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I hope this hasn't been done before, or recently. Anyone here who's not from like America or Canada or Britan? Like I'm from New Zealand. Post the names of some local bands and artists from your country, and everyone can check them out - a great way to find new music!

Well, here's some from New Zealand:

Split Enz
Crowded House
Bic Runga (I don't like her but it doesn't change the fact that she's good at what she does)
Shihad / Pacifier (same thing, some stupid American company made them change their name because it wasn't 'politaically correct')
Brooke Fraser

Please take the time to check some of them out, there are a lot of different styles in there! Some of it's not really my style, but hey, anything to promote some good kiwi music Now someone else give me a list from their country....
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Yay for us! And go the Dance Exponents! I forgot them! Check out their song 'Why Does Love Do This To Me'
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**** i love that song ae! its jsut the exponents thouhg, forget the dance lol.
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Okay then. New Zealand music is sort of in a rut at the moment aye....... *kills Dei Hamo etc.*
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yeah new zealand!!!!! um....48 may?but we have got to much rap i hate that
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Oh yeah 48 May! They did this awesome cover of the final countdown at the x air thing in wellington last year. Ooooh speaking of x air, is anyone going this year?
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i would go if it was still in hamilton theres only 1 problem with x that there is to much raping and hip hop!!! like when i went to crusty demons there was d4 and stuff but waaaayyyyy to much rap !!!!!!
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I've listened to and liked The Chills, The Gordons, and Snapper, all of whom are supposedly from New Zealand and pretty good. I might check out some of those you listed.
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im from india. Indian music is pretty popular all around but its mostly the ****ty dance songs and fusion hip hop sort of stuff. The rock scene heres still evolving but there are some good bands. My fave is one called "Zero". Theyve got some awesome melodies and bluesy guitar work.
Im sure there are more indians out here.. add on that guys.
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I'm an expat American in Belgium. There are some great bands over here such as Kyo and Stereo Total, (both from France), Stash (Belgium) plus some good ones from Holland and Sweden.
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I`m from Uruguay and here the rock its really popular.
Some of the best bands for me are;
La Trampa
La Vela Puerca
Trosky Vengaran
La Teja Pride (this one is rap and hip hop)
There are a lot more but those are the best, (they are in spanish)
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The Hives
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im from nz and really like
haley westenra
elmeno p [they suare know how to rock]
fat freddys drop
meanad [a girls band from my school who are like awsome they need to tab their songs]
and many more
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Im not from NZ, but I got a sampler once, with a few NZ rock bands, my favourites were:

God's Q
Just One Fix
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Okay then. New Zealand music is sort of in a rut at the moment aye....... *kills Dei Hamo etc.*

Agreed, im even ashamedd to b from a country where crap like that is produced... *gags* i mean that stuffs gayer than too dudes hooking up >.<.....
and god knows thats pretty damn gay

But we got some good stuff too,
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New Zealand has Evermore. I think they were pretty big.

Australia has a tonne. Wolfmother a pretty big right now, I never though they'd do it.
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Im from Philippines..
//confessed to liking:
Parokya ni Edgar
Orange and Lemons
The SPeaks
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(aurora is just an underground band but their music can be heard in one site which hosts videos and song... it think its
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If u like kiwi rock u cant go past the classics like Shihad, Blindspott, Split Enz etc but some more recent bands r really worth checking out, Cobra Kahn, The Bleeders and Save Toms Dog all rock, especially live!
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Crowded House

wow, i thought crowded house were from britain myself. you learn something new everyday
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