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I've recently got into funk, i like the sound of Funkadelic, The meters and the chilis, What other decent funk bands are there?
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faith no more
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
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Chili Peppers, Faith no more has some good stuff. A cool band on MySpace called Pacifico has some funky stuff. Maroon Five has some funky music. David Bowe - Fame is funky fresh.
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thanks but im tlking more 70s/80s Funk
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Sly and Family Stone
Wild Cherry
James Brown
Rick James
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Infectious Grooves has a couple of sick albums. Also features Rob Trujillio(?) on bass.
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Ya know who has some really good funk songs is Lenny Kravitz believe it or not. Never looked into him much but he has some awesome songs. Check out:

Tunnel Vision
Straight Cold Player
Thin Ice
Always on the run (slash on guitar)
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thanks people, keep em comin
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earth wind and fire
michael jackson (some funky ass songs for you whiteboys)
i know this is modern but some of Jamiroquais stuff is pretty good.

Daft punk

and that "iv got the power" by snap is so damn funky you best slap yo self
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I have to suggest all of Bootsy Collins' work, he did a lot of early Funkadelic records and his group Bootsy's Rubber Band is great.
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