal band.

I would like to know any tips you can give advices. Also about good programs for recording and backing tracks. Some tips on building songs and all of that things you need to have a band. Thnx.
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Play a couple covers to get good with eachother, then start writing. Jet Audio is an okay program, Frooty Loops is great, but its like $100 (legally, anyways). Try to stray away from intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus song structure, and always remember a good breakdown never hurt any metal song
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Ah , what's the game plan?
Are you going to be a garage band thats into a lot of writing and recording or do you
plan on getting out and doing a lot of gigging.(Totally different ball game.)
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One thing to remember, stay influenced, listen to ALOT of stuff. And don't just draw from metal. I made up a killer riff yesturday influenced from an Eric Clapton song.

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Be creative with your own material. Aappoint a leader because you can't have everyone wanting to be in charge. Start of with covers to get used to playing with each other, if and when you get bored of covers, break into your own material. Write with everyones influences and tastes in mind.
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when it comes to DIY recording: i can't say enough about fl studio- worth the money for a legal copy. we did our demo on it- and in the beginning when you're still finding your own sound, working out songs, working on lyrics, etc it can be absolutely invaluable (and reletively easy to use...).

oh- and talk to the people in your band. this seems fairly obvious, but seems to happen infrequently. find out what everyone's got in mind, who writes well (and who can write together) and what kind of a band you want to be....a little communication in the beginning will go a long way.