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My band has a debut this saturday...

It consists of:
Myself as lead vocals and backing guitar
A rythm guitarrist
a lead guitarist
a bassist and
a drummer...

And we still need to decide how we will position ourselves on stage...

go for the classic:

---Lead G.*--------Voice*------Rythm G*

--------------- ***Audience***

Or somehting slightly different:

--------------------------------Rythm guit*
----------Bass*------- Lead*


Or neither of these and something completely out of the ordinary?
We play classic rock kinda stuff... How should we look?

Also, what should we wear?
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Drums should always be at the back. Other than that, MOVE AROUND!!!
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why do you want to know how you should look go for your own look
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Its up to your band really but i hope you dont put the bassist on the back! That is really bad, especially if he is a calm bassist, but if you play classic rock he probably has some cool basslines (i'm not a bass player), do something like


and as camakazie said, if you have the space, move around. Dont be boring standing in the same place looking at your instrument trying to act cool by doing it.
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the first postiion but the lead guitar should be on the left rhythem and bass on the right
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Quote by Acrado

We play classic rock kinda stuff... How should we look?

Like people?
Quote by Acrado
Also, what should we wear?

Whatever you want. There are no set clothes for what you should wear on stage.

Personally I think you should go with the first position or the same thing except switch the positions of the guitarists.
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I would think that you'd want rhythm guitar on one side, lead guitar and bass on the other, with the drums in the center-back, and the singer moving around in front of the riser.

When the lead guitar takes a solo, he could move forward, to center stage, while the singer steps back toward the riser to headbang or somesuch.

Also, while the lead guitarist is soloing, the rhythm sounds (bass & rhythm guitar) are spread out more than they would be by having them on just one side.

There's my $0.02.

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i say put the bassist up front if he plays anything at all that is not 100% root notes. the bassist needs attention ;-)

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Drums back and centre. Singer at the front, moving around and putting on a show. As for the guitars and bass; put the most energetic person or person who will require more room for their stage show on one side on their own. Put the other two together on the other side.
Communicate with your crowd. If someones giving you a thumbs up, do it back. If you see a girl you like the look of, let her know.
Look like you're enjoying it, or more importantly, actually enjoy it and that will rub off on the audience and they'll enjoy you more.

As for the clothes, be yourself. However, think about what music you're playing and what you wear. For example; if you do Beatles and Stones covers, don't go on in a Slipknot mask and jump-suit!
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It doesn't really matter where you are as in people won't realy notice the difference unless you do the drums at the side thing which not only makes a difference to appearance but also to sound and in a bad way imo i think that the drums should be at the back and singer at the front the other band memberscan just move about near their amps just not too much unless you have wireless:P.

I myself would go with the standard as it doesn't really make much difference and the music is what its all about, as for clothes er... either go for something original (has to be good to make an effect), normal clothes (make sure the music is up to scracth) or if your doing lots of covers maybe you could try dressing up as other famous classic rock acts.

But don't concentrate too much on it, get the music down perfectly(well as much as you can ) unless you already have but even then dont worry about it too much.

and good luck.
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yeah, if the guitarists and bassist arent moving around at all then they are really not contributing too much to the experience of a live show.

i mean take Slayer for example, King and Hannehmen start out on different sides, but they walk around, go to the center with tom, go to each others sides, switch sides, etc. if you can walk around then you should, so if you put the bassist on the left he should still wander over to the right at times, and the same with the guitarists, and even the signer.

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