if u saw my post earlier about my bands bass player...u know we were thinking about kicking him out...so i talked to him and he's still in( thx to ur guys help). But now our vocalist comes and quits, and it was so unexpected. So i'm taking the vocalist spot along with guitar. Problem is...i have about zero experience singing...i have some natural talent, but no lessons or anything, and i just used to be backing vox. So anyone have some tips for me?

EDIT: sry for not seeing the vocals tip thread in the other section...
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jus keep in key and put effort into it dont jus stand ther pointlessly. there are pleny of books on rock singing that give pointers like always breath through your nose (all the time) and low notes from your diphraghm hi notes from your throat (something like that)
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Get to the singing thread, read the first page, ask any questions you need to, look up the singing lessons on this site and :

Practice the correct breathing technique whilst singing ( pressured if possible )
Work on scales and it'll expand your range ( use your guitar as a guide )
Relax your throat and don't push your voice
Practice your falsetto voice to improve technique and throat relaxation
When screaming stop if it hurts
yeah..im the singer too and i dont sing well either. first off...practice. for my practice...i usually get a Beatles or Bob Dylan songbook and just play and sing. This kinda got me adjusted to keys D and Am. so when you write songs...write in a key that you feel comfortable singing in. good luck!
just practice man. theres not too many tips i can give you. You'll be suprised what your voice can do with the right amount of volume and tone and so forth its pretty crazy.